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June 24, 2017

As Former Ronald Reagan Insider Warns 'The Clock Is Ticking', This 'Alarming Scenario' Shows What'll Happen To America When The Trucks Stop Running

- HUGE 'Heads Up' On Coming Hi-Tech Control Grid Dictatorship!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski recently went on another unhinged rant on TV, claiming that President Donald Trump's administration is leading to the development of a dictatorship in America, the daughter of globalist-architect Zbigniew Brzezinski has NEVER reported upon the very REAL moves towards 'global dictatorship' that have been made over the last decade+.

She's also never reported upon her own role as 'propaganda pusher' for the globalists who've long been working to 'neuter' America while whittling away at our sovereignty and as we see in the stories outlined below, we're now getting more and more indications that the globalists working to 'take down' freedom and America are ramping up their plans despite President Trump being in office.  

As we read from former Congressman and Ronald Reagan Budget Director David Stockman over at his Daily Reckoning Blog, "a great big coup is on the way" as it appears the 'deep state-democratic-neoconservative-mainstream media' monster will stop at nothing to get President Trump out of the White House...or so it at least appears.

Carrying on as if their anger over alleged 'Russian interference' in our election is all that matters, anger they're seemingly using to justify the most heinous crimes, we also see Stockmans warnings partially echoed in this new story from Brandon Smith over at called "The Real Purpose Behind The Russian/Trump Conspiracy Propaganda": the globalists are moving America into the next stage of the coming 'financial calamity' under President Donald Trump. 

If they're unable to 'take down' President Trump through the 'head-feint' Russian-hacking lies and narrative they've been pushing for 7+ months now, they'll take down America along with him and the clueless dolts will surely blame President Trump and Russia, despite the fact that the globalists have been working towards that very moment for many years now. With Stockman warning "the clock is ticking", we also see a hint towards a recent SQAlert (republished below) warning of the coming 'dictatorial control' of our nation's trucking system, an alert that caused ANP commenter James Grubbs to leave the following comment on this ANP 'prepping' story:


As we learn through Stockmans warning seen below, this 'overthrow America game' has been ongoing for a long, long time, well before President Trump came into office, and in his warning we see why he feels this 'game' will not end up well. The 'other side' has 'stacked the deck' and a 'technical dictatorship' is awaiting Americans on the other side.

RussiaGate is a witch hunt like few others in American political history. Yet as the mainstream cameras and microphones were thrust at one Congressional Republican after another following the Donald’s outburst quoted above, there was nary an echo of agreement.

Even Senator John Thune, an ostensible Swamp-hating conservative, had nothing but praise for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, that he would fairly and thoroughly get to the bottom of the matter.

No he won’t!

Mueller is a card-carrying member of the Deep State who was there at the founding of today’s surveillance monster as FBI Director following 9/11. Since the whole $75 billion apparatus that eventually emerged was based on an exaggerated threat of global Islamic terrorism, Russia had to be demonized into order to keep the game going — a transition that Mueller fully subscribed to.

So he will “find” extensive Russian interference in the 2016 election and bring the hammer down on the Donald for seeking to prevent it from coming to light. The clock is now ticking. And his investigatory team is being packed with prosecutorial killers with proven records of thuggery. They’re determined to find crimes that create fame and fortune for prosecutors — even if the crime itself never happened.

For example, Mueller’s #1 hire was the despicable Andrew Weissmann. This character had led the fraud section of the department’s Criminal Division and served as general counsel to the F.B.I. when Mueller was its director. And more importantly, Weissmann was the driving force behind the Enron task force — the most egregious exercise in prosecutorial abuse and thuggery in 100 years.

Meanwhile, the GOP leadership could not be clearer about what is coming down the pike.


What is coming down the pike? As Brandon Smith tells us, what we've been witnessing with the neverending 'Russia' narrative has been '4th generation warfare'. While most have been following the Russia 'hand fake', those working to take down America have been going for the 'knockout blow'. While 'Russia' has kept the left frothing at the mouth for 7 months, while leaving the Trump administration partially on the defensive having to deal with this frivolity, other things are in play.:

Here is the reality of our predicament; the US system is going to move into the next phase of collapse under Trump’s watch. Period. The math is undeniable. Every economic indicator except stocks is in severe decline, the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates to deliberately ignite greater instability and time is running out. I believe that this phase will begin before the end of 2017. When the next downturn arrives on the doorstep and in the pocketbooks of the average American, the leftists and most of the world will blame Trump as an “incompetent buffoon” or a “vitriolic fascist”.

Just as the elites need to make Trump and conservatives the best possible scapegoat for the left; they also need a perfect scapegoat for the political right. The narrative will be turned against the leftists and conservatives will exclaim that Trump was not able to reverse economic damages “created by the Obama administration” because leftists used the fake Russian conspiracy as a means to undermine him at every opportunity. Leftists will be labeled economic and political saboteurs, and this accusation will work to a point, because it is partly true.

Finally, as America’s decline accelerates, Eastern nations will without a doubt decouple completely from the US dollar as the world reserve currency and begin using the IMF Special Drawing Rights basket structure as a replacement. Russia will most likely lead this charge along with China. Americans will blame Russia in part for the demise of the dollar’s buying power around the world. And, the rest of the world will blame the U.S. for the dollar’s demise due to U.S. “imperialism” and overt sanctions against Russia. They will say we had it coming.


Knowing that the planned destruction of one system to bring in another one has long been in the works, we understand James Grubbs alarm in seeing the republished and previously mentioned SQAlert below that outlines new regulations coming to the trucking industry by December of 2017 that once again expands the surveillance-state-system that David Stockman also warns us about.

As has been reported time and time again, if suddenly and without warning, our trucking system came to a halt here in America, our country would quickly come to a grinding halt. Responsible for transferring the foods that Americans eat and the basic necessities that Americans need, we see great wisdom in the warning seen below to 'prep now', while we still can.

In the outstanding graphic above we see what will happen to America if the trucks stop running with hospitals being out of supplies within 24 hours, ATM's being out of money within 2 to 3 days and the nations clean drinking water supply would begin to run out within 2 to 4 weeks, if it even took that long. From Steve Quayle's website:    

Control trucking, you control every part of this country, and as 1/5th of the GDP, the economy of every part of this country. WARNING AND HEADS UP ON COMING DICTATORIAL AND TOTAL CONTROL OF OVER THE ROAD TRUCKING, MONITORED IN REAL TIME-

Steve, thought your readers would like to know about this. Trucking as a whole is a mess, but about to get really bad. On dec 18 2017 a mandate goes into effect called the ELD or electronic logging device mandate. Put together under the Map21 plan. Doesnt sound bad, we all go paperless, woohoo. Well there is more to it. Today I spoke with a fmcsa enforcement agent, asking some questions, he boldly stated that this "was about tracking", and pointed me to some info. As an owner I have been looking into this more deeply. This mandate, requires all trucks, with only 4 clear exceptions, to install a device to electronically keep drivers hours of service. The scary part is, this device Must be certified by fmcsa, Must be registered with fmcsa, Must be hard wired into the trucks ECM ( engine computer) allowing access to telemetry, Must have internal GPS, Must identify driver and his/her last 7 days + current days hours of service including shipper and commodity and Must be accessible on demand by fmcsa agents by telmetrics or bluetooth. Plus more.

In other words, they will be electronically tracking every truck. Knowing company, unit, driver, location, speed, direction, shipper, and commodity, In Real Time All this to keep us from "cheating" on our logs?

I call BS.

I said before, trucks are the red blood cells of the american body, everthing moves by truck, Everything. Control trucking, you control every part of this country, and as 1/5th of the GDP, the economy of every part of this country.

The government will have absolute tyranical control of the transport of goods when this kicks in. And it is going to have an affect on everyone, access to goods, prices, ect.

They got control of banking, healthcare, now the supply lines, whats next?

Prep now, why you can. Good luck to you all, and God bless


In the first video below we hear Colonel Antho
ny Shaffer along with Lou Dobbs in a video called "Civil Emergency: Sinister Forces Align In The Deep State To Turn Soft Coup Hot" discussing recent events that lead many to believe a very real 'deep state' coup is being attempted against President Trump. And while we've seen the reasons discussed above why those moves may be nothing more than a 'hand fake', the 'Russia narrative' has still captured much of the attention of the mainstream media and obviously accomplished its goals of redirecting attention away from their real goal; finishing the 'takedown of America'.  

In the 2nd video below we hear Mika Brzezinski discussing President Trump and 'dictatorship' while the 3rd video below is called "If Trucks Stop" and within its 2 minute length we see how quickly a 'well oiled machine' like America would grind to a complete halt without the men and women who drive America's roads daily: very quickly. Are you ready if they do? 

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