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November 19, 2021 

With 'Build Back Better' Set To Bury America, Democrats Double Down On Their Failures No Matter How Badly They Harm America Or What Americans Want, The Public Be Damned 

Story submitted to All News Pipeline by The Blue State Conservative

If a party wants to get something big done, it needs a plan. A complete plan should include: 

A long-term objective 

A guiding strategy to achieve the objective 

Tactics to enhance the probability of success 

Specific actions to realize the desired outcome 

In a competitive arena, like politics, parties usually keep their plans secret. But after observing one’s opponent for a bit, it’s usually possible to reverse engineer what their plan is. Well, we’ve had a few decades to observe the Democrats, and I think their plan has become pretty obvious. It’s also apparent that their plan has some serious flaws. Let’s examine what they’ve been up to. 


I don’t think anyone would dispute that the overarching objective of the Dems is to achieve a long-term lock on power. That is after all what both parties seek. In fact, there is nothing wrong with that objective. The good or evil in the plan isn’t the objective. It is how the objective is achieved and used. If a party achieves power by playing by the rules and uses that power to serve the wishes of the American public, nothing could be more noble. But, if a party obtains power by cheating, and uses that power solely to retain power – at the expense of Americans – that is evil. Which brings us to the Dems. 


After what we’ve witnessed in the past 5 years, it’s pretty obvious that the Democrat strategy is to win by any means necessary – including cheating. Nothing is off the table. They’ve demonized their opponents with propaganda and witch-hunt investigations. They’ve used thugs and deep state bureaucrats to intimidate the opposition. They’ve altered election rules and used fraud to tilt the scales in their favor. That pretty much covers the “by any means necessary” water front. 

Notice what their strategy is not – to win the debate of ideas. They’ve stopped even attempting to sell their agenda to the American public. The Dems don’t debate bills before passing them anymore. They have to pass the bill to see what’s in it. They know they can’t win by having a winning argument. That explains why they never alter course based on feedback from the electorate – selling their agenda isn’t their strategy. Americans spoke loud and clear during the 2021 off-year election. The Dems doubled down on what they were already doing. Public be damned, just fortify their position before the next election. 


The Dems have used a number of tactics to enhance their probability of success. They have created a coalition of special interest groups to win elections. Environmentalists, feminists, LGBT, minorities, unions, and etc. have come together to defeat anything the evil conservatives pursue. 

They’ve used their very own propaganda ministry (the MSM) to deceive the electorate. Four years of fake stories convinced Americans that it would be evil to vote for Trump and virtuous to vote for Biden. What Americans were not given was the necessary information to make an informed decision. The Dems provide the narrative, and the propagandists sell the narrative. The truth does not factor into their tactics. 

The Dems have also used the power of the deep state to attack opponents. For the promise of more power and funding, the deep state has happily assisted. The DoJ, FBI, CIA, and IRS conspired to execute a coup on a duly elected president. Now the DoJ is attempting to crush political dissent by labeling peaceful protests “domestic terrorists.” 

Perhaps most alarmingly, the Dems have employed thugs to intimidate Americans into inaction. Antifa and Black Lives Matter have vandalized, burned, and even murdered to advance the narratives created by the Democrats. Who can forget restaurant patrons harassed, politicians attacked on the street, judges intimidated, and jurors threatened? The Dems have responded by providing bail and declining to prosecute the thugs. 


The “buy any means necessary” party was able to get into power (just barely) in the 2020 election. They immediately laid out a series of actions that would have cemented their lock on power for years to come. These included: 

Packing the courts – to ensure they remained the playground of the leftists 

Ending the filibuster – to prevent a legislative minority from slowing the freight train 

Nationalize elections – so the nonsense of 2020 would become the norm 

Redistribute wealth – use massive federal spending to reward their supporters 

Fortunately for Americans, their actions haven’t worked out so well. 

A Complete Plan Doesn’t Make a Good Plan 

Things haven’t quite turned out the way the Dems planned. Let’s take a look at how the Dem plan is working, starting at their actions and working back to their strategy. 

Had they pulled off their planned actions, it certainly would have been hard to pry them out of office again. But luckily, they picked the village idiot to lead the charge. President Gremlin has not only failed, he has failed spectacularly. The Dems aren’t talking about court packing, election reform, or filibuster nuking anymore. Gropey Joe’s negotiating skills have even managed to turn his spending plan into an all-out civil war within his own party. Luckily for conservatives, the Dems had no alternative to Joe – he really is the best they have. Ain’t that something? 

Their tactics have inherent vulnerabilities which are now exposed. The deep state and the MSM could only be effective while they did their dirty work in darkness, and retained a façade of credibility. But either through hubris or necessity, they went too far and they’re exposed now. 

At the very time that Americans are livid about rising crime, the Dems have sided with criminal thugs. They won’t be able to run on a platform of law and order for years to come. 

Lastly, the cracks in their coalition are beginning to show. Special interest groups must compete for resources, priority, attention, decisions, and etc. However, eventually the coalition members were bound to start competing with each other, and that has exposed a major vulnerability of the coalition. 

Both feminism and the LGBT movement began wanting fair treatment for their respective members. That seemed simple enough. But fair treatment morphed into a demand for equitable results. Now we have men competing in women’s sports. Winner – LGBT. 

Minority groups wanted the best possible education for their children. Only through a better education could their kids hope to lead a better life. However, the teacher unions wanted to crush educational alternatives to create a monopoly for the public-school systems. The Democrats sided with the unions against things like school vouchers. In so doing, they have perpetuated failing public schools. Winner – teachers unions. 

The same foundational cracks are forming between labor unions and environmentalists. Even their army of thugs is in conflict. BLM is fundamentally Marxist. Antifa is anarchist. How long can they work together? And on, and on, and on. A coalition of disparate special interests is inherently a house of sand. It looks impressive, but crumbles with the first waves. 

The Bleak Future They Face 

This is where the leftists and their useful idiots in the Democrat party stand – they’ve won an election but jeopardized their future prospects. They’ve exposed their vulnerabilities for the conservatives to exploit. 

Their colossal ineptitude has undermined their message of competence and roused the American people. They’ve given conservatives breathing room and an opening to fight back. 

The tactics they’ve employed have inherent vulnerabilities. Their coalition is beginning to crack. Conservatives need to grab the biggest crowbar they can find and pry away. 

Luckily, the Democrats are hostages to their leftist sponsors and show no inclination to adjust their tactics. Bill Clinton knew how to “triangulate.” No Democrat since him has even considered it. Conservatives can attack their vulnerabilities in complete confidence that they will continue doing the same things. By the time they realize their tactics are flawed, it will be too late. 

Their strategy to retain power “by any means necessary” is also flawed. It misses the point that we are a government by the people and for the people. How did they think they could achieve political dominance without the consent of the people? Yet, they’re trying to change the rules, not influence the people. Winning the debate is a superior strategy in every way. Win that debate, and no amount of cheating will ensure a lock on power. So, what are the left’s ideas? Anything? 

Leftists and their political wing, the Democrats, have: 

Picked a strategy that is anathema to a country of self-governance 

Settled on tactics that are deeply flawed 

Placed success in the hands of the most incompetent fool to ever occupy the Oval Office 

So, how’s that stolen election working out for them? 2022 can’t get here soon enough.

This story was originally published here, written by John Green. Please see much more from the Blue State Conservative here. The Blue State Conservative is committed to publishing content that highlights, preserves, and strengthens the values and ideals of the United States as envisioned in the Constitution and our founding documents.

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