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August 15, 2015

Retired US Army Colonel Warns! "Jade Helm Is A Warning To America" - Special Forces Successfully Infiltrate California Town! "Nobody Suspected A Thing"


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In following up to a story on ANP from Susan Duclos yesterday in which she shared an ANP reader's photographs of empty grocery stores shelves in Connecticut during a storm this past winter, we'll take a look at some more photographs from readers in Connecticut, one who is concerned about 'martial law' and a possible forthcoming economic collapse. We also take a hard look at the very interesting 1st video below from Josh Tolley who interviews retired US Army Colonel Patrick Murray about many things going on in America today including 'domestic enemies' and his own thoughts on Jade Helm 15. We also look at a story out of California where we learn special forces successfully 'infiltrated' a California town w/o anyone noticing a thing! 

Colonel Patrick Murray is the author of the book "Government Is The Problem" and has had quite a career serving our country; for those who want to know more about the man who is sharing his wisdom in the video below, you can see his bio below 1st video. Col. Murray, who recently warned on Newsmax that we are nowhere near containing ISIS, tells us that he spent his entire life concerned about foreign enemies but warns that now we have a 'weaponized federal government' with many 'internal forces' such as the EPA who have been fully armed.

Sharing with us that he certainly understands why there is so much concern over 'Jade Helm 15' with a government that has gotten so big and so powerful and so out of control, he tells us that Jade Helm would have likely been embraced in the time of Ronald Reagan and that in itself is a sign of how much things have changed in the past 25+ years.


Telling us that this government alarms him on many different levels, Col. Murray asks why this government is not allowing our armed forces to protect themselves after the shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee, easily fixable problems that boggle his mind as to why the government is not fixing them. Telling us that another big concern of his is the 'slicing and dicing' of the US military at a time when 'peace' IS NOT breaking out around the world, we learn here that Jade Helm 15 should be seen as a 'warning to America'.

We also take a look at a new story from Infowars excerpted below in which we learn that Special Ops soldiers used rental trucks to infiltrate and occupy a California town: "Nobody suspected a thing" we are told. In the 2nd video below, we learn more about this 'infiltration' of a California town by our special forces in more depth. In the 3rd video below from event horizon, our videographer puts together a new compilation of military movements across America and asks us all: "So you think Jade Helm is just a drill?"

U.S. Special Ops soldiers infiltrated and occupied a town in California using hay trucks and rental trucks, an admission that is sure to stoke concern amongst those wary of Jade Helm, an U.S. Army exercise that began last month amidst a whirlwind of controversy.

The revelation is contained within an article by the Desert Dispatch’s Mike Lamb about U.S. Army exercises taking place throughout the High Desert area near Barstow, CA which began last month. U.S. Army sfc. Ryan Sabin, with the 10th Special Forces Group, related to Lamb and other journalists that the exercises would include “two or three soldiers blending in with people inside a restaurant.”

However, Sabin also revealed that preparation for the exercises had already been undertaken in the form of special forces soldiers infiltrating the town of Barstow, with nobody suspecting a thing. The journalists were shown a Ryder rental truck full of furniture and a hay truck that looked normal from the outside but had been retrofitted on the inside.

According to a Green Beret stood near the trucks, it was “mission accomplished,” special forces had used a number of the vehicles to surreptitiously occupy the town.
“I couldn’t count how many hay trucks,” the soldier said. “Everybody was either moving in or moving away. Nobody can suspect that (rental moving trucks).”

“He said the special operation soldiers drove down Barstow streets. And as far as he knows, nobody suspected a thing,” writes Lamb, with the soldier adding that the infiltration was “very successful….we did everything we wanted to do.”

Patrick Murray is a retired US Army colonel. His military career took him out of his native Oklahoma to exotic destinations throughout the world, operating in diverse cultures and missions. He commanded tank units astride the Fulda Gap, staring down Soviet forces just across the border. Soon after, he found himself on the other side of that border, living and working in Moscow for the Defense Intelligence Agency. Patrick worked in numerous US embassies, including as a military attaché in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, during the Balkans conflict. He was part of a military-political exchange program, assigned alongside American diplomats at the State Department in Washington, DC. Later he became the US representative to the Military Staff Committee at the United Nations in New York. During the Iraq War “surge” of 2007, he deployed to Baghdad. Patrick holds degrees from Oklahoma State University and The Ohio State University, is a graduate of the Command and General Staff College and the Defense Language Institute, where he studied Russian. He has also been a guest lecturer at the Army War College. Patrick often says that there is no statute of limitations on the oath he took to “support and defend the Constitution,” so after the army, he sought to continue serving the nation in a different venue. He ran for US Congress in Virginia, where he was twice the Republican nominee. Patrick lives and works in Old Town Alexandria, where he enjoys jogging and biking along the Potomac River and volunteers for his pet causes, including the Board of Directors for Virginia Veterans' Affairs and the local Animal Welfare League. He is a writer and political and foreign policy commentator, and is president and CEO of Third Wave Communications.

The pictures below were sent to us by two different ANP readers in Connecticut and feature machines of war upon American streets. One reader gave us brief descriptions of several of the photographs directly below. Our reader found it interesting that this police vehicle would have a sound cannon and brought up that while there are no riots in Connecticut now, they are clearly prepared for if they ever happen there. 

While some might think by reading this story that ANP is against the police and law enforcement, nothing can be further from the truth. While being against a 'police state'-style dictatorship in America, we have nothing but love and appreciation for the men and women in uniform who put their own lives on the line every day in America to save the lives of others such as the officer seen in the short video below. We salute you!

"He who saves one person’s life is as if he saved the entire world."



The next set of pictures were seen in Danielson, Connecticut. Is Connecticut preparing for something?



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