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October 17, 2019

America Is Going Through A Classic Case Of Luciferian Inversion: With Decades Long Trail Of Dead Bodies Following Them Wherever They Go, The Clinton's Are A Perfect Example

- Americans Owe No Obedience To Tyrants: 'Resisting Tyranny Is Obeying God'  

By William B. Stoecker - All News Pipeline

The one thing worse than a lack of any law enforcement is 'selective' law enforcement, a hallmark of tyranny. We’re all familiar with certain African nations, for example, where street crime is largely unpunished and hence out of control, and corrupt officials get away with stealing the country blind, yet citizens seen as posing a threat to the power of the elites are routinely railroaded into prison or executed.

It is depressing and infuriating to see that the US is beginning to resemble one of these corrupt Third World hellholes in more ways than one. Going at least as far back as the decisions of the Earl Warren Supreme Court in the fifties, actual criminals seem to have almost unlimited rights. District Attorneys often refuse to prosecute even violent repeat offenders, and if they are prosecuted they often get off on some technicality. Executions are rare and the recidivism rate among those who have served their (often very short) sentences is high. Members of favored minorities who attack Whites are often never arrested, and the same is true of the violent and cowardly thugs of Antifa and other left wing fascist groups.

Congress passed and Trump signed into law the First Step Act on 12/21/18, supposedly to “reform” sentencing. Remember, our elites also have spoken of “comprehensive immigration reform,” which means opening our borders to invaders. To our rulers, reform doesn’t mean what the rest of us want. The First Step Act, we were promised, would simply release non-violent drug offenders, who, the leftists claimed, were serving long sentences for minor offenses. In reality, repeat offenders and career criminals and even violent felons are being released in large numbers to prey on the rest of us. And of course our immigration laws are seldom enforced.

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As we shall see, the rich and powerful, at least if they are Demoncraps, get away with innumerable crimes and are almost never indicted or even investigated. The Clintons, with a decades-long trail of bodies behind them, are a prime example. But what is less understood is that many innocent Americans are railroaded into prison or even murdered by government thugs, usually because they are seen as politically “incorrect.” Let us look at a few examples of both extremes.

Of course, the best illustration is the endless series of ongoing quasi-legal attacks on Trump and his associates. Now, many of us patriots are bitterly disappointed with Trump, who has staffed his administration with the swamp creatures he promised to remove from power and continued the insane wars begun by the neocons. But he has never colluded in any way with Russia, a nation that is only our enemy if we make it so.

He had a right and a duty to investigate the corrupt dealings of the Bidens in Ukraine and elsewhere. Yet he is being subjected to a kangaroo court attempting to impeach him for nonexistent “high crimes and misdemeanors,” while the sleazy Biden and his drug addict son continue on their merry way. And the Witch Hillary and her worshippers are the ones who really colluded with Russia (Uranium One) and got away with it. Justice has been turned on its head in America, a classic case of Luciferian Inversion. We have lost our Republic and no longer have the rule of law.

The FBI and Federal Marshalls attacked the “compound” of Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge in northern Idaho after entrapping him into selling an illegally altered shotgun (arguably, the law forbidding such alterations is itself unconstitutional). He had missed a scheduled court date because the government had failed to notify him of the appointment, and the government thugs sneaked up on his property without clearly indentifying themselves.

No knock raids are becoming all too common, and, all too often, end in tragedy. The mighty warriors shot his teenage son in the back, shot the family dog, and then intrepid FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi shot Vickie Weaver, who was holding, not a firearm, but a baby. Horiuchi missed the baby, but the FBI and BATF made up for it at Waco, where, for reasons never really explained, they attacked the “compound” (how they love that word) of the dreaded Branch Dravidians, allegedly because of drugs or illegal weapons never introduced as evidence. The federales wound up burning to death some twenty children and infants and roughly sixty adults. And this merely inspired our masters to yet greater deeds of mass murder with their false flag attacks at Oklahoma City and the WTC and Pentagon.


Federal police apparently are only punished if they actually do their duty. On 2/17/2005 Border Patrol agents Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos shot and wounded a fleeing illegal alien drug smuggler, Osvaldo Davila. For this “crime” they served two years each in prison, much of it in solitary and lost their jobs. Davila testified against them. George (Bush) II later commuted their sentences, but no one, including Trump, ever pardoned them or restored their careers. They and their families continue to suffer.

Under Hussein Obama and the arrogant, smirking Attorney General Eric Holder, the BATF arranged the illegal sale of weapons to a Mexican drug cartel, pretending they were doing a sting…but the alleged sting brought no high level convictions. Some 2,000 guns were sold and only 710 later recovered. One was used to kill loyal Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, and many Mexicans also died. Bathhouse Barry (Hussein) continues to live in luxury and Holder continues to smirk.

Not satisfied with the many deaths in her slimy wake, the Witch Hillary, as Hussein’s Secretary of State, maintained classified emails, both personal and official, on a private server. It was managed for her by Platte River Networks, a company with no security clearance. She handed over 30,000 emails and even the FBI admitted that 110 had classified information. When I was a USAF Intelligence Officer, even leaving classified documents unsecured by mistake would have meant my court martial.

But the Witch, who destroyed some 31,000 more emails, got a pass, as always; FBI Director James Comey recommended that she not be charged. Nor was the Witch charged for the Uranium One deal, the crimes of the Clinton Foundation, or Benghazi, where she set up four Americans and allowed them to be killed, almost certainly to cover up the fact that she and Hussein helped to create ISIS. But Trump is being “investigated,” and his loyal subordinates have had their lives ruined (and Trump has done nothing to help them).

A young, Black dental hygienist from Connecticut (where Hussein got his social security number despite having never lived or worked there) was visiting the District of Criminals for some unknown reason, with her toddler daughter accompanying her in her car. She had no criminal record and had mastered a skilled profession. She took, for whatever reason, a turn into an entrance to the White House, and then, changing her mind or realizing her mistake, made a legal u turn to leave; she was unarmed and had broken no law.

A uniformed SS (Secret Service) agent, for unexplained reasons, threw a barrier into her path. She panicked and hit the barrier, throwing the agent to the ground; he was not seriously injured. The intrepid heroes of the SS gave chase, firing multiple rounds at this terrifying menace (in a built up area amid crowds of people), finally killing her. At least they missed her daughter. Interestingly, the usual race baiters, like Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc., remained absolutely silent. Let the police or an armed citizen shoot a low-life Black thug in self-defense and the race baiters scream with rage and organize “marches” and riots. But if the federales murder an innocent young Black woman, they have nothing to say.


In 1976 the Federal Land Policy and Management Act ended homesteading and gave the Bureau of Land Management control of most of the vast federal lands in the western states. Many of us patriots believe in state sovereignty and think most land, including the national parks, should be administered by the states. This touched off what has been called the Sagebrush Rebellion, a peaceful protest by farmers and ranchers. This led to the famous standoff at the Bundy ranch in Nevada in 2014; in that case violence was narrowly averted.

On 1/2/16 militants led by Ammon Bundy occupied the headquarters building of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. The FBI and Oregon State Police stopped a carload of the protesters on their way to a meeting in a nearby town. The protesters attempted to drive off the road and around the roadblock, but their car became stuck. Robert LaVoy Finicum got out of the car and was shot dead, apparently by a state police officer (Oregon, remember, is a state controlled by the Demoncraps, and Portland police have allowed Antifa thugs to attack citizens and disrupt traffic).

The police claimed he was reaching for a handgun, but the SWAT team member, armed with an AR-15, shot Finicum in the back. The police also fired three rounds into the truck and an FBI Hostage Rescue Team member (why were they there when there was no hostage situation?) also fired two shots into the truck. No one in the truck reached for a weapon; no one was killed but the police wounded Ryan Bundy, who was a passenger. FBI thug Joseph Astarita was tried for obstruction of justice for allegedly lying about his role in the incident, but was acquitted. This really looks like deliberate murder, but we will never know for sure.

Lois Lerner, Director of the IRS Exempt Organization Unit, testified before Congress when accused, along with IRS Director John Koskinen, of selectively and unfairly denying tax exempt status to non-profit conservative organizations, presumably on the orders of Bathhouse Barry. Of course, they were never convicted of anything or held in contempt of Congress. But what many of us remember is the insufferable arrogance of both of them, especially Lois Lerner, who clearly showed her disdain for anyone daring to question her at all. As we are all beginning to realize, the operatives of the Deep State despise all of us and consider themselves above the law.


Equally infuriating is the abuse of eminent domain allowing even local governments to seize the property of citizens and sell it to private companies, a move that was supported by the “liberals” on the Supreme Court. And asset seizure laws allow police to confiscate the money, cars, homes, and valuables of citizens who have not been convicted of any crime; in theory, the citizens can get their property back, but this can involve huge legal fees and months or even years of delays.

And there is at least some evidence of even worse crimes of the elites, including child trafficking and sex abuse and possible child sacrifice, including torture and murder. There are persistent rumors that Shifty Bugeyes (Adam Schiff) is a “passive Greek” homosexual and that he and his cronies used acid to dissolve the body of a Black sex partner of Shifty’s, who died during intercourse, apparently of a drug overdose. And there are rumors that the Witch Hillary actually belonged to a witches’ coven in California. Guilty or not, none of our elites are likely ever to face serious legal consequences; these are reserved for lawful gun owners and honest citizens deemed guilty of “hate speech,” which is any speech our masters hate.

We need to realize that, in a nation with no rule of law, patriots are no longer morally bound by government law. Certainly we are subject to God’s natural law, summed up in the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule. But we are not subject to, for example, tax laws or weapons laws. Of course it would be wrong to take the law into our own hands if the law was in the books where it belongs and based on our late, great Constitution.

But it is not…it is in the hands of our corrupt masters, who enforce it or not as they see fit. And while no one is advocating violence, we are morally justified in resisting their will via massive civil disobedience as the left always does, in fighting back if attacked by criminals, terrorists, or Antifa thugs, and as our Founding Fathers perfectly understood, Americans and free people all around the world, even in Hong Kong, are always justified, and encouraged, to resist tyranny.

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