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May 22, 2018

From Covering Up The Crimes Of Obama, Hillary, Comey And Comrades To Hiding The Islamic Terror Network In America, Robert Mueller And The Corrupt Faction Of The Highly Politicized FBI Are Indeed The 'American Gestapo'

By William B Stoecker - All News Pipeline

The Special Counsel “investigation” of whatever they are pretending to investigate has gone on for over a year now, wasting tens of millions of our tax dollars, and finding no evidence of collusion (which is not a crime) between the Trump campaign and the Russians, who are only our enemies if we make them so.

When dear old Uncle Joe Stalin, torturer, tyrant, and mass murderer, ruled the Soviet Union our leftists adored him and Russia. But now that Russia is ruled by a relatively benign nationalist, our leftists have become caricatures of Joe McCarthy. The “investigators” are a band of partisan Demoncraps and supporters of the Witch Hillary, including Andrew Goldstein, a prosecutor with a long record of overzealousness and misconduct, who has seen several of his convictions overturned by appeals courts.

But that didn’t stop him from ruining lives and destroying jobs, and the current “investigation” has bankrupted at least two people (convicted of nothing) with legal fees. Federal prosecutors usually secure convictions, whether the accused are guilty or not, and even when their victims are not convicted, they are harassed and stressed out and impoverished. The “investigation” seems intended primarily to discredit and distract President Trump and destroy his supporters.


Leading this effort is a creature I call Herr Gestapo Mueller, a.k.a. Robert Swan Mueller III. The head of Hitler’s Nazi Gestapo during most of WWII was one Heinrich Muller, often called “Gestapo Muller.” Robert Mueller was Director of the FBI from 9/4/2001 to9/4/2013, and the corrupt, murderous, and highly politicized FBI is, indeed, an American Gestapo.

If we accept the official story of his background, at first he seems to be one of the “good guys.” He was born into a well-to-do family in New York City. In 1968 he joined the US Marines and went through OCS and the Basic School, and, allegedly, graduated from the US Army’s Airborne School and the incredibly grueling Ranger School before leading a USMC infantry platoon in Vietnam and being wounded and decorated.

If any of this is true, he at one time was at least an incredibly brave, tough, and determined young man. But, since then, he has served the NWO (New World Order globalists) elites and has done evil and more evil. After his USMC service Mueller attended the University of Virginia School of Law, and, in a typical pattern, has moved ever since between jobs with the Department of “Justice” and private sector law firms.

In 1982 he became Assistant US Attorney in Boston, and was there during much of the time that the murderous gangster Whitey Bulger was being protected as an “informant” by local FBI official John Connolly. Connolly eventually went to prison for this. Patriot writer Kelleigh Nelson and US Representative Louis Gohmert, also a noted patriot, believe that Mueller knew all along what was going on, and helped to cover up the truth, going so far as to railroad innocent men into prison as part of the cover-up. And this, if true, is but a small part of the evil this creature has done.


Herr Gestapo Mueller became FBI Director one week before the false flag known as 9/11, when honorable field agents were trying to warn the higher ups in the FBI about the terrorists who allegedly carried out the attacks. Their pleas fell on deaf ears…none deafer than Mueller’s. And Gestapo Mueller orchestrated the cover-up that followed the attacks. For this alone he deserves the death penalty.

Herr Mueller zealously prosecuted Republicans for imaginary crimes. Just prior to the 2008 election he investigated Congressman Curt Weldon for influence peddling (never proven), causing him to lose the election. Mueller also prosecuted conservative Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, and withheld exculpatory evidence…more prosecutorial misconduct. Nominally a Republican, Mueller “investigated” many (mostly conservative) Congressmen, apparently hoping to find something he could use to prosecute or at least discredit them.

He and his corrupt crony James Comey prosecuted microbiologist Dr. Steven Hatfill for the anthrax attacks on Congressional offices, although there was no real evidence of his guilt (the crime may have been carried out by Dr. Bruce Ivins and/or persons unknown, possibly Islamic terrorists). Mueller and Comey also prosecuted “Scooter” Libby for allegedly “outing” CIA agent Valerie Plame, even though they knew her identity had first been made public by Richard Armitage…whom they never prosecuted. Plame, by the way, was never undercover in a hostile country, and never in any real danger.

And Mueller, like so many of the Western elites, simply adores Muslims. On becoming Director of the FBI, he stopped all training that correctly identified Islamic terrorism as the main threat, and even formed a partnership with CAIR (Committee for American/Islamic Relations), a US based Islamic organization that rails against “Islamophobia” and is closely connected to the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood. Mueller even went so far as to persecute “Islamophobic” FBI agents, ruining more than one career…perhaps this behavior is only to be expected of a creature who ignored the pre-9/11 warning signs.


Mueller and Rod Rosenstein failed to stop the Witch Hillary’s “Uranium One” sale of US uranium deposits to Russia…strange behavior from people who now pretend that Russia is our enemy. Since then, Herr Gestapo Mueller and his comrades have carefully ignored the crimes of the Witch (Uranium One, Benghazi, etc., etc.), Eric Holder (Fast and Furious), Loretta Lynch (why did she meet at the airport with Slick Willy Clinton?), and Hussein Obama itself (all the above and more). Some of us are becoming somewhat disillusioned with President Trump, but there is no evidence that he or anyone in his campaign committed any crimes. So what we have here is a gang of criminals (Mueller and his team) ignoring the crimes of their fellow criminals and persecuting innocent citizens. This is Luciferian inversion on steroids.

What ought to happen is an end to this farce, and real investigations of the Witch and the other actual criminals…including Gestapo Mueller. But it looks as though Little Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein, who control the “Justice” Department, will never do the right thing. Their stonewalling Congressional requests for information and documents gives Trump ample excuse (as if any excuse was needed) to fire both of them and appoint true patriots in their place to begin a thorough house cleaning at DOJ and the FBI (and the CIA could stand a little cleaning up as well).

But Trump appointed Little Jeff to begin with, and he has thus far refused to remove him and Rosenstein, contenting himself with tweets complaining about their inaction. Note to President Trump: we elected a Commander in Chief, not a Tweeter in Chief. Take charge and do your duty.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of ANP.

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