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February 24, 2020

America's Unfolding Horror Show Was Carefully Crafted With The Perfect Storm Of Homelessness & Cesspools Of Filth In The Big Cities For Society To Be Taken Down By A Pandemic

- Liberal 'Streets Of Shame' Are The Perfect Place For The 'Deep State's Dirty Deeds'

By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

It’s becoming obvious that the epidemic of “homelessness” in America, particularly in the larger West Coast cities, is out of control. Makeshift shelters and people sleeping on the pavement block sidewalks and spill out onto the streets. We continually see dirty and unkempt people dressed in everything they own, even in the hottest weather, pushing stolen shopping carts (we pay for those when we buy groceries) laden with all their precious possessions, consisting of piles of rags and trash. They soon discard these and wander off to steal more shopping carts and accumulate more treasures, leaving their previous horde to further block the sidewalks and even spill out onto the streets, making driving more dangerous.

And the “homeless” tend to jaywalk without looking for oncoming vehicles, making them a tempting target for some of us. And they leave huge piles of trash and garbage on the streets and sidewalks, and, increasingly, puddles of urine and piles of 'schiff'. The phony environmentalists are okay with this, as excrement washes into drainage ditches, rivers, and the ocean. California’s coastal waters are becoming polluted, but the econazis are too busy screaming about the imaginary peril of global warming to worry about that.

And the mobs of street dwellers are on an almost continuous crime spree, menacing the lives and property of us peasants, although our elites, dwelling in guarded (with guns) and gated communities, are safe so far. I no longer visit downtown Sacramento or San Francisco, and riding light rail or BART has become an ordeal many of us prefer to do without. BART stations, in particular, are cesspools of filth, drug use and dealing, and violence.

Many neighborhoods are becoming unlivable, and businesses must deal with nonstop vandalism, filth, shoplifting, and attacks on customers and staff. Many retail outlets will inevitably be ruined; hard working owners and staff will lose their property and jobs and shoppers will have no place to buy what they need. The problem is worsened by legal and illegal immigration; the invaders, welcomed into “sanctuary” states and cities are often “homeless” themselves, and those with houses or apartments push prices up and create a housing shortage.

The response of authorities has been to throw more money (our money) at the problem, and to “reduce” crime by decriminalizing theft and even assault. Defecating on the streets and sidewalks has been legalized by the “compassionate liberals” who rule over us. The worst offenders have been the arrogant leftist DAs in San Francisco and Philadelphia and the disastrous Mayor of New York. Our criminal justice system is criminal, all right, but has no connection with justice…our Republic is lost and we no longer enjoy the rule of law in America. This same system has failed to punish prominent leftist criminals like the Witch Hilarion and Hussein Obama, and has railroaded innocent conservatives.

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(ANP: In the final video at the bottom of this story, Mike Adams talks with us about how humanity has constructed the "perfect storm" for our entire societal structure to be taken down by a global pandemic.)

The current crop of vagrants (the politically correct term “homeless” sounds so much prettier than “vagrant”) may include a handful of honorable people down on their luck, but the overwhelming majority of them are drug addicts and/or have a criminal record. In the past there were always some unemployed people wandering the country, especially right after the Civil War and during the Great Depression of the nineteen thirties, often hopping freight trains, and camping out in “hobo jungles,” analogous to vagrant encampments today.

Always, a small minority would leave garbage or 'schiff' on the ground; some were unwilling to work and subsisted on handouts (these were designated as “tramps” or “bums” by the working hobos); and some were vicious criminals. But the majority of the hobos were looking for work, and they had a hobo code of ethics that forbade them from committing crimes or littering.

This current crisis has a history and a prehistory. Back in the nineteen sixties, after the JFK assassination moved America to the left, some forgotten leftist hero discovered rats. Since leftists tend not to study real academic subjects like biology, and tend to live in clean and comfortable suburbs or upscale urban areas, most of them didn’t know such creatures existed.

Soon the slimestream media, corrupt and controlled even then, began bombarding all of us with lurid accounts of the plight of those adorable urban Black welfare recipients who were condemned to live in rat-infested housing projects. It was implied that these were white rats, probably created by a White mad scientist.

Eventually the truth leaked out. The rats were there because the people in the housing projects left uneaten food lying around in their apartments and dumped their garbage out their windows, some because they were too lazy to carry it to a dumpster, and others because they feared going out alone lest they be robbed, raped, beaten, and murdered by other Blacks.

Then, in the nineteen eighties, leftists discovered “homelessness.” There were actually people who had no fixed address, no house or apartment, despite all the money being thrown at the “poor.” I spent some twenty years working as a Social Security Claims Representative and a county welfare Eligibility Worker. I dealt with people receiving federal SSI disability payments or AFDC welfare. I can assure you, based on my hard experience in the real world, that many SSI recipients are not disabled at all. Their applications for benefits may be turned down, but if they file for a hearing, some leftist Administrative Law Judge usually awards them their free money even if they are perfectly healthy.

As for AFDC, all the conservative clichés are true: the majority of AFDC recipients are promiscuous single mothers, disproportionately Black or Hispanic, who produce children like an assembly line. Three and four generations live like this. The fact is that most of the “homeless” today are receiving Social Security disability payments, VA benefits, or SSI, or would be if they bothered to file a claim and stay in one place long enough for the government to send them their checks.

So our glorious masters decreed that welfare recipients, if they had no house or apartment, must be paid a temporary extra benefit, which, originally, they could get once a year (it has at least been tightened up a bit since then). We cynical eligibility workers assumed that the welfare recipients would deliberately spend their rent money on drugs, be evicted, and file for the free extra money. This is exactly what happened. We immediately had a rash of evicted recipients filing for and receiving the extra money and lounging around for weeks in motels before finding new apartments. A year later they would repeat the process.

Today our politicians and judges have opened our borders to armies of immigrants who mostly despise us, and tons of drugs to feed a growing number of brain dead addicts, and have also released hordes of criminals to live on the streets. Like virtually every crisis we peasants must face, this one was deliberately created by the Deep State. The question is, how long will we take this without really fighting back?

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