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May 28, 2016

'It's A Scary Thing Coming Up' Expert Warns: 'Just Wait Until July, Just Wait Until August'

'What We Know Is Coming Is The Perfect Petri Dish For Bad Things To Happen'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to former Special Forces Officer and UFC fighter Tim Kennedy as heard in the video below along with Infowars, 'the perfect petri dish for bad things happening' has arrived with the beginning of warm weather and summer and the globalists intent on taking away all remaining freedoms of Americans by enabling clueless sheep to riot in the streets who don't realize every act of violence they make inches us one step closer to a worldwide, totalitarian government.

As Alex Jones tells us, the mainstream media and current administration are pushing for unrest and chaos, with the NY Times calling for the assassination of Donald Trump while 'black lives matter' and completely clueless 'social justice warriors' inch us closer to the fascist world the globalists want here every day. Kennedy tells us within his first 15 seconds: 'it's a scary thing coming up' and 'what we know is coming' when warning us of this 'petri dish' that the globalists are now experimenting with, throwing little bits of everything evil they've been sowing into their satanic mix.


Kennedy tells us that for mass civil unrest to happen, there has to be a perfect mix of all the wrong events happening, and for civil unrest to happen during the middle of winter when it's cold out is quite unlikely. The fact that summer has arrived and all of the other events are now coming together leads Kennedy to believe it could be one dangerous summer in America. With another election here, and American eyes wide open that 'something isn't quite right' with our electoral system, a perfect 'reason' for civil unrest has arrived according to Kennedy: an America awake and aware of a totally broken political system, even if most still don't quite understand what they're witnessing. Even former president John F. Kennedy once warned, "those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

Kennedy also warns us that the racial hatred that the Obama administration has allowed to fester during the past 8 years has built up to the point that we've never had such hatred in America - and the mainstream media continues to blame Barack Obama's racist-handiwork over the last 7+ years on Donald Trump. Have they really forgotten that blacks and other races can be racist too or is that all part of their agenda to take down America? As Kennedy tells us, all of these things are setting us up for the perfect opportunity for civil unrest. All one needs to do is look what happened recently in California and New Mexico at Donald Trump protests that are driving more and more people who were previously 'on the fence' away from the Democrats. "Now we have a perfect condusive environment for serious problems" Kennedy tells us, "you think the riots last year in Missouri were bad, just wait until July, just wait until August."

When Jones asks Kennedy if 'all the dominoes' have been lined up with George Soros paid protesters ready to erupt in violence, Kennedy tells us it's more like "the trench has been dug, and all of the accelerants have been added and it's ready to explode". "Everything's right for things to go really bad." Between those coming up from the south through our totally open border to those already here who believe America should become Mexico again, we see America being set up to be brought down.

What's most important, though, despite all things going on all around us, is how we can stop the globalist agenda and maintain our free and open Republic. Kennedy joins at approx the 2 minute 8 second mark to share with us his own wisdom through experience of dealing with social unrest as a Green Beret. Kennedy first tells us that we the most important thing that we have to do is to be prepared for our families.


They also then get into what has to happen for America to make it through all of this; George Soros and other globalists responsible for inciting the riots across America have to be held responsible. Jones tells us that Soros can't expect to spend millions of dollars to incite riots upon police across America and get away with his actions. Why are globalist criminals such as Clinton and Soros permitted to get away with just about anything that they want to, including Soros paying for revolution in America? As an outsider trying to sabotage America, Soros should be held fully responsible for these crimes against the country. We are not globalist territory. Kennedy reminds Soros that if Jones (or almost anyone else) were attempting to do in another country what Soros is doing here, they'd hang him.

"They are inciting and creating racial wars and riots" Kennedy tells us. With all of the evidence now out there that Kennedy and Jones are right, we have to ask, why haven't Soros and his globalist partners been held responsible for funding the rioting against law enforcement and all of America? Kennedy tells us that our worst nightmares have come true as members of the mainstream media use their 'power' and their microphones to encourage Americans to go cause chaos and riot. "Everything we're against as a nation, these people are encouraging" Kennedy tells us. He also warns that, among every 100 refugees being brought into America, 10 to 15 have likely been radicalized. When you throw that 'ISIS pot' into this mix, we see exactly why Kennedy and law enforcement and military across America are so very concerned about this summer.

While I personally have long been a proponent of 'just' and 'peaceful' protest, it's clear violent protest should be condemned as it only gets people hurt and killed. The globalists have also clearly made a repulsive 'art' out of revolution and war in other countries, are their planned riots here 'the chickens now coming home to roost'? I can't help but think of a scene from the movie 'V For Vendetta' as seen in the 2nd video below describing the 'fall of America' and the '2nd American civil war, an America destroyed for its 'Godlessness'. Are we watching that scenario playing out before our very eyes?

If what we've seen at recent anti-Trump protests are any indication, we can clearly see what the globalists have planned for America this summer. Our stern warning to those who seek to cause unrest: Be wise America. We've come way too far for violent revolution to happen when many believe it is happening right now, legally and peacefully, at the voting booth, at least on the Republican side. When the globalists win, humanity loses. When America wins, so does humanity. Short of a final false flag event that leads to dictatorship, the choice is still ours. Let's work towards ensuring enough Americans make the right one.


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