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October 29, 2021

Joe Biden Is The Visible Catalyst For The Destruction Of America: Something Is Incredibly Wrong With Joe As His Recent Strange Behaviors Prove Nefarious Intentions In The White House

By Alan Barton - All News PipeLine

I suppose most of us here have had pet dogs and cats so I am also supposing that you are familiar with their behavior when very young and how you train them.  When you first get them home, they are put in an enclosure like a penned off area with some disposable papers or such on the floor in order to contain their – uhmmm, shall we just say, their deposition of puppy products.  We then teach them to always go outside to do their business so those products do not foul our living spaces.  Some animals are better or easier to trained than others, with cats better off being taught that the litter box is the proper place for their needs.  Our home even has a small sized doggy flap in the door going into the laundry room where the previous owner used to keep her cats litter box.  Most dogs train easily enough, but I admit ours that have had some Chihuahua in them have taken a lot longer to get trained.  But they do learn eventually.   We also train ours to let us know they need to be let out by a little bit of a woof, a small ‘yip’ if you will, to announce their intentions of going outside to do their business.  They eventually learned to stand at the top of the stairs to get our attention easier so we could go down with them to the basement entrance to the back yard.  We do not have a doggy door there because the cold winter winds would be unbearable.   When the need to go outside gets dire, our Schnauzer will even come up and tap on our legs to announce that we have not been paying attention to her and the situation is becoming urgent.  Love that dog!

As our infant children grow they also go through a training process that includes diapers much the same as the puppy used the newspaper.  When old enough to walk and drop their diapers they learn to use those small training “potties”.   Praise brings a great sense of accomplishment and an incentive to continue on that path of development for both the puppies (and kitties) and the human child.  That is all pretty much standard operating procedures that have been well tested over time and are very effective.   So what in the world is that dang Bart up to this time in his mumblings you might ask?  Something fun but a bit subjective and perhaps a bit conjective as well he might reply, perhaps coining a new word for his own personal use and doing so in a third person sort of way.  

There are a number of videos showing li’l Joey Biden turning his back on whomever he is supposed to be talking to and addressing a blank wall or the backdrop to the stage set for his public propaganda use.  There are also a number of videos that show him turning his back on the reporters put in place to take notes on his ramblings.  There are a lot of videos available on the latter, but the former are all but gone due to the massive censoring of the various media and social platforms (showing as “not available” because it is from a “suspended account”), however there are a few stills out there, one of which is shown above taken from a Flag and Cross article on his doing just that during the 2020 campaign period.   There are many that have not been taken down where he turns his back on questions, as that seems to be OK with the “media” such as the several in the Patriot Alerts article that shows him doing just that.   Why you might ask?  Well, one reason is that it shows total incompetence and the other that supposedly he is a strong leader not being cornered by ambitious reporters, or something.  Yeah, well, ok, so he cannot be trusted with answering any questions and they are training him to obey their commands; no wet papers on the floor here folks, just keep on moving along.

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The best that I found in a quick search for the guy talking to a blank wall is imbedded in this article from an Australian site called,  but the link is not available outside of that page that I can find; and even if I could find it most likely it would have been scrubbed anyway.  The censorship is very strong with the satanic left.

I really think that it is better than watching him grind his crotch on a six year old girl that the press seems to ignore.   It is amusing that the Gateway Pundit story on this incident has a link to a YouTube video “in case of browser issues with the embedded C-SPAN video which has been scrubbed while the C-Span video is still active.  I was, however, able to extract the video location from the frame info and to the original clip on the C-Span website which is the first video posted below this article.  The text that goes along with this video is sickening but I post it here in case you do not want to watch the video;

After Biden and the family pose for a few more photos, Biden strokes the girls hair. Then steps back for a second. The father strokes her hair and then Biden moves back in and pulls the girl toward his crotch with his right hand on her neck pushing her head against him while stroking her hair with his right hand. After a few seconds the girl spins away from Biden and holds on tight to her father. Amazingly, Biden steps up and leans on her from behind for a second and strokes her hair with both hands as she hugs her father. The girl reaches for her father’s right hand, clinging to him as the family finally walks away from Biden.”

In the spirit of Lets Go Brandon, CNN announced that L’il Joey shouted “What must be what?” when a reporter asked him of his views on if immigration needs to be in the reconciliation bill and if it is a pathway to citizenship.  One might assume that would be a possible response but the facts of the videos show something else.  There are a number of articles that post two different views of him doing just that, and you will likely remember this because what he actually said was “My Butts been Wiped”.  Let’s go Brandon.  The article I selected to use with this one is from Louder with Crowder specifically because it shows both camera angles and audio.  The second video clip at the bottom shows this video and more importantly includes a slow motion audio to prove that what he said is his butt has been wiped.  It is absolutely amazing that YouTube has allowed it to remain on their servers up to this time.  Sorry CNN, but you have proven yet again that your cover-ups are ludicrous.

It appears that he is just trying to be funny, but keep in mind that incontinence is common in Alzheimer’s patients.  In August 2020 the SGTreport mentioned “It’s becoming more evident with each passing day that Joe Biden has severe cognitive issues not only related to age such as Dementia, but he may also be suffering the results of a brain aneurysm and two corrective surgeries in 1988. In any case, the brain damage from the aneurysms and surgery certainly did not help matters for him in his battle with Dementia and possible Alzheimer’s affliction he suffers from today” and Independent Sentinel saying that “although Biden is “not in bad shape for his age,” he isn’t in “outstanding health. Could I guarantee he won’t have issues for the next four years? He has a lot of issues that are just sort of sitting there.... Biden had two brain surgeries to repair brain aneurysms in 1988, one in February and another in May. His neurosurgeon gave Biden less than a 50% chance of making a full recovery.

Biden has since acquired a reputation for blathering, being loquacious, and deviating from prepared remarks. The New York Times wrote that Biden had “weak filters” that made him “capable of blurting out pretty much anything.”

Evidentially so it appears.  Biden also asked for two restroom breaks in a 90 minute debate.   This funny article includes this bit if wit, “perhaps the best option for Joe would be “Protection Plus Underwear for Men” for no small reason. That would be because it offers “Absorbency Ultimate.” Ultimate might be exactly what Joe needs by the time the evening ends.

And when the evening does end and Joe climbs into his basement bed? Depends will be there for him with “Nightwear Defense Underwear for Men” with “Absorbency Overnight.”

These are tough choices, I know. But now that the Biden request for not one but two bathroom breaks every 30 minutes is out there?”

As Alzheimer’s disease progresses, it is common for incontinence of the bladder and bowels to occur, particularly in the middle and late stages.”   Source

I understand because as I have aged the time between breaks gets a bit closer for me as well although no more than a normal 70+ year old man, but it may not all be something to joke about, especially with Biden.  It may well be the reality.  So if we have a guy in the White House that is not in very good health, that has brain problems and evidently mid to late stage Alzheimer’s, and cannot maintain any composure in public (even though many times it is a body double impersonating him) how are we supposed to believe he is capable enough to handle anything whatsoever?  That may be a moot point as it is not him that really makes decisions but the puppet masters behind him such as Susan Rice and Barry Obama, and with many claiming it is Kamala Harris doing so as well.  I do not see that as being the case as it appears there is a definite split between those two and perhaps the powers behind them.  Think along the lines of Barry Soetoro and Nancy Pelosi as an example.

In the beginning of this horrible regimes rule, both Biden and Harris were seen together a bit but that has dropped immensely as Harris does her best to stay away from him, and not just because the Secret Service prefers it that way.   This graph of recent public events with both Biden and Harris together tells a tale worth noticing.

More and more she does what she can to avoid being in the same place with Joey.  Newest Americano put it this way, “Kamala Harris appears to be putting some distance between herself and her boss Joe Biden as the president struggles with record low poll numbers and multiple crises plaguing the country. When Biden picked Harris to be the first female and woman of color to be vice president he strongly indicated she would be an equal partner in his administration.”   Do not believe that, I suspect it has only been political babble but on the other hand, she seems to be forming the basis for a takeover of the office of “fearful leader of the illegal regime”.

Last May Lifezette said that a “new book has all of DC talking about an open secret: the lack of chemistry and respect between Biden and Harris.

Her proxies call Biden “senile”, “a typical white male”, and “a Republican” behind his back. She mocks him as “dazed and confused” at Washington social events. Biden’s people call her “not bright”, a “show horse”, and “a liar”. Jill Biden loathes her. Joe Biden hates to be in the same room with her. Yup, there’s trouble in paradise.”

A tweet during the campaign claimed that Jill Biden Told Supporters on Call 'Go F--k Yourself' After Joe's Heated Moment on Race With Kamala Harris During 2019 Debate”

An Indian newspaper, the Morning Express, asked “In the early days after becoming the Vice President of America, Kamala Harris was mostly seen with President Joe Biden. But now she rarely shares the stage with Biden at any public events. In America’s political corridor, the discussion has intensified whether she is keeping distance from Biden amid falling poll numbers or is there a rift between the two?”

It appears to be more than just a rift as many are now speculating that there may be a coup occurring within the regime that was itself formed by a coup.  Harries has been “running silent and deep” as she puts things together. This sounds so much like a distorted history lesson from some foreign power that has completely failed and not like a current events story from the once great United States of America.  Last March The American Digest reported that Harris is “quietly taking over behind the scenes” when they said Harris increasingly has been standing in for Biden, calling foreign dignitaries and touring the country to push the coronavirus vaccines.... Harris has shadowed Biden in Oval Office meetings. She also accompanied him when signing the American Rescue Plan into law, and lead him out of the room before he could answer a single question from the media.”

And now Bannons War Room has Jill Biden asking how to remove a sitting vice president.  That video clip is the third video posted below.  Something is very much happening behind the scenes and perhaps that is contributing to ol’ Joey Dementia fumbling around trying to get his dirty Depends changed and butt wiped as he doesn‘t even have the presence of mind to understand how this situation may very well be a trigger for a more outright war in American as well as an invitation for attacks against us militarily for WWIII with a severely weakened command structure.  As L’il Joey goes wondering around his sound stage worrying if his diaper will get changed and staring off into some background and in scuttling off quickly to not have to answer questions and to see if there is a dry set of ‘drawers’ to relieve the dampness, the evil that infests our nation’s top quarters is putting us and our lives in very deep trouble.

Incontinence in the nation’s highest office is not a joke, whether of incontinent leadership itself or incontinent leadership’s ability to control his bodily functions.

Incontinent - adjective

Not restrained; uncontrolled.

Lacking normal voluntary control of excretory functions.

Lacking sexual restraint; unchaste.

I submit that little Joey Dementia suffers from all three of those definitions as the illustrations given in the story above show, and he is out of the playpen.  May God help us all. 

Old Joe rubbing his crotch on a six year old girl

Slo Joe telling reporters his butt has been wiped

Perhaps he is preparing for his exit and is at war with the Harris branch of the Regime

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