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October 27, 2015

'Very Dangerous Times' - Jim Willie: 'We Are In A Situation That No One Has Ever Seen In The History Of The World'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Editor Of GoldenJackass and The Hat Trick Letter, Dr. Jim Willie, joins Paul Sandhu for a wide ranging interveiw where he details a global sequence of everts that leads him to the conclusion that  we are in "very dangerous times," stating "we are in a situation that no one has ever seen in the history of the world!"

The interview starts off discussing the U.S. Dollar whre Willie asserts the "Petro-Dollar is just about officially dead," as he talks about the global collapse and reset he believes is occurring right now. Willie points to the many elements that can be highlighted all pointing to the slipping dollar, such as the United Arab Emirates working avidly to convert treasuries into gold;  bankrupties and debt faults that has the U.S. energy sector completely "wrecked and in tatters, and derivative losses (covered by Hidden QE).

One very important point Willie highlights as critical to understanding the demise of the Dollar is when he points out that over 200,000 empty containers arer leaving the LA port facilities, telling us that "we're exporting air," when the containers previously would come to the U.S. full, unloaded, then filled back up with exports, they now are going back to their point of origin empty, leading to what Willie claims is a $50 Billion trade defecit a month!

Other areas touched on in the first segment about the Dollar is the U.S. military retreat being seen, Syria and the West's culpability for ISIS and the weakness on the part of U.S. leadership which led to Russia's incursion into the northern Middle East front as he details the numerous hidden consequences of all the aforementioned points.

The discussion then turns to other key points in the global sequence of events, such as the Renminbi and London's "ambition to be major European RMB hub for connection to China," the competition with France, Germany, Switzerland on RMB hub centers, and more, as described by Sandhu:

- delay for IMF Special Draw Rights inclusion seems orchestrated- IMF inclusion means perhaps $1 trillion in estimated RMB bonds in Western bank systems- cross border trade rising noticeably in RMB settlement (still rather minor)- fast rising RMB settlement in gold trade- big BIG item upcoming is Gulf Emirate oil sales in RMB terms- strategic meetings between Saudis and Russia at Kremlin with Putin- negotiating Saudi role vis-a-vis ISIS, and probably RMB sales with Russia price setting- major changes coming to Saudi, either play ball with Kremlin or swept out in palace coup- Russian trade zones avoid USD in payments, likely to use more RMB- CIPS payment system set running, to be expanded, rivals SWIFT (pushed aside for abuses).

The last half of the interview covers the following topics:

US Treasury Bond cracks covered by (not so hidden) $1 trillion in monthly QE volume and Key swing nations in Britain, Germany, Turkey, Saudi Arabia:


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