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June 13, 2016

Insiders Give New Warnings On Future ISIS Terror Attacks Within America: 'It's Going To Get Way, Way Worse' - And This Dire Warning: 'It's Going To Be A Very Bloody Summer In America'


By  Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Many, many times over the last two years, ANP has published stories warning that our own leaders were putting Americans in very grave danger due to the wide open borders that this administration has maintained despite warnings from our intelligence services that terrorists were likely being funneled into the country, possibly 'en masse'. Despite the fact that Islamic terrorists have continued to issues warnings that they were planning on carrying out massive attacks in America, our own president has refused to use the words 'Islamic' and 'terrorism' together and as we're learning in these recent stories and videos from all across the internet, we are about out of time to address this ongoing and rapidly worsening issue. As we hear in the 2nd video below, there are now 6 US cities that may be targeted by ISIS prior to the end of Ramadan. 

As we learned earlier today from Zero Hedge, Islamic terrorist Omar Mateen worked for a company called G4S, a company that he had worked for since 2007 and a huge red flag as G4S is a company with ties to the Department of Homeland Security and often handles duties of transporting illegal immigrants within the US. Not only was the killer interviewed at least 3 times by the FBI, he was still able to get guns, and as recently as last week. The fact that he may have worked transporting illegal aliens, and possible terrorists, throughout the country is a massive warning sign that the mainstream media continues to overlook about this terrorist. Why? Are they setting us up for the fall? 

Back on December 6th, ANP warned that our own Department of Homeland Security had been infiltrated by members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Susan Duclos told us in that story that 'the reality of Islamic terrorism' isn't 'racism', especially when they have promised to kill us. In Orlando, Florida on Saturday night, their promises turned into reality. Has anybody told Hillary Clinton or Obama that 100 million legal US gun owners didn't go on a mad killing spree in Florida...but at least one Islamic terrorist did however. Now, as we learn more below directly from an eyewitness, there was more than likely more than one shooter as heard in the must-hear video directly below and this 'event' is beginning to have 'massive coverup' written all over it as politicians turn towards using this event to take Americans guns away while talking very little about the fact that this killer was a Muslim and actually said he wouldn't be 'targeting blacks' as he had no problem with them. 

As this new story from Counter Jihad asks, has ISIS now infiltrated our DHS? If so, we can certainly understand the warning given in the next video below featuring Alex Jones of Infowars who tells us that the 6 US cities on the ISIS kill list include Orlando, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Miami and San Francisco. Jones also tells us that criminal elements within the US federal government continue to allow terrorists to flow into the country while tying the hands of our military and intelligence agencies to do anything about it. Why are they allowing terrorists to flood into America? 

In the 2nd video below we hear from Alex with Tim Kennedy who warns us that 'it's going to get way, way worse'. We'd also like to remind you that there are still almost 5 months until the election and Mr. Obama has promised that Donald Trump will never be elected president of the US. How does Mr. Obama know that? Is Obama planning on taking out Trump himself via the NDAA?

It's long been asked what ties there are between Obama and ISIS; was Obama who the Islamic terrorist called as heard in the video above? As we have pointed out again and again and again in stories on ANP, Obama continues to allow terrorists into long will it be until it's 'too late'?

It's clear that for the hundreds of people in Florida who either lost their lives or had the lives of friends and loved ones taken by Islam, it already is too late. How many more Americans will be killed by terrorists Obama is simply allowing to flood into the country with his wide open borders? Should Obama himself be held responsible for allowing terrorists to flood into our country through open doors as Donald Trump asks in this Washington Post story


We have also reported on ANP that the nwo globalists who have been working to undermine America will never allow us to hold an election if it appears that Trump will be the winner...the globalists simply have far too many years of work dismantling America and establishing their 'new world order' for them to allow that. 

In the final video below, Hagmann and Hagmann give us their thoughts about what is now happening in America and warn us that it could be a very bloody summer in America if events continue along this path. Should Barack Obama be held personally responsible for the deaths in Orlando and any other terrorist attacks in America as he continues to allow countless terrorists into the country despite the fact that he knows that ISIS has declared war upon the West?

Why does Mr. Obama continue to allow terrorists into the country? We have to ask again; should Obama be held responsible for the massacre in Orlando due to his absolutely insane policies of allowing terrorists free reign to come into the country? Why hasn't the military yet relieved Mr. Obama of his command due to what is an obvious policy of enabling Americans to be slaughtered by those who want to terrorize us? One more question that everybody is asking right now except the mainstream media; why are Mr. Obama and other politicians now focused on taking away the 2nd Amendment of law-abiding American citizens when the 2nd Amendment may be the only thing that can put a stop to all of the terrorists that he has allowed into the country? The answer is very clear to us. 


The amazing political artwork below as well as this brief rant is courtesy of WilliamBanzai7 at Zero Hedge. Art certainly speaks much louder than words during times like this. Enjoy!

They can blather on and on that there is no such thing as radical Islamic extremism, gun control is a pancea (anybody looked at Frances gun control laws?) and the LGBT culture is embraced by Islam...yadda yadda yadda

In the end the bottom line is this: This whole "junior varsity" ISIS phenomena is something that emerged on their watch.

They droned them, they own them.




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