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July 6, 2018

The 'Boiling Frogs Police State' In America Was Created On Robert Mueller's Watch And His Witch Hunt Against President Trump, Using 'Stasi Tactics', Is A Huge Warning To All Free Americans

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to this July 5th story over at Bloomberg, Special Counsel Robert Mueller's witch hunt against President Trump that is putting the American taxpayers on the line for tens of millions of dollars will be bringing in even more federal prosecutors. As the Russia-collusion probe expands, the latest thing Mueller is looking at is donation money to President Trump's inauguration according to this new story from Vox

Still pushing the 'Russia did it' lie that a huge percentage of Americans have come to realize is just that, we take a look within this ANP story at the 'totalitarian police state' that was built up in America over the past 15+ years, largely on Mueller's watch as the head of the FBI, where he ran the organization from 2001 to 2013. 

We'll also remind you of some of the outright corruption that happened within the FBI on Mueller's watch with the reputations of the FBI and now the Department of Justice in shambles due to their love affair with Hillary Clinton, putting their allegiance to her over their allegiance to America, leading to Congressman Devin Nunes now calling for testimony from 17 different FBI and DOJ officials on government surveillance abuse. Certainly we understand that not all within the FBI and DOJ have been corrupted. 

But as even President Trump tweeted back in March, "the Mueller probe should never have been started in that there was no collusion and there was no crime. It was based on fraudulent activities and a Fake Dossier paid for by Crooked Hillary and the DNC, and improperly used in FISA COURT for surveillance of my campaign. WITCH HUNT!"

Yet knowing that witch hunt continues to this very day and is being led by a crooked cop who helped build up the totalitarian state we've seen unfolding in America and who we'll see ahead in this story likely committed treason against America, is there any reason to believe that 'justice will be served'? 


As this March 22nd story over at the New American reported, for some reason, Robert Mueller has been shielded from questions about his role in some of the FBI's most shameful and disastrous scandals, including Uranium One and an infamous 'partnership' between the FBI and the Boston Mafia, a partnership that involved numerous murders, racketeering, extortion, witness tampering and much more. 

Yet Americans are supposed to trust ANYTHING that comes out of this still ongoing 'witch hunt' by a corrupt cop? With proof that the very document used to start this investigation was based upon what amounts to fake news paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that comes out of this 'witch hunt' is clearly 'fruit from the poisonous tree'. From Wikipedia

Fruit of the poisonous tree is a legal metaphor in the United States used to describe evidence that is obtained illegally. The logic of the terminology is that if the source (the "tree") of the evidence or evidence itself is tainted, then anything gained (the "fruit") from it is tainted as well.


And while the Democrats look at Robert Mueller as the very definition of 'integrity', a look back at the scandals and outright corruption that happened at the FBI while he was running the show proves he is anything but. 

As Judge Andrew Napolitano reported on Fox News back in April of 2013 as heard in the final video below, of the 20 terrorist plots against the United States dating back 10 years from then, the FBI actually helped to create a whopping 17 of them! As Napolitano reported at Reason back in April of 2015, "the FBI Used to Have Integrity. Now Agents Lie, Cheat, and Break the Law. The agency cuts constitutional corners in order to incriminate, then tries to change the subject."

When what is supposed to be our nation's most pre-eminent law enforcement agency doesn't believe that the law applies to them, does it apply to anybody? The fact that Mueller is still leading a witch hunt against President Trump despite very strong evidence that Mueller committed treason via Uranium One also helps to show just how completely ridiculous this 'witch hunt' has become. 

From the New American story

What was Robert Mueller’s role in the infamous “partnership” between the FBI and the Boston Mafia that involved multiple murders, racketeering, extortion, witness tampering, and much more? Special Counsel Robert Mueller has a media-crafted image as “Mr. Integrity,” a straight-shooting, non-partisan, nose-to-the-grindstone, publicity-shunning public servant. The anti-Trump media projected the same kind of squeaky-clean image for former FBI Director James Comey. However, it is now public knowledge that he is a lying, leaking, partisan, political hack who grossly abused his powerful office. He should be facing criminal prosecution instead of being rewarded with a secretive (and potentially illegal) multi-million dollar book deal.

Robert Mueller’s past appears to be even more checkered than Comey’s. In her blog post for March 20, investigative reporter Sarah Carter brings up nagging questions about Robert Mueller’s troubled history that refuse to go away — because they have never been answered. Entitled, “Questions Still Surround Robert Mueller’s Boston Past,” the article deals with Mueller's involvement in what is usually referred to as “The Whitey Bulger Case” or “The FBI-Boston Mob Case,” one of the most sensational black eyes the FBI has ever suffered.

Incredibly, the ongoing Mueller-directed farce popularly referred to as the “Trump-Russia collusion” investigation is being directed by a man who should be officially considered a top “Russia collusion” suspect. It was FBI Director Mueller, after all, who, along with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, failed to take any action to stop the sale of Uranium One to Russia (see here, here, and here). Giving Putin 20 percent of our uranium production capacity seems to be a bit more serious than anything Donald Trump or anyone in his retinue have been accused of.


According to Cornell Law School, the definition of treason according to US Code 2381 is: Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

Yet why doesn't the law apply to 'the criminal elite' such as Barack Obama, who funded and sold weaponry to ISIS in Syria according to Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii? She made some great points in this news release titled "Stop Arming Terrorists", 

Under U.S. law it is illegal for any American to provide money or assistance to al-Qaeda, ISIS or other terrorist groups. If an American citizen gave money, weapons or support to al-Qaeda or ISIS, he or she would be thrown in jail. Yet the U.S. government has been violating this law for years, quietly supporting allies and partners of al-Qaeda, ISIL, Jabhat Fateh al Sham and other terrorist groups with money, weapons, and intelligence support, in their fight to overthrow the Syrian government. The CIA has also been funneling weapons and money through Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and others who provide direct and indirect support to groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda. This support has allowed al-Qaeda and their fellow terrorist organizations to establish strongholds throughout Syria, including in Aleppo.

As Gabbard alludes to, if the law doesn't apply to government, it doesn't apply to anybody at all.


Yet both Hillary Clinton and Robert Mueller may have very well committed treason against America with the Uranium One scandal, a scandal that was completely covered up by the mainstream media
From this January story over at the New American

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Robert Mueller, and other top “Deep State” operatives are undoubtedly very nervous about a federal grand jury indictment that was handed down recently. On Friday, January 12, the U.S. Department of Justice unsealed an indictment that has the potential to start a chain reaction regarding the long-simmering Uranium One case, which we have been reporting on for several years. The new indictment could lead to the investigation and prosecution of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former FBI Director Robert Mueller (now a special prosecutor), and former President Barack Obama — all of whom were involved in a deal that transferred 20 percent (or more) of U.S. uranium production to Russia.

Unlike the empty conspiracy theory in the “Russia collusion” fishing expedition led by Mueller against President Trump, the Uranium One case involves real conspiracy fact and is of utmost concern to our national security.

According to a Department of Justice statement issued on January 12, the 11-count indictment charges Maryland resident Mark Lambert with “one count of conspiracy to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and to commit wire fraud, seven counts of violating the FCPA, two counts of wire fraud and one count of international promotion money laundering.”

“The charges stem,” reads the statement, “from an alleged scheme to bribe Vadim Mikerin, a Russian official at JSC Techsnabexport (TENEX), a subsidiary of Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation and the sole supplier and exporter of Russian Federation uranium and uranium enrichment services to nuclear power companies worldwide, in order to secure contracts with TENEX.”

The DOJ statement notes that Lambert is the “former co-president of a Maryland-based transportation company that provides services for the transportation of nuclear materials to customers in the United States and abroad.” Among important facts not mentioned in the DOJ statement are Lambert-Mikerin-Putin connections to Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Robert Mueller, Barack Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder, and other top Obama administration officials involved in facilitating or covering up the Uranium One treason scandal.


With Robert Mueller and James Comey now tainted beyond redemption by what absolutely appears to be sedition and the unlawful attempt to overthrow a legally elected US President, and Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and their deep state goons having used every dirty trick in the book to try to run President Trump out of office, Rush Limbaugh recently stated this entire sham investigation based upon lies may very well be the greatest dirty trick in American political history.

Yet with the entire totalitarian police state that has been building up in America largely established under the watch of crooked cop Mueller while he was at the FBI, a new story over at Zero Hedge is a must read. 

Titled "Exposing the 'Boiling Frog' of the Police State", their story takes a look at how dictatorial police states have been established throughout history, starting under the guise of 'collectivism'. What is 'collectivism'? Exactly what we're witnessing in America now on the left where 'group' is given priority over the individual and as we've been seeing coming from the left, if you aren't part of their 'tribe', you're an outcast.

Also bringing up in their story the 30,000 Americans who were detained while trying to re-enter the country from vacations in what used to be a direct violation of the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution, it also points out that everything changed with the Patriot Act of 2001, coincidentally, or not, Mueller's first year as the head of the FBI. An extended excerpt from this extremely important story

Police States have been implemented countless times throughout history. They tend to be most prominent where collectivism has already been instituted.

Wherever collectivism is already firmly established, new crackdowns are generally introduced suddenly. In Germany, in 1938, under existing Nazi rule, Kristallnacht took people by complete surprise. Later, in 1961, under existing Soviet rule, the Berlin Wall went up with no previous announcement. In both cases, the collectivist tyranny was already in place and the people had already successfully been subjugated. These events were merely further losses of freedom.

But what of a country that still enjoys a few of its former freedoms and is in the process of being transformed into a full-blown collectivist state? Well, in such cases, the loss of freedoms is often done in slo-mo.

Another way of describing this is the old adage of boiling a frog. Since a frog will jump out of a pot of hot water, place him in a pot of lukewarm water and slowly turn up the heat. Before he knows it, he’s being boiled to death.

Likewise, when the intention is to convert a country to collectivism, make the early changes in stages. Get the people to accept that the losses of freedom are for the benefit of their safety. Then, the further along you go, the more you can accelerate the process.

At present, a majority of Americans appear to now understand that they’ve experienced a significant loss of their “guaranteed” freedoms. They’re now worried and, at each new stage of oppression they tend to say, “I’m not happy about this, but I can probably live with it… and, besides, they say that they’re doing it for my own safety.”

However, I think that it’s safe to say that a family returning from a holiday that’s just been isolated from each other, interrogated separately, frisked, had all their belongings pored through and copies of their papers and electronic files taken, without even being told the reason, does not feel as though it’s been done for their safety.

Remember, the 30,000 above were just hoping to reach their destination with no trouble from anyone. A generation ago, they never would have tolerated such a violation to their rights. But now, they submit and accept whatever they’re told to do.

But, upon release, they most likely assumed that the authorities had been looking for something specific. They were not. In recent years, there have been very few actual prosecutions from such Gestapo-like shakedowns, in spite of the copying of documents and confiscation of minor items. The object here is not to prosecute anyone; it is to teach people to submit.

This will be important later on.

What we’re witnessing is a loss of freedom in slo-mo. Just as Germans stood by and accepted Kristallnacht; just as they stood by and watched the Berlin Wall be built that would close off their freedom of migration, the great majority of Americans ultimately will stand by and watch the last of their freedoms be removed, because they’ve already been trained to submit to whatever indignities and restrictions are placed upon them.


With the authoritarian 'police state' in America established under a corrupt cop and what we are now increasingly finding to be the illegitimate government of Barack Obama, how this deep state witch hunt against President Trump plays out in the days and weeks ahead will go a long way towards determining the very future of America. 

In the first video below, Rush Limbaugh takes a look at the corruption within the DOJ and FBI under Robert Mueller and Barack Obama's watch and a book titled "Licensed To Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice". The 2nd video below from Infowars takes a look at how Mueller actually protected Bill and Hillary Clinton friend Jeffrey Epstein while in the final video, Judge Napolitano looks at how the FBI under Mueller had created, then foiled, numerous 'terror plots' all across America. And Americans are supposed to trust anything coming from Mueller and this sham investigation with him using stasi tactics? We'll close with this excerpt from The American Thinker.

Never in American history has a sitting president (and his family) been hounded with unfounded criminal investigations as has President Trump. While still a candidate, the Democrats and their propaganda arm in the mainstream media brought forth the scurrilous charge of Russian collusion with not a shred of evidence to support their charge. It's a fishing expedition in search of a crime.

Not a week goes by without a new revelation of an alleged meeting between members of President Trump's cabinet or family members with perceived Russian agents. General Michael Flynn, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr., and now Ivanka Trump whose security clearance is now being challenged have all been accused of collusion. That and the recent announcement by appointed Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller of his intent to broaden the investigation into Trump's businesses is symptomatic of tactics used by police states to threaten their opposition into compliance, surrender or removal. It is un-American and a danger to our Republic.

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