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April 2, 2020

Signs The Globalists Will Use Covid-19 To Usher In The 'End Times One World Government' Warned Of In The Bible With 'America' & 'Freedom' Being 'Indoctrinated' Out Of Existence

- If War Is Ahead, The Center Will Not Hold

By, M.C. Enginn for All News Pipeline

We read in the news yesterday morning that a war might be imminent

Our normalcy bias keeps most of us from truly observing the world and its clues around us. So, what are the usual reasons for war? We have history to teach us. There are many reasons for war, but they boil down to: ideological change (dissatisfaction with the status quo and dreams of a better system of government), diversity (disunity of culture, race, religion, and language leading to a desire for independence and separation), resources (to supply the needs of a population which has exceeded its limits), and as a adjunct to that last one, territory (desire of the elites for a larger power base to control and administer).

Are any of these causes present today, either in America or globally?

Ideological change

America, founded upon freedom and a republican form of government has been educated/indoctrinated out of existence. An entire generation does not know or understand the underpinnings of what created America. Instead, a subtle ideological change corrupted our academics that then proliferated their treasonous concepts throughout our schools from grade school to college. This ideological change has become sacrosanct within our halls of learning. Democratic professors outnumber republican professors 10 to 1.

This is hardly an equitable or fair distribution of thought to present to the next generation. Now in power, this group-think agenda is no longer democrat but has morphed into a violent and suppressive entity which seeks to control and dominate all thought within their purview.

Media has been transformed into a propaganda arm of the elites, blurring the line between journalism and politics, permeating the print and airwaves with their destructive thoughts. 

This propaganda is spread to change the minds of the populace, who largely desire to know what is happening, but rarely do the deep research required to understand what they are being told. Redefining words and concepts is a key element of propaganda.

Propaganda works by acknowledging that people want their “facts” immediately and in a way they can accept and believe. This is accomplished in the following manner: Biased selection of stories, Limiting the “facts” to only those which support the agenda, playing up to people’s prejudices/beliefs, limiting the “experts” you choose to quote, demonizing the enemy, stopping alternative discussions.

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America is a melting pot. We have come from all over the world with the same idea. We have sought freedom and opportunity. Until recently, we accomplished this through selective and limited immigration. This has allowed each entering group the time to acclimate, accept what it means to be an American and thrive within our culture.

Unfortunately, that limitation has been abolished with propaganda that “diversity is our strength”, so we MUST accept everyone at all times. A lifeboat can only handle so many people before it sinks. America is sinking in large part due to the diversity within our ranks. We are no longer a melting pot. There is no merging of minds and the very definition of what it means to be an American is no longer taught and in fact is often dismissed as being evil and in desperate need of CHANGE. We even had a president recently elected on that premise.

History clearly demonstrates that a republic works well for a small, informed and cohesive society. It does not work well for a large, growing and sprawling one. Rome originated as a republic, but as it grew, the diversity engendered by its megalomaniacal spread, led to its downfall and CHANGE into an empire. A nation can diversify through conquering and absorbing other lands or through importing large numbers of foreigners (with divergent thoughts) within its ranks.

Cultural chaos is a result of diversity. The ambiguity of what is “right” and “wrong” destroys a nation’s soul and the laws upon which such a nation was built


Of the top ten resource-rich countries in the world, America is listed as number two, right behind Russia. 

That makes the very land upon which America sits, a target for less rich nations. America used to be one of the world’s top producing nations. Due to the rise of the liberal left, America has been unable to profit from this abundance and has had to rely more and more upon other nations to supply its needs. This has produced a huge shifting of wealth and knowledge away from America. America has gone from a producing nation a consuming nation. We now rely upon others for our daily sustenance.

Our manufacturing base has shifted overseas due to restrictive “protective” laws which make it nearly impossible for American companies to compete with the cheaper labor available abroad.  

Foreign workers are willing to work longer hours for less money. They are still “hungry” for success and drive themselves harder in the science and business based areas of academics, devoting themselves to developing the skill sets that enable them to rise to the top in competitive areas. America has moved away from this area of academics by favoring a gender-based equality over drive and ability, stigmatizing successful employees based upon perceptions rather than reality. As a result, less Americans of any stripe enter the STEP areas as those with foreign credentials get their jobs because they are better educated and more willing to work for less. 

Moving our production overseas was a two-edged sword. In the short run, it did make the product cost lower. In the long run, it removed millions of jobs in America, destroyed our ability to provide these skill sets to our own, and finally moved our own abilities to foreigners who then built upon the models we literally moved into their countries and gave them. Once you build a computer in Korea, the Koreans can then build their own computers and circumvent American computer companies. Our own greed and shortsightedness gave away the store.


Expansion in the modern world today (at least among first world nations) is largely accomplished through business connections. It is the international cartels of business that globally control the resources and territories of our planet.

Third world nations may expand through a desire for more territory and resources, but first world nations largely exert their financial institutions in order to “expand their territories”. The world has changed.

A coming one world government is predicted in the Bible for the End Times. Are we there yet? Will the COVID 19 event completely CHANGE the way the world works? Are we seeing the dissolution of national boundaries in favor of a “peace and safety” that only a global government could achieve? We should know within the next few years.

War is both a top down and a bottom up event. The decisions are all made from the top and delivered to the bottom for execution. The death rate occurs most at the bottom and impacts the top only through the decimation of numbers and the inability to continue a war. It has been said that in peace, a man buries his father. In war, a father buries his son.

Is America headed toward war? There are rumblings that this may be so. We are insolvent as a nation, having spent the money of future generations on perceptions and not facts. We have skewed the thinking of our citizens into believing we are a nation which must give them everything “as a right”. We have overwhelmed our institutions with ridiculous mandates and non- citizens who at best want to drain our resources and worst seek our destruction.

It is said that nations go through cycles.

A poster here has uploaded a video you might find of interest. 

Where is America in this cycle? How much longer does America have? Is our republic about to become “something else”? Let us know what you think in the comments below. May God bless you in your journey today.

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