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April 8, 2021

Joe Biden's Border Incompetence Destroying America: Liberal Media Acts SHOCKED To 'Discover' Biden Regime Lying Through Their Teeth About Border 'Crisis' 

(Illegal immigrants wearing a Biden 'Let Us In' T-shirts)

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

With the recent damning numbers regarding the border surge being released, with a handy little chart that shows the extreme and massive rise in numbers from 2020 to 2021 to date, one has to wonder if the Associated Press (AP) will revise their new rules to refuse calling the situation a "crisis," as they had no problem with reporters doing when Trump was in office.

Quick flashback to the AP's recent guidelines for their reporters, via a leaked memo:

Here are some tips to language to use and not use:

“Crisis” The current event in the news — a sharp increase in the arrival of unaccompanied minors — is a problem for border officials, a political challenge for Biden and a dire situation for many migrants who make the journey, but it does not fit the classic dictionary definition of a crisis, which is: “A turning point in the course of anything; decisive or crucial time, stage, or event,” OR “a time of, or a state of affairs involving, great danger or trouble, often one which threatens to result in unpleasant consequences [an economic crisis] —SYN. Emergency.”

Therefore, we should avoid, or at the least, be highly cautious, about referring to the present situation as a crisis on our own, although we may quote others using that language.

Relevant part of the memo below (Image).


Breitbart provides the numbers and comparisons between 2020 and 2021 so far. 

During the first two full months of the Biden Administration (Feb-Mar), agents apprehended nearly 210,000 migrants. This compares to just over 280,000 during the last four months of the Trump administration combined.

CBP reports apprehending 30,389 migrants in March 2020. The March 2021 apprehension of 168,195 represents an increase of more than 450 percent over last year. Compared to the 2019 migrant border crisis, the apprehensions sat at 92,833.

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Liberal media pundits, such as Washington Posts' "Fact Checker" Glenn Kessler, are "feigning shock," over the lies being told by the Biden regime, to which Kessler refers to as the "White House line," because these liberal journalists do not seem to be capable of uttering the word "lies," in reference to Biden and Co.

Once the numbers and charts were released it became almost impossible to hide them from the public, so it was time to act all shocked at the level of incompetence and lies being told to Americans.

Kessler shares the chart, shown below, with the statement, "Well, I guess the Biden White House line that this is the usual annual migration surge at the border is no longer operative."

"No longer operative?" Huh.

It never was operative.

Here is the chart he shared, after others had already shared it of course:

So much for the claim that this is just the "normal" surge.


Perhaps Glenn should have also pointed out that the numbers wouldn't be this high, had Biden himself not invited illegal aliens to come to America for asylum.

Via the Chicago Tribune: ( link here)

They’ve been insisting, rather frantically, that the chaos we’re seeing on the border didn’t just begin on Jan. 20, the day Biden was inaugurated. I agree. It did not begin in January.

It began earlier as Biden was campaigning for the presidency.

Remember, Biden was desperate to win support of the hard left that now runs the Democratic Party, eager to out-Bernie Bernie Sanders, driven to secure the favor of the progressives who now run his administration, whether he realizes it or not.

It was Biden who called for the surge. And desperate migrants heard his call as a promise that his arms would be as wide open as our southern border. His wish came true.

Now Biden owns it. All of it.

Biden's exact words were "What I would do as president is several more things, because things have changed. I would, in fact, make sure that there is, we immediately surge to the border — all those people are seeking asylum, they deserve to be heard. That’s who we are. We’re a nation who says, if you want to flee, and you’re freeing oppression, you should come."

Video and transcript at Daily Wire.

He said come... they came... and now the crisis has hit proportions never before seen in recent history.

We know the situation is bad when even the most liberal of media outlets are acknowledging the severity.

USA Today, most definitely not a conservative bastion of thought, reports on April 8, 2021: "The number of migrant encounters at the United States southern border increased 71% since February, new numbers show, as the Biden administration grapples with how to handle the thousands of people, many unaccompanied children, seeking to enter the U.S. along the Mexico border."

71% since just February. Let that sink in. All because Joe Biden invited them.


One of the first actions taken by Biden after occupying the White House was to halt construction of the Trump border wall, to appease Biden's most liberal base of socialists.

The the charts, numbers and "crisis" became so huge the media could no longer hide it, and BOOM! We see new reports about how the Biden regime now wants to restart the construction of the border wall, to "fill in the gaps."

Even Never-Trumpers like the New York Times Bret Stephens, a so-called 'conservative' that backed Hillary Clinton in 2016, is calling on Biden to finish the border wall.

How incompetent is Joe Biden?

According to Bloomberg, Biden hasn't even named or nominated people for high level immigration positions:

Biden has yet to nominate a commissioner for Customs and Border Protection, which apprehends migrants attempting to illegally cross the border and controls ports of entry. The Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families, which oversees the office that runs shelters for children and teens arriving without parents, also lacks a nominee.

The president also hasn’t named permanent leaders for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, two agencies that will implement new visa and enforcement measures that are core components of Biden’s pledge to create a more humane and welcoming immigration system. Immigration services also administers the naturalization system.

It was recently announced that HeelsUpHarris would be leading the border efforts, but as has been reported, she hasn't even bothered to visit the border in the weeks since she was "put in charge" of the border.


President Trump was criticized heavily by the media, liberals and Democrats for his border policies, but he was getting the job done, as recent illegal immigrants have stated clearly that if Trump was still president, they would not have come.

“This father who asked we not show his face, traveled to Mexico from Brazil with his wife and three young kids before crossing the border,” Raddatz said by way of introduction. “Would you have tried to do this when Donald Trump was president?”

“Definitely not. Definitely. We had the chance, you know, but the same violence that’s going on today was there last year,” the man replied, making it clear that it was the political situation in the United States rather than the situation in his home country that had made all the difference. “We used to watch the news, I definitely wouldn’t do this.”

Seeing the liberal establishment media finally forced to report on how dire the situation at the border is, even while still trying to provide cover for Biden and Co., should be indicative of how very bad the situation is.

One last point but as important as all the other data, is that the Biden regime's plan to shove border crossers into hotels, would cost America taxpayers $392.69 per person per night on, money which would be much better spent on our legal residents, such the veterans, that are forced to live on the streets.

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As this issues hits critical, showing how tone deaf Biden actually is, he is "thanking" illegal immigrants for choosing America, as he "welcomes" them and praises their "courage." He did this amid polling results being released showing the very low marks he is receiving for his handling of the crisis.

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