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March 21, 2015

ISIS Releases Names, Addresses Of US Military Members - 'Kill Them Wherever You Find Them'

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

According to a released document by "Islamic State Hacking Division," the names and addresses of 100 US Military pilots were leaked with a call for Muslins in America to "take action," and "kill these kuffar."

NOTE- All News PipeLine has made the decision to show the leaked page below but ANP has redacted the street addresses, state and zip code from the images as to not endanger these pilots' lives any more than the original release has. ANP has also decided NOT to link to sites that are showing these leaked targets with the addresses not redacted for the same reason.

The first image shown below is the ISIS Hacking Division jihadist banner with a message to Muslims which encourages them to target US Military personnel. The last image shown follows the multiple pages of information on the US pilots, then a graphic of a gun and sword with the words "...AND KILL THEM WHEREVER YOU FIND THEM..."

These men and women, along with their families should be moved to safe, undisclosed locations in order to protect them.

Below is an example of the target list leaked by the Islamic State Hacking Division. Should any member of the military not know if their name is on the leaked list, feel free to email and we will go through the list and let you know if your name is on it.


The last image shows communications by ISIS members in order to build an IMAM radical database and a newsletter screenshot confirming that ISIS is attempting to hack into personal information of others.


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