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October 26, 2020

Watch: Joe Biden Can't Walk Or Speak Right:   Biden Is In No Condition To Be President - He Spends Most His Time 'In The Basement'  Which A President Cannot Do!

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Joe Bidens has been known for his gaffes for quite a while and anyone that has been watching him has seen those gaffes turn into an embarrassing amount of total screwups, from telling a black man that if he doesn't vote for Biden he "ain't black," to his most recent, by accidentally admitting out loud that the Biden campaign has "the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization in the history of American politics."

To be fair, because we do not wish to be like the establishment media, Biden then went on to describe a bevy of lawyers to "fight" fraud, yet that does not change his orginal wording, nor the lack of the "anti" before the "voter fraud."

The point that we will be making is that Biden's mental degeneration, which has been cringeworthy to watch, is only one side of the coin.


We have all seen that Joe Biden has spent the majority of his 2020 campaign hiding out at home (some joke he hides in his basement), where even the media that seems to be in his pocket have highlighted how many times he has called a "lid," bright and early in the morning.

A "lid" is where his campaign informs his press poool that he will not be doing anything public.

Many would speculate on the exact reason, but out of the choices, none are actually better than the other.

Either his campaign wants to keep him under wraps as much as possible, while still letting him make and appearance here and there (where he manages to stick his foot in his mouth), or he is simply not physically fit enough to be able to accomodate a busy schedule.

Compare that to President Trump, who has been holding rallies in different cities and states, every single night. He has done this while recovering from COVID-19.

The differences cannot be any starker. 

A recent video clip has been making its way across the internet of Joe Biden in Pennsylvania walking to his transport with others, and the reason is it going viral is because after preaching about wearing masks, and making sure to always have one on in public, when the cameras are on, when he thought no cameras were on him... no mask.

On social media they are highlighting the hypocrisy of his actions compared to his rhetoric.

What I saw, then rewound it and watched it a few more times, is how difficult it appears to be for Biden to even walk. 

Make no mistake, I am not making fun of his inability to walk, which appears to be more of a shuffle these days, but I am highlighting another aspect of his physicality, stamina, and inability to lead America.

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Apparently having learned absolutely nothing from Hillary Clinton's decision to alienate half of America by calling Trump supporters "deplorables," Biden decided to refer to Trump supporters and those not voting for Biden as "Chumps."

Setting the scene: Biden has a tiny rally, barely anyone there as usual for his events this campaign season, and outside the event was a Trump unity rally, bullhorns and car horns, which seemed to annoy Biden to know end, and he refeered to them as "chumps," more than once.

Video proof:

As conservatives/Trump supporters did in 2016 after Clinton's screwup, they started a hashtag, taking the chump "insult" as a badge of honor and started the #ChumpsForTrump, with actor James Woods joining in on the fun.

Honestly I don't think it was just the irritation of the Trump supporters crashing his event, even thought here were more of them at a Biden rally than Biden supporters (Ouch!), as much as the ongoing information dump, emails and damning video footage of Biden's son Hunter that is making cranky Joe crazy.

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Between Joe Biden's mouth and inability to speak without sticking his foot in said mouth, which some think is a sign of dementia, senility or alheimer's, and the lack of physical fitness with his light campaign schedule, his shuffle-walk, his constant muttering and stumbling over simple words, hemming and hawing, it is alarming to think that 1) This is the best Democrats have to offer; 2) This could be the next president of the United States.

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