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August 12, 2018

Orwellian Censorship Of Independent Media Hints Horrific False Flag May Be Ahead: 'Enemies Of America Within' Will Stop At Nothing To Take Down President Trump And Destroy America 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With all of 'awakened America' now aware of 'big tech' censoring Alex Jones and Infowars, Mike Adams warns in this new story over at Natural News that was republished over at Zero Hedge last night that the aggressive and unprecedented purge of Jones not only indicates that the totalitarian deep state is desperate but they may be about to make major moves to either 'eliminate' President Trump or are putting together a plan to steal the 2018 mid-term elections. 

Warning that the attacks upon Jones have clearly been directed by the deep state to eliminate a prominent dissenting voice to growing global government tyranny, Adams then warns the attempts to silence Jones may be preceeding a history-shaping false flag event that could be bigger than even 9/11. Yet as Zero Hedge reports today, Alexa website traffic proves that big tech's attempts to silence Infowars has quite literally blown up in their faces as we reported on ANP on August 10th, with Infowars traffic now spiking, big time! 

With the rapidly-growing-insane and ever-more-violent left escalating their violence across the US upon Conservatives with the 'rap sheet' against the left now well over 500 incidents, we get to hear directly from Mike Adams in the first video at the bottom of this story which we've embedded from Real Video, a video platform that Adams developed as an alternative to using youtube or 'faces of death book' as Steve Quayle would call Mark Zuckerburg's monstrosity. First, from Adams story over at Natural News:

Anyone who believes that the sudden de-platforming of Alex Jones across over a dozen online services and platforms isn’t coordinated collusion is delusional. The coordinated de-platforming effort is clearly directed by the deep state to eliminate a prominent, dissenting voice in preparation for unleashing a history-shaping false flag attack that’s likely going to be bigger than 9/11.

The radical Left is escalating its violence across America, and the tech giants are dramatically escalating their censorship actions to silence all independent voices that might question any “official” narrative. It all points to something big about to come down — something so big that only the official narrative can be allowed to be heard or spoken.

We are living under an Orwellian totalitarian regime beyond any horrific imagination. Google, Apple, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other tech giants are engaged in the most criminal, malicious racketeering and tyranny imaginable. This is not sheer coincidence. They’ve all been ordered to censor the independent media in preparation for what’s coming next. As I explain in this video, the most likely false flag assault to be staged by the Left might be a “mass shooting” at CNN or another media giant, all staged with impressive theatrics to augment the real violence with a false narrative. Watch my entire warning, below:


According to Steve Quayle in a recent interview with Greg Hunter from USA Watchdog that we've embedded as the 2nd and final video below, the deep state's sinister plans don't only include taking down President Trump but as we've documented time and again on ANP, to complete their 'takedown' of America. 

Warning us within the video that the plan absolutely includes artificial intelligence which is being used to 'identify' those opposed to global tyranny before they can be vilified, nullified and finally destroyed as we're seeing with the all-out and coordinated attacks upon Alex Jones, Quayle also explains: 

“The United States, by all evidence, is undergoing a behind the scenes, total attempt to overthrow and take down President Trump and to identify all of his followers . . . by whatever means possible. I believe there is an orchestrated attempt and takedown underway to assassinate Alex Jones and those who are on talk radio. I have been on talk radio 25 years. The entire program is based on artificial intelligence (AI). We have assassination algorithms (AA) and not just AI, but AA. What is being postulated is simply this: to identify, vilify, nullify and destroy.”  

Then going on to take a look at not only the ongoing coup attempt against President Trump and the people who are carrying it out but also the power of Americans through Jesus Christ to stop them, Quayle warns that what is happening now here in America is truly a battle between good and evil. From Hunter's story

“Look at how it has gone with Donald Trump. He’s a bad man. He’s vilified with all the false accusations against him. Nullify, he’s not fit to be President. “D” in the formula is destroy. The full scale, I would call back room overthrow of the duly elected President, has gone on with such extreme hatred, malice and a supernatural wickedness. . . . What is happening is the intelligence community, the Department of Justice and all the federal agencies along with the State Department . . . are all occultists and belong to secret brotherhoods. . . . At the end of the day, they have been promised plenty of cash and plenty of prestige and power if they will just buy the lie. That is what’s going on.”

Quayle contends we are not just fighting flesh and blood, but evil. Quayle says, “This root of evil is a supernatural root of evil . . . and it is all, all enveloped in the political realm. The fact is that Donald Trump is believing God’s people make intercession for him in prayers. The black community is shunning the black pastors, and they are saying look, he’s not a racist, he’s a realist.”

In closing, Quayle says, “The only thing I know that can overcome the evil is the power that Jesus gives us. You can cast out devils in his name. . . . The obedient followers of Jesus Christ are going to experience a miraculous realm that has not been seen since the days of the apostles. Jesus said you are going to do even greater things than I do. I say all the time to the Lord in prayer, isn’t it time to see that manifesting because evil is manifesting? It’s open. They don’t hide any longer. They are no longer occluded. . . . They are in plain sight, and it infuriates me people are playing into their hands. 


As we had reported on ANP back on June 25th, we've now reached a point in time where 'luciferian inversion' has run rampant in America with much of that due to big tech, the mainstream media and the Democratic party using the SPLC's talking points that Christians and Conservatives are 'hate groups'. Yet as Susan Duclos reported on ANP on August 9th, Jeff Sessions and the DOJ have put the SPLC on notice. 

With big tech using the SPLC's reports to 'police hate speech' online with Facebook, Amazon, Google and Twitter all relying upon SPLC for guidance while the MSM used their reports to tag various groups, and many President Trump supporters, as 'hate groups, Nazi's and white supremacists', the inversion of reality we've been witnessing has largely been due to 'good' now being called 'evil' while 'evil' is now being called 'good'. 

As the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, warned back in January, "We are on a very dangerous path of self-annihilation. If evil prevails, end times will be upon us". Warning that 'the fall' of the human race will come about through the 'normalization of evil', Patriarch Kirill warns us that never before in modern history have evil and righteousness been put upon the same level as we're seeing now. From our January ANP story

When asked about the apocalypse and if 'the end is near' and what would bring about such a scenario, Patriarch Kirill tells us "In the case when the human society stops to be viable, when the resources to exist will be exhausted which would happen in the case when we have absolute dominance of evil". Warning us that evil is not viable and in cases where systems are taken over by evil, those systems will fall, Kirill continues "If evil drives away good from human society, then the end will come".

When asked by the interviewer "why do we have to talk about this today?", Patriarch Kirill replies "Because we are now living through a special period in history. Never before did human society put good and evil on the same level. There were attempts to justify evil but never to say that good and evil are relative and not absolute truths. People's perception of good and evil was that they were absolute truth. But today they are relative. When can evil unrestrainedly grow in human society? EXACTLY when this point of view that good and evil are the same triumphs globally. And we are currently not at the beginning of this process but a certain amount of time has passed. History as we know it is exhausted, so how can the church keep silent? How can it avoid sending up an alarm? How can it avoid warning that we are on a very dangerous path of self-annihilation? If the church will not say this than who will?


With Democratic hypocrisy never more obvious than now with their attempts to silence the independent media and impose a 'free speech monopoly' as Ben Garrison so perfectly illustrates in the drawing above while elaborating upon in this excellent story, all eyes and ears should be open in the days ahead with these attempts to censor the independent media either part of their strategy to steal the mid-term elections or as Adams warns, launch a false flag attack upon America or President Trump that is bigger than 9/11. 

With more than 100 mainstream media newspapers also launching a coordinated editorial attack upon President Trump and his 'America first' agenda helping to prove not only the collusion that is still ongoing at the very highest levels of our media apparatus but also showing just how desperate the msm has become, another sign of danger ahead for the deep state crooks recently emerged. 

As Real Clear Politics reported on August 8th, President Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani recently warned Sean Hannity and Fox News that the Russian witch hunt wasn't going to 'fizzle' but 'blow up' upon Robert Mueller and the deep state. And while we won't hold our breath's waiting for such 'just deserts', as we've warned before numerous times on ANP and Adams warns us of in this 1st video, we don't expect the corrupt faction of the deep state to go down without a fight, even if that 'fight' is a major false flag carried out by the deep state.

And as Quayle warns us in the 2nd video, with the very nature of this ongoing battle being an outright battle between good and evil, and those who've taken the side of evil no longer hiding their true intentions, the danger remains in so very many who are blindly following the globalists lead without digging into the occult roots behind them. 

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