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August 18, 2017

If President Trump Doesn't Take Down The 'Deep State Fascists', His Presidency Is Done And So Are We

-  Have We Already Reached 'Too Little Too Late' Time?

Submitted to All News Pipeline by William B. Stoecker

Many of us who voted for Donald Trump and even actively worked in or contributed to his campaign realized that he is a flawed and imperfect man who might well betray us, as so many others have done. And we realized that America‘s debt, social divide, and moral decline meant that things would inevitably get worse before improving. But at least Trump was not Hillary (I usually just call her “The Witch”), a woman whose sheer, demonic evil is obvious to all of us with eyes to see. Nor is he a RINO; in fact, he was not a politician at all until he ran for President. So there was real reason to hope that he might at least save us from complete destruction.

And he has done much good, reining in the EPA, ending Hussein Obama’s war on coal and other fossil fuels, reducing immigration, and at least trying to stop the importation of Islamists into our former Republic. He has cut back on federal regulations, and this alone has already improved our economy. But his hints that we might leave NATO and perhaps even the UN are now all but forgotten. He promised to end NAFTA (a threat to our sovereignty) and now speaks only of renegotiating it.

And, although he seems to have ended our attempts to overthrow the Syrian government (after bombing a Syrian base), he is, for the most part, doing what the neocon warmongers want, continuing our eternal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and even aiding Saudi Arabia in their war in Yemen. He could, as a protest, at least have refused to sign Congress’ insane bill calling for more sanctions on Russia and he could have taken the case for improved relations with Putin to the public…but, apparently, he is happy to follow the lead of the neocons on this as well. Of course, many of his failures are clearly due to his betrayal by the RINOs in Congress, and the incessant attacks on him by the slimestream media and the Deep State.


But if he was truly a man of principle, vision, and courage he would have attacked the Deep State on day one, firing as many of its high level neocon operatives as possible, especially in the State Department and in the federal police and intelligence agencies and in the military. In fact, Trump appears to trust the military far too much; in reality many general and flag rank officers have always been cynical careerists, happy to serve the New World Order (NWO) elite…even before Hussein Obama purged their ranks of most of the ones with any real principle.

And Trump could have begun vigorously investigating the crimes of the Clintons and the DNC, offering immunity to the little fish to compel their testimony against the big ones. And, while bringing justice down on the guilty, he could have brought justice to the innocent, pardoning and restoring the careers of Border Patrol and military people who were railroaded under Bush and Hussein, and pardoning and (where possible) making restitution to sagebrush rebels and others who have had their lives ruined by the BLM and the EPA. If Trump has so little principle, how can we trust him?

And for his cabinet and White House staff he has hired a good many Council for Foreign Relations (CFR) people, neocons, Goldman-Sachs alumni, and even one Bonesman. Of all these, perhaps the most sinister is Major General H.R. McMaster, Trump’s National Security Advisor. McMaster seems almost hostile to Israel, and doesn’t like any references being made to Islamic terrorism. When National Security Council staffer Rich Higgins wrote a memo warning us about the Deep State, McMaster fired him. He has allowed Susan Rice, Hussein Obama’s National Security Advisor, to keep her security clearance, even though she no longer works for the government.


Susan Rice is the one who lied about Benghazi, claiming that the attack was a spontaneous reaction to a video that “insulted” Muslims. A true neocon warmonger, McMaster wants us to reinforce failure by sending yet more troops into Afghanistan, where we have been waging an eternal undeclared (hence unconstitutional) war we seem unable to win, and he claims that Putin is our enemy.

For eleven years McMaster has been a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), which receives grant money from George Soros’ (I call him “George Sauron”) “Open Society” Institute and his Ploughshares Fund, and also gets money from the Islamic government of Bahrain, where the IISS has a yearly meeting. IISS also gets funds from the leftist McArthur and Carnegie Foundations. McMaster is dearly loved by the terrorist-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) whose leaders claim that the general is threatened by “White supremacists” and “Islamophobes.” Patriot author Roger Stone claims to have evidence that McMaster reports directly to George Sauron. Either Trump is not the loyal American he says he is, or he is placing his trust in the wrong people.

But even if Trump is a reasonably sane and decent man, the Deep State, Democrats, RINOs, and the media are waging an unending war against him, unprecedented in American history. There is no evidence of Trump-Putin collusion or of Russian “hacking” of our Presidential election, yet Robert Mueller has been given almost unlimited funds and latitude to investigate Trump’s imaginary crimes (while ignoring the very real crimes of Hussein Obama and the Clintons). Already he has expanded his “investigation” to include Trump’s finances prior to the election and his closest associates, who are in danger of being bankrupted by legal fees.


And what do we know of Robert Mueller? He is a close associate of former FBI Director Comey, who was fired by Trump. Most of Mueller’s team of high priced lawyers are Democrats who donated to the Witch. When Mueller himself was FBI Director for the Hussein Obama regime he supported the killing (without a trial or conviction) of U.S. citizens, believed to be terrorists, if they were overseas…and he refused to rule out their extra-judicial execution here in the U.S. Of course, a “terrorist” could mean anyone Hussein Obama wanted dead.

But there is one more fact about Mueller that needs to be considered: George Bush II made him FBI Director on 9/4/2001…one week to the day before 9/11. The evidence that 9/11 was an inside job is overwhelming, and includes the impossible collapse of three buildings straight down into their own footprints, achievable only by controlled demolition. The crime had to have been planned and largely set up before Mueller’s watch, but he did nothing to stop it, and his FBI covered it up. Robert Mueller, the man “investigating” our President, is an accessory to mass murder.

If Trump was a man of principle and possessed real moral courage he would fire this monster and begin investigating Mueller himself. Of course, the slimestream media and all the other fascists would howl with outrage and call for Trump’s impeachment, but he has a legal right to fire Mueller, and, again, could take his case to the people. Either Trump is a phony or he is for real, but if he doesn’t stand up to the fascists his Presidency is doomed…and so are all of us.

The views expressed by story contributors to All News Pipeline are their own and do not always align completely with those of ANP.

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