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May 23, 2022

'Indoctrinators' AKA So-Called Educators Are Whining About Red State Anti-CRT Laws Forcing Them To 'Teach' Rather Than Indoctrinate Children Into Racial Activism And Communist Ideology


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Usually we at ANP offer the reports first, then provide proof or evidence of our assertions, via images, videos or when possible embedded documents.

Today, I am going to show the bottom line right up top before showing the "why" of the problem, along with examples, of how America has been insidiously turned into a "stupid," and dumbed down nation.

Ladies and gentlemen, please listen to these young Americans in the short video below, old enough to have been "taught" the basic facts of America, yet they know basically nothing. Not how many states there are in the U.S., not what the U.S. Capital is, not who fought the civil war or when America was founded....and much more ignorance shown in the 4-minute-plus video, which is very painful to watch.

Completely clueless and dumbed down.

The video description:

Another wild one from Justin. How many states are in the US stumped too many people. Imagine wearing a cap and gown and not knowing what 3x3x3 is. My fav was "Kennedy" (the guy who fought in the Civil War apparently). I think she was going for "confederacy"? lol....

Watching that is painfully heartbreaking since children are supposed to be the future, yet they know practically nothing about America's past or present (one black guy couldn't name the Vice President Kamala Harris and called her "the black lady), and a future with them as our "leaders" is a horrifying thought!

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Recently I read a piece over at NBC News (We do that so you don't have to!) which highlighted teachers aka indoctrinators whining about recently passed state laws that disallow them from indoctrinating students with their own liberal opinions, with some

We generally try to not spend too much time on one MSM report, but there are so many red flags in this report, I am going to spend a little extra time breaking this down.

First and foremost, the MSM, in this case NBC News, writes in sympathy with the indoctrinators, ignoring the basic function of what "school" is supposed to be, meaning teaching basic subjects, math, reading, history, science, etc.... 

NBC headlines with "Laws restricting lessons on racism are making it hard for teachers to discuss the massacre in Buffalo."

Right there we see the first problem with the "tone" of that propaganda piece. Why should teachers be discussing racism, unless it is history class describing past events, or current mass shootings. 

We also note that around the same time, another shooting occurred at a Taiwan church, by a man that "mailed seven volumes titled "Diary of an Independence-Destroying Angel" to the World Journal's Los Angeles office, the Chinese-language newspaper reported Wednesday.."

The NBC story doesn't seem to care about racism unless they can use it to indoctrinate young American students into believing America is a racist nation, against blacks. 

Moving along.....

Via the NBC News piece

This time, however, teachers and education experts say these already difficult classroom conversations are being complicated or suppressed under a wave of state laws and school board policies that restrict the ways educators discuss racism. Fearing for their jobs, teachers in some communities are avoiding the conversation altogether, said Anton Schulzki, a high school social studies teacher in Colorado Springs and president of the National Council for the Social Studies.

“If a student brings up Buffalo, the teacher will simply say, ‘Sorry, I can’t talk about that,’ or ‘We’re not allowed to talk about that,’” said Schulzki, noting that educators have been disciplined or fired after discussing racism, sexuality and politics with students. “And ultimately what that does, unfortunately, is we’re actually depriving our students of an important discussion.”

Unless it is a political science class, today's so-called teachers, which for the most part have become indoctrinators, should be discussing race, sexuality or politics with students. 

This was actually a point made and quoted in the story by Kentucky State Sen. John Schickel:

State Sen. John Schickel, the primary sponsor of a Kentucky law that restricts the ways teachers discuss racism and “controversial” subjects, said he thinks it’s good that teachers are spending less time talking about current events, which he said students could learn about on their own by reading newspapers or watching TV.

“Our educational system I believe should be teaching reading, writing and arithmetic and factual history, and stay out of politics,” Schickel said.


These laws these teachers and the MSM are whining about, are meant to bring the actual "education" back into the schools, rather than indoctrination and activism.

Before continuing, one last quote from that article, which gets to the heart of why the indoctrinators are so upset:

“Because of that confusion, we’ve heard from a lot of teachers who are steering clear of any conversations dealing with racism and gender inclusivity and these issues that are incredibly pertinent and relevant to students’ lives,” Sikes said.


The state laws against teaching "critical race theory" to our nation's children, are working as they are meant to and liberals across the spectrum, from democrat politicians, to the MSM to the communist infiltrated school system, are absolutely incensed over it.

Their anger, complaints and outright whining, while the media highlights them in a sympathetic manner, tells us the laws are starting to work as planned and they cannot stand it.

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We have noticed that the dumbing down of America is not only in educational institutions, but television, movies, even commercials are all exacerbating the problem.

You ever see a commercial for a movie, or even a product, and felt like you just lost like IQ points just from the commercial itself?

Now imagine those that see those commercials, then make it a point to watch the entire movie or purchase the product, because the commercial "spoke" to them.

 Fact is, when stupidity and dumbness looks appealing, then the plan to dumb down America has most definitely worked on those people.

Make no mistake, we are not talking about edgy comedy, but rather sheer stupidity. 


From the MSM lying to publishing deliberately false information, to politicians telling you to believe them rather than what you are seeing and observing, to the rewriting of history to prove an abjectly false assertion, to the indoctrinators that think "teaching" is activism rather than educational, Americans are being treated as if they are stupid because so many are allowing themselves to be dumbed down.

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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