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October 28, 2018

Something Huge Is Happening And The Media Is Ignoring It - I Blame President Trump For Both 'BLEXIT' And The #WalkAway Movement - Introducing BLEXIT: 'The Black Exit From The Democrat Party'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The media had a busy week last week, blaming president Trump for a man, who happened to be a Trump supporter (even had a "Trump-mobile to prove it), who sent 13 "pipe bombs" to a number of high profile liberals, none of which actually exploded of course, but we still see liberals claiming he was trying to "assassinate" the liberals they were addressed to, even though none of which opens their own mail. 

Then the media blamed President Trump for a Trump-hater, anti-semite, white supremacist that opened fire art the Tree of Life synagogues in PA, killing 11 people.

So, the bottom line for the media is that if someone supports President Trump and sends "bombs" that don't go boom, it is the president's fault AND if someone that hates President Trump murders 11 innocent people in a horrendous act of evil, it is still somehow President Trump's fault.

To the media, everything is President Trump's fault, including their own credibility problem, because President Trump often calls them out for their "fake news," to which many have documented the increasing frequency of said "fake news" from liberal media outlets.

The problem for the media there is.... history.

Trust in the media has continued to fall since 1977, with little ups and downs, but they haven't had more than 50 percent of the public's trust since 2006, long before president Trump ever entered the political scene. As of the latest September 2018 Gallup survey, they are still under water, with only 45 percent having any trust, and 54 percent having not very much or none at all. In fact, out of the 45 percent that have any trust in the media, only 14 percent list their trust level as a "great deal."

At that same link we see the latest bias poll of the media was in July 2017, where 63 percent of the public saw a bias in the establishment media, with 29 percent thinking the media favors neither. Of those that saw bias, 13 percent felt the media was biased for Republicans, with 43 percent seeing a liberal bias.

The point here is that it is not President Trump's fault the majority of the American public does not have a great deal or any trust in them, they have done that to themselves. The president just calls them out on it.


I am not going to get into the economic numbers nor individual policy issues, but there is something big going on that the media is ignoring and it very much the fault of President Trump and in large part the media's fault too.

Two movements that have been growing exponentially since the 2016 elections.

The growing list of Democrats that have decided to #WalkAway from the Democrat party, offering testimonials and making videos explaining why they have decided to #WalkAway and the newly launched "BLEXIT," consisting of black Americans exiting the Democrat party.


As many know the #WalkAway campaign began about five months ago when a gay hairdresser from New York, Brandon Straka, created a video which went mega viral, explaining how he was an Obama supporter, a lifelong Democrat and decided he had to #WalkAway from Democrats, and he listed his reasons why.

From October 26 through Octover 28th, that movement grew further as Straka organized a hugely successful March which drew hundreds of supporters from all across the country to the Freedom Plaza in Washington DC on Saturday. The #WalkAway attendees were joined by die-hard conservatives as part of the #WalkWith segment of the group, who showed up in support of the those walking away from the Democrat party.


Also during the past week, the BLEXIT movement was launched by Candace Owens and other black conservatives, with the help of Kanye West. Owens describes BLEXIT as "The black exit from the Democrat party."

Owens and others have been planning the BLEXIT launch, the website, the apparel, but she got stuck on the design and approached Kanye West.
"Me and Kanye had been in constant contact for months. I showed him the Blexit design that I had started to create.” Owens said. “He paused for what felt like ten excruciating minutes, looked at me, smiled, and said, ‘You know the greatest designer of all-time and you didn’t ask me for help?"

Next thing Candace knew, Kanye had her on a plane to Africa and the inspiration for the BREXIT design. was created.

There is a reason both these movements began during the Trump era, and President Trump was the catalyst. In most of the #WalkAway videos, the testimonials highlighted a few similar major points.

1) They were raised to always vote Democrat, it was what they were taught growing up, most all of them acknowledge this, stating they believed it until they started doing their own research.

2) Many of them highlight they had voted for Barack Obama, and noted the lies from the liberal establishment media during the 2016 election, stating that once they started researching, they realized they were being lied to.

3) A large number of them noted the violence from the left and the underhanded tactics being used to demonize Republicans, without any truth behind those reports.

In other words, it is Donald Trump's fault. His candidacy and election, because some say they walked away from Democrats after the election, due to liberals' reactions, temper tantrums, inability to accept the election results, etc..... all helped to wake these people up.

The BLEXIT launch was first revealed to the members of the young Black Leadership Summit which was held last week, followed by the attendees all heading over to the White House and President Trump, who welcomed them with open arms.

By all accounts, everyone had a blast, which was not taken well by members of the Democrat Party, with black activist Al Sharpton decrying the event and accusing President Trump of "using" young blacks as "props."

Former law enforcement officer, Brandon Tatum, who chaired the Young Black Leadership Summit, and is a large part of the BLEXIT launch, has some sharp words for Mr. Sharpton below.


The liberal media for the most part would rather just ignore both the #WalkAway campaign and the newly launched BLEXIT movement and website, where the only time they will "report" on it is to attempt to claim that they are not "real" grassroot movements. They have consistently claimed that the hashtag #WalkAway was artificially inflated by ....yes, the big, bad Russians, which is why many #WalkAway testimonials are now being done via video with those describing their exodus from the Democrats by first stating "I am not a Russian bot."

The liberal establishment media spent the last part of 2015 trying to manipulate the Republicans into hating Donald Trump. They failed. They spent the first part of 2016 trying to influence Republicans into not making Donald Trump the GOP candidate for president. They failed. The spent the next months telling the general population to support Hillary Clinton for President, and then insisting that Donald Trump had no chance of winning the 2016 Presidential election. They failed there as well.

Now the media is witnessing two movements (who really should join up together into one gigantic movement.... just sayin'), that are encouraging people to think for themselves, to not vote for any one party because that is what they have always done, or that is what they were taught to do, but rather telling them to think for themselves, judge the issues, listen to the positions and determine which position better represents their own best interest.

That is anathema to the liberal media and to Democrats, and is either to be ignored or somehow discredited at any and every opportunity.


These two movements, which basically are aiming for the same goal, may not have an outsized effect on upcoming elections, but 30 years from now, when these people that are walking away from the Democrats now, have grown children, they will be children that were not taught "you must always vote Democrat," but will be raised to judge issues and people rather than "party," loyalty, which will change everything.

This is huge, this is happening right now and the media is ignoring it because they do not know how to stop it. They cannot "blame" President Trump because then they would have to admit how big and effective these movements are.

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