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March 29, 2015

Hawk: 'Coming To Kill The Red List' - Jade Helm 15 Drills Preparing For War on Americans

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine


In The Hawk's Friday night Survive To Thrive show, he discusses the Jade Helm Drills and how this exercise finally made the mainstream media news after he and alternative media exposed not just the drills, but the insidious agenda behind the drills, where the US Military is using American cities and citizens as their "targets," declaring some states "hostile," using unconventional warfare, extractions techniques, and much more.

In the four segments embedded below, Hawk talks of what he believes they are actually preparing for, the endgame so to speak, which he states is "coming to kill the red list," which are contitutionalists, veterans, oathkeepers, Christians, 2nd Amendment supporters, those of religion.... basically anyone that would oppose the complete lock down of America and martial law in the 50 states.

The "red list" was exposed by Steve Quayle over a decade ago, where to paraphrase, he was told by a high level official that there are three lists the US government compiles on US citizens, those who will comply like sheep (green list) , those that would need reconditioning for lack of a better term, taken to containment camps or FEMA camps (blue list) , and those that would never comply and would fight for our liberties and freedoms... the last group being put on the red list, targeted for death.

Whether conditions leading to an attempt by the US government for complete martial law would stem from an economic collapse, a false flag, or an attack from another country, there is no doubt that a certain segment of the population in the US will never tolerate a complete police state, would never give up their constitiional rights, would never buckle under, and those are the people Hawk believes the Jade Helm drills are preparing  and conditioning our US military to see as the enemy.


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