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November 25, 2019

Humanity In For Devastating Shock: Investigative Report Finds 5G Will Make Us ALL Into 'Targeted Individuals' For 'Electronic Harassment' On Steroids

- Nothing Less Than 'Modern Day Shock Therapy', Is 5G Proof The Globalists Want Us ALL Dead?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to this November 18th story over at Technocracy written by Joseph Mercola MD, "there is NO SAFE WAY to implement 5G in our communities; rather, there are only ‘bad ways’ and ‘worse ways’"

Reporting within his story that mounting research suggests the proliferation of 5G for the sake of faster wireless internet could be a public health disaster, as we'll explore in this ANP investigative report on the dangers of 5G that are being completely censored by the wireless industry and 'big tech' who see $$$ dancing in their heads, Dr. Mercola reports if 5G eventually ends up 'replacing cable internet for good', the human race may be in for a devastating shock in the coming decades, if not sooner.

With the Gateshead Council in the UK actually going so far as attempting to jail an anti-5G activist for simply broadcasting and talking about his 'expert views' on 5G being a weapons system showing how far globalists are willing to go to censor the dangers being delivered with the 5G rollout, British weapons expert Mark Steele joins Mike Adams, Alex Jones and Ian Ferguson in the 1st video at the bottom of this story for an 'experts 5G roundtable' in which they warn "there is no escape from 5G". 

And while one of the arguments we sometimes hear from people who don't believe that 5G is a weapons system doing immense health damage to everybody is that those people find it difficult to believe that anybody would 'attack their own people', any 'special snowflakes' who think they'll get a free pass when all of the chips are called in obviously haven't been paying attention to the globalists overall depopulation agenda.

With Mike Adams reporting in that 1st video below that 5G will use directional phased array antennas with which they can single out individuals for behavioral changes, Adams warns that they can literally change our personalities in a sense by beaming us with these weapons, what Alex Jones equates to 'modern day shock therapy'.

Enabling the 'electronic harassment' on steroids of 'targeted individuals', as we'll explore within this ANP story, the dangers of 5G are no 'conspiracy theory' despite what the wireless industry and 'big tech' might want us to believe, with over 240 scientists publishing peer reviewed studies on the dangers of wireless radiation and 5G helping to explain why, with 5G, we're all going to become 'targeted individuals', succeptible to 'electronic harassment'.  
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Back on October 19th, the Scientific American blog, one of the oldest continuously published magazines in the country, put out this story titled "We Have No Reason to Believe 5G Is Safe" within which they reported "the technology is coming, but contrary to what some people say, there could be health risks".   

With that story completely contradicting this NY Times story titled "The 5G Health Hazard That Isn't", who are Americans to believe, one of the oldest scientific magazines in America or globalist outlet the NY Times? As the Scientific American story reports, the health hazards of 5G are no 'conspiracy theory'. From the Scientific American story.:

The telecommunications industry and their experts have accused many scientists who have researched the effects of cell phone radiation of "fear mongering" over the advent of wireless technology's 5G. Since much of our research is publicly-funded, we believe it is our ethical responsibility to inform the public about what the peer-reviewed scientific literature tells us about the health risks from wireless radiation.

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently announced through a press release that the commission will soon reaffirm the radio frequency radiation (RFR) exposure limits that the FCC adopted in the late 1990s. These limits are based upon a behavioral change in rats exposed to microwave radiation and were designed to protect us from short-term heating risks due to RFR exposure.

Yet, since the FCC adopted these limits based largely on research from the 1980s, the preponderance of peer-reviewed research, more than 500 studies, have found harmful biologic or health effects from exposure to RFR at intensities too low to cause significant heating.

Citing this large body of research, more than 240 scientists who have published peer-reviewed research on the biologic and health effects of nonionizing electromagnetic fields (EMF) signed the International EMF Scientist Appeal, which calls for stronger exposure limits. The appeal makes the following assertions:

“Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines. Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans. Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plant and animal life.”

With the FCC seemingly 'running cover' for the wireless industry and 'big tech', we find it heartening that at least Scientific American has gone against the globalist tide in warning about what others call 'harmless'.  


While Wikipedia still labels 'targeted individuals' and 'electronic harassment' as 'conspiracy theories', a countless number of Americans have claimed that they are very real victims of 'gang stalking' by government agents using electromagnetic radiation (such as the microwave auditory effect), radar, and surveillance techniques to transmit sounds and thoughts into people's heads, affect people's bodies, and harass people.

And while we should never expect those using such technologies against Americans to actually come out and admit it, as this story over at Medium reports, within a year after 5G was rolled out at a University in the UK, 10 students had committed suicide and as we'll see in the 2nd video at the bottom of this story, make no mistake about it, 5G IS a 'weapons system' and ALL of us are its potential victims. First, from the Medium story

5G is a military system targeting the entire population, make no mistake about it. The tech has to track you in real time as you move across the landscape in order to work. This is super-super-surveillance, to be carried out right across the world, rural areas to be radiated from balloons, drones, satellites, High-Altitude Pseudo-Satellites that will hover for months, you name it. There will be nowhere for anyone to hide.

They rolled out 5G in Bristol University in 2017, a big test. Within a year, ten students had committed suicide. If there was one warning Mr Barrie Trower gave over and again, it was this: where masts go up, teen suicides go up.

With deep state programs such as 'MK Ultra' and 'Project Pandora', a US Department of Defense project on the possible uses of microwaves for human electronic harassment, giving Americans absolute proof that our own government will target us, the American people, and that such programs actually do exist and are not some 'tinfoil hat conspiracy theory', the warnings from Mike Adams, Mark Steele, and Ian Ferguson in the 1st video below should not be ignored with absolute proof 5G is a 'weapons system' using the same millimeter waves as the Pentagon's 'active denial systems'

In the following extended excerpt that comes to us from this important story titled "5G: From Blankets To Bullets" they elaborate upon the 'phased array antennas' spoken of in the 1st video below. 

The single most important fact about 5G that nobody is talking about is called “phased array.” It will totally change the way cell towers and cell phones are constructed and will transform the blanket of radiation which has enveloped our world for two decades into a million powerful beams whizzing by us at all times. Blake Levitt, author of Electromagnetic Fields: A Consumer’s Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves (Harcourt Brace, 1995), brought this to my attention. A mutual friend, with whom I was speaking during the campaign to defeat S.B. 649 in California, passed on a message from Blake: “5G antennas will be phased arrays; Arthur will know what that means.” And I did.

Phased arrays were one of the first things I learned about in the very beginning of my long, involuntary journey from medical student to campaigner against wireless technology. After I was injured by X-rays in 1980, I began to read everything I could get my hands on that had to do with electromagnetic radiation and its effects on life. And one of the first books I read was Paul Brodeur’s The Zapping of America (W.W. Norton, 1977).

Early warnings

Brodeur was a staff writer for the New Yorker who had purchased property on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, only to discover that 30 miles inland, across the bay from his future home, the Air Force was planning to construct the world’s most powerful radar station. It was going to scan the Atlantic Ocean as a key early warning element protecting us against the threat of sea-launched ballistic missiles from the Soviet Union. Although it emitted an average power of only 145,000 watts, similar to some FM radio stations, it did not broadcast that energy from only a single antenna and it did not spread that energy out uniformly in all directions. Instead, it had 3,600 antennas arranged in two “phased arrays” of 1,800 antennas each. The antennas in each array worked together as a unit to focus all their energy into a narrow, steerable beam. Each beam had an effective power of four billion watts, and the peak radiation level exceeded one milliwatt per square centimeter—the FCC’s safety limit today—at a distance of three miles in front of the radar station. The facility was called PAVE PAWS (Precision Acquisition of Vehicle Entry Phased Array Warning System).

The Defense Department acknowledged in a 1975 report, quoted by Brodeur, that such systems “energize thousands of operational elements, are electronically steered at high search rates, and operate at a frequency range having a maximum whole body energy transfer to man and for which little bioeffects data exists.”

Directed beams

5G is going to be at a much higher frequency range, which means the antennas are going to be much smaller—small enough to fit inside a smartphone—but like in PAVE PAWS they are going to work together in a phased array, and like in PAVE PAWS they are going to concentrate their energy in narrow, steerable high power beams.[2] The arrays are going to track each other, so that wherever you are, a beam from your smartphone is going to be aimed directly at the base station (cell tower), and a beam from the base station is going to be aimed directly at you. If you walk between someone’s phone and the base station, both beams will go right through your body. The beam from the tower will hit you even if you are in the general vicinity of someone who is on a smart phone. And if you are in a crowd, multiple beams will overlap and be unavoidable.

Deep penetration into the body

Another important fact about radiation from phased array antennas is this: it penetrates much deeper into the human body and the assumptions that the FCC’s exposure limits are based on do not apply. This was brought to everyone’s attention by Dr. Richard Albanese of Brooks Air Force Base in connection with PAVE PAWS and was reported on in Microwave News in 2002.

When an ordinary electromagnetic field enters the body, it causes charges to move and currents to flow. But when extremely short electromagnetic pulses enter the body, something else happens: the moving charges themselves become little antennas that re-radiate the electromagnetic field and send it deeper into the body. These re-radiated waves are called Brillouin precursors. They become significant when either the power or the phase of the waves changes rapidly enough.  5G will probably satisfy both requirements. This means that the reassurance we are being given—that these millimeter waves are too short to penetrate far into the body—is not true.

With medical doctors and scientists warning of the health dangers of 5G being rolled out across the country while the wireless industry, 'big tech' and 'globalists mouthpieces' like the NY Times attempt to censor and downplay those dangers, it'll be up to each of us as individuals to decide how we want to go forward and who to believe while preparing to protect and our families and loved ones from what is now being fast-tracked across America. 

As DC Clothesline reports in this new story which Steve Quayle had linked to on his website Monday morning, an eye-opening and quite enlightening experiment recently conducted by two high school students suggests that WiFi and 5G are already killing us, with the sprouting seeds they exposed to WiFi being killed in no time at all. More proof the globalists want us all dead with them fast tracking 5G across America and the world? As we hear in this 1st video, 5G is nothing less than part of the globalists 'soft kill agenda'

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