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July 5, 2020

This 'Planned-Demic' And The Events Of 2020 Are The Biggest Crimes Against Humanity Ever Carried Out By The Globalists To Complete Their 'Depopulation Agenda'

- Is It Time For The American People To Carry Out Mass Citizen Arrests Of The 'Enemies Of America Within'?

By R.X. Kendrick for All News Pipeline

People are way too gullible and the bad guys know it.

I know because I read a book by Dr. John Coleman way back in the 90’s that every freedom-loving American should read and share with others. It is titled: “Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300.” In this remarkable book Dr. Coleman told a story from World War II when militaries were studying the populations enduring the war. (Audio book of the 'Conspirators' Hierarchy embedded in videos at the very bottom of this story.)

One study revealed 87% of the people made all of their decisions and formed their opinions based on the “first-source-of-news” they received. Those studying the population realized this would apply to anything-and-everything if they controlled the media. They could convince most of the people just by being the first source of the news. How simple is that? Own the media and control the people. Own social media and control the people.

Make everybody wear masks as an additional way to kill the unsuspecting 87% who believe the first thing they’re told and look no further. Wear a mask indoors and outdoors. Learn how to talk through a mask. Wear earplugs. Wear earplugs indoors. Wear earplugs outdoors. Wear earplugs when you sleep.

“Okay,” say the sheeple and everybody starts wearing earplugs and masks and defending it on social media. Telling other people you too must wear earplugs because they believe in earplugs whether you do or not. Plus wearing earplugs would help people not-hear the truth that this virus was never a real pandemic. It was never a pandemic. It is not a pandemic now but an ex-Russian intelligence official claims its a sinister part of the depopulation agenda to removed billions of people from the planet.

Who are the perpetrators of this crime against humanity? Or, I should say these crimes against humanity… Who is behind this although we know WHO it is. The WHO is behind this and so is the Department of Health and Human Services, and its Secretary Alex Azar. Nominated by Donald Trump on November 24, 2017 and confirmed by the US Senate on January 24, 2018.

It has been publicly reported the Department of Health, under the blessing of the World Health Organization, has offered financial incentives to doctors and hospitals to misdiagnose people as having passed-away from COVID, whether it was the cause or not. Can you imagine? Shouldn’t this be a huge red flag to all Americans that Alex Azar should be arrested and charged with lunacy of policy beyond comprehension? He is involved in this fake pandemic scam.

Who gave Alex Azar the memo to fund the fake pandemic by paying doctors and hospitals to misreport deaths as COVID deaths, whether true or not? That has to be criminal in some way, don’t you think? This guy’s bio says he did all these great things, but what kind of scumbag would tell doctors and hospitals to lie about COVID and misinform the public for money.

What sort of public official would offer “financial incentives,” otherwise known as MONEY, to doctors and hospitals to make people believe there is a pandemic, when there is not a real pandemic? Guilty @ss m-XX scumbag liar. Money paves the way for doctors and hospitals to misdiagnose people’s deaths because Alex Azar is paying for this? Wow! DONALD TRUMP, where are you? US SENATE, where are you? This man is out of his league and out of his mind.

Donald Trump, the phrase you need to speak goes like this: “You’re FIRED!”

This virus was never a pandemic. It is not a pandemic now.

Any authorities demanding pandemic rules on any American citizen should be arrested and prosecuted for abuse of power at minimum. Every mayor, every governor, every political agent, all top media and social media sources working to help enforce any pandemic rules should be arrested and prosecuted for Medical Fraud. That’s a lot of arrests to be made immediately. If there is no pandemic, ordering people to wear masks is a crime.

Requiring people to wear masks is criminal if there is no pandemic. Since there is no pandemic, requiring people to do anything for the not-real but fake “pandemic” is criminal. Abuse of Power, Fraud and MURDER when it kills someone.

If it’s not a pandemic enforcing pandemic-rules is not legal.

Lockdown – noun 1: the confinement of prisoners to their cells… Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Shelter-in-Place – noun 1: an official order, issued during an emergency, that directs people to stay in the indoor place or building that they already occupy and not to leave unless absolutely necessary.

Social Distancing – noun 1: Social distancing is defined as the practice of minimizing in-person social and physical contact with other people and avoiding public spaces during an epidemic or pandemic.

People. Wake up. Wake the flip up! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!

If there’s no pandemic there is no emergency and you don’t have to act like prisoners.

Nobody in the United States has the authority to make up rules and enforce them on others for no reason. Same goes for any fake reason too. Fake reasons do not give anybody authority to do anything. Any people being forced to accept such enforcement should respond in organized rebellion and complete rejection of the abuses of power by making citizen’s arrests of all the perpetrators.

In the Old West you would hang them too.

The death rate is not significant enough to call this virus a pandemic. The admission that this coronavirus was never really all that bad – is an admission that this pandemic was never really a pandemic.

Arrests must be made immediately to stop this madness and murder. Governors and mayors and any other authorities requiring any pandemic-rules enforcement should be arrested from their homes or offices. Wherever they are the people should go together and enforce their free right to arrest them and bring them to justice.

“A person can arrest someone that they reasonably suspect of committing a felony, even if the felony didn't occur in the presence of the individual making the arrest. As long as a felony was actually committed and the individual making the arrest knew of the crime, a reasonable suspicion about the identity of the perpetrator will justify their arrest.”

Mass citizens arrests must be made if the perps don’t back down immediately. And instead of hanging them, force them to wear a mask for 24-hours and self-quarantine in a dark room with no windows. Then extend their punishment like they extend their fake rules. Leave them in the dark room with no windows for 24-days with a mask on! Punish them for their crimes. Make them an example for others to know: You won’t tolerate any politicized abuses of your freedoms and rights. 

Arrest them. Gather together and go wherever they are hiding from justice and demanding fake rules on you. Find them and arrest them. Bring them to justice and go back to enjoying your freedoms and rights without them in the way anymore.

Seize all bank accounts of the perpetrators, starting with “BillyGoats” billionaire Billy-Gates who predicted the fake pandemic, Dr. Fauci who made up BS to recommend fake rules be enforced on everybody, and Alex Azar for paying doctors and hospitals to lie – to make the virus look like it was a pandemic, when it was not a pandemic.

Seize their bank accounts. Italy, wake up. America, wake up. SEIZE THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS. It is legal for thieves, robbers, murderers, and other criminals to have their BANK ACCOUNTS SEIZED. Do it. Like the old Nike ad: JUST DO IT !!!

Somebody is going to end up arresting Bill Gates, it’s just a matter of time. He has been publishing photos of himself playing “doctor,” also known as practicing medicine without a license to kill.

Poor nations from Africa should agree and have him arrested, seize his bank accounts and take revenge on him for terrorizing them with his dangerous deadly vaccines. Whoever does it first has every right to seize his assets. Italy, Italy… Seize his bank accounts. Billy-boy is a mass-murderer with a worldwide habit of practicing medicine as a fake doctor. Everybody who played any role in putting all of this on us should be arrested and taken out to the barn.

There was never a pandemic. It is not a pandemic now.

Matteo Bassetti, head of the infectious disease unit at the Policlinico San Martino Hospital in Italy says:

“Whatever the case may be, the virus certainly does not warrant the draconian measures still being pushed on the masses as a supposed means of keeping it in check. Perhaps it is time to retake our freedoms and focus more on prevention in terms of building strong natural immunity to whatever our bodies might encounter.”

“Bassetti is not alone in this assessment as doctors from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) agree that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is rapidly becoming a non-threat, and that people are not getting as sick from it as they once were.” (

Even if it was a pandemic. It is not a pandemic now!

So who has the authority to force protocols on us for a pandemic when there’s not one? Nobody that’s who. That’s like evacuating a city for a hurricane when there’s no hurricane. Insane. Illegal. Everything about this so-called pandemic has been faked, is false, and is criminal. And they want to extend this to the election in November?

Citizens arrests are decreed by law and legal to carry out. Go for it people. Do it now. Don’t wait. Don’t tolerate. Arrest them all and bring them to justice. Bring fear upon them for bullying you with fears of a pandemic that never was. Punish them for their crimes.

The opinions expressed in this story are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of ANP. 

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