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February 11, 2019

With The Left Utterly Obsessed With Their Dark Ritual Of Child Sacrifice, How Long Until They Embrace Euthanization On Demand For The 'Mentally Ill'?

- Remember! To The Left, Gun Owners And Christians Are All Mentally Ill! 


By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

Recently what has been called the “loony left” has seemingly become loonier than ever. Leftist politicos, their dumbed-down worshippers, and the deep state thugs have seemingly gone off the deep end and are saying and doing things that (you would think) would turn almost everyone against them…but never underestimate the mindless stupidity of many of the voters.

The mad shrieking of the witches during the Kavanaugh hearings should be unforgettable, and the violence of “Antifa” and the Black thugs of BM (Black Lives Matter). The left has become totally obsessed with race, sex, and identity politics. The Demoncraps have become the party of man-hating women, sexual perverts and the sexually self-mutilated, Black and Hispanic racists, welfare recipients and street criminals, illegal aliens, and Muslim terrorists. Working class White men are identified as the ultimate villains, for they, and they alone benefit from “privilege.”

Leftists have become utterly obsessed with their dark ritual of child sacrifice, known as abortion, and are doing as we “paranoid conspiracy theorists” predicted all along: they have incrementally moved from early abortion to late term, partial birth abortion, and now, at last, to advocating openly the murder of viable infants after birth…infanticide. And if there is no difference between a baby a day before birth and a day after, what real change is there three days after birth, then a week, a month, and so on? Why accept any limits whatever on a “woman’s right to choose”? Why not “euthanize” at any age the incurably mentally ill, meaning gun owners, everyone to the right of Karl Marx, and all Christians and observant Jews?

Note that in NY State vicious murderers, found guilty in court and on appeal, cannot be executed, as that would be “inhumane.” But helpless, innocent babies can be butchered without a trial. This is what is known as Luciferian inversion. Author Mark Tapson, in his article “Leftism…Not Just Wrong, But Evil,” has pointed out that “on every political issue, Democrats take the side of chaos and destruction, crime and disorder.


But are they all going insane or have they, as some writers for the John Birch Society’s New American magazine believe, been this way all along? Certainly their basic nature and goals have never changed; they have always been power-hungry fascists and they have always been arrogant, lying hypocrites. But they are going a bit further into madness lately, for Stalin never pushed the homosexual agenda on school children, and Hitler didn’t preach the glory of sexual mutilation. Mao never claimed that one’s sex was purely a matter of decision and that men could menstruate and become pregnant, and women could be NFL line persons. Pol Pot and Ho Chi Minh didn’t believe that men were inherently inferior to women. No, although the left’s present descent into the final darkness and evil madness may have been inevitable all along, much of what we are seeing now is something new, something utterly unprecedented in all the dark and terrible years of human history.

Consider the programs advocated by the little bug-eyed girl, Ocasio-Cortez. We already have an uncontrolled level of deficit spending and a national debt of some twenty trillion dollars…which is a thousand times twenty billion, which is a thousand times twenty million. But the little bartender, who is completely ignorant of junior high school civics and history (Facts? We don’t need no stinking facts) wants to spend truly astronomical sums on Medicare for all, “free” college for everyone (because our universities are simply wonderful these days), and innumerable other goodies, and she wants to open our already porous borders completely, eliminate ICE, and allow another billion or so illiterate, America- hating Third World criminals and terrorists to flood in and partake of all these goodies. Not satisfied with all of that, she also wants to combat the imaginary menace of Man-caused global warming by abruptly phasing out fossil fuels, nuclear power, and cars and airplanes…for us peasants. This will all be replaced by moonbeams and evening breezes, or perhaps trained unicorns running on treadmills, and by trains and stack and pack cells where the deplorables will live. Of course, Ocasio-Cortez and other members of the elite will continue to enjoy all the comforts of modern life and prosperity.

The contempt the leftist elites hold for Christianity gets more obvious by the day, as public displays of Christianity and its symbols are banned, and Christian bakers are deliberately set up by Glibetts (GLBT, etc.) and have their businesses and lives wrecked for the “crime” of refusing to bake cakes for pervert “marriages.” But the leftists have always adored their old allies, the Muslims. Islam is a hateful death cult behind most modern terrorism. How many Americans know that Muslims really created the international trade in Black African slaves, or that the slave trade was ended due to the efforts of Christians? How many are aware of the slaughter of several hundred million people during the centuries- long Islamic conquest of much of India? And radical feminists practically worship these “honor” killers who sexually mutilate their own daughters. How many people today are ever taught that the Muslims, over a few hundred years, enslaved well over a million Europeans, most of whom died in captivity due to their brutal mistreatment? Our first foreign war was against the Barbary States, Islamic kingdoms in North Africa, who had captured US ships and were holding their crews for ransom.


But the left, out in the open now, out of the closet, or out from under their rocks and rotting logs, have caused a large minority (at least) of Americans to realize what they are. Gradually, many of us realized that the left plans to enslave, degrade, and impoverish us. Then we realized that they intend nothing less than the total destruction of Western Civilization and its Judeo-Christian morality, and that they literally do evil for the sake of evil.

Then we saw that these mad fools plan to exterminate the entire human race, even though they themselves at least inhabit human bodies, or appear to. Will we surrender our guns to people who like to murder babies, and who have repeatedly called us “bitter clingers,” “deplorables,” and, of course, “racists” ? What do you think the baby killers will do to us once we are disarmed and helpless? Perhaps it is no coincidence that mystics have always warned against the “left hand path” that leads to a false, demonic “enlightenment.” And the Italian word for “left” is “sinistra,” for “sinister” comes from the Latin root word for both terms. A good person is “righteous,” not “leftious,” and the good thing to do is the right thing.

And what a pleasure it is to be labeled as “racist” by the Demoncraps, the party of slavery, secession, Jim Crow laws, and the Klan, who supported Margaret Sanger and eugenics and Planned “Parenthood,” the nice people who put their abortion mills in Black neighborhoods. They just love Black people to death.

What I have said about Muslims applies to their leftist comrades. You do not make agreements with people who always lie and always violate every single agreement they make. You do not compromise with people whose goal is your enslavement, impoverishment, moral degradation, torture, and extermination. And you cannot reason with the criminally insane. It is becoming obvious that, despite the election of Trump, our elites are so corrupt and so powerful that there is no longer any hope for peaceful, lawful reform. We have lost our Republic, and to restore it and save us from the worst fate imaginable we are going to have to take some very, very extreme measures, if you know what I mean. And I think you do.

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