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March 11, 2018

As Madness Of Elite Spreads To Liberal Followers & The Wheat Is Separated From The Chaff, The 'Final Battle' May Come Soon  

- A Journey Through The Leftist Echo Chamber Proves 'Liberalism IS A Mental Disorder'

Submitted to All News Pipeline by William B Stoecker

It has been said that most leftists live in a kind of bubble or echo chamber, surrounded by their own kind, where they never have to be “threatened” or made to feel the least bit uncomfortable by hearing opinions other than their own. Living as I do in Jerry Moonbeam’s People’s Republic of Fruits and Nuts (formerly known as “California”) I can say that this is absolutely correct.

Surrounded as I am by leftist loons and very few rational patriots, I must either hang out with the loons or have practically no friends at all. And I must confess that when I was young, foolish, and a bit left of center, I joined the Sierra Club. I am still a moderate environmentalist, but, years ago, I became disillusioned with the club and quit, but continued to go on the hikes with my old comrades. It is hard to turn your back on people you’ve known for 20-40 years, especially when you have shared experiences like dangerous river crossings and negotiating steep terrain, and enduring gut-buster hikes.

There’s a certain amount of bonding that takes place. As I aged I became more and more conservative, but my old comrades, being “progressives,” seem to be incapable of change. As a result, our friendships have become more and more strained; a few of the people I hike with actually hate me, and even my friends think I’m a bit unhinged.

I used to think that I could reason with them, and, hopefully, gradually lead at least some of them to the truth. But they are immune to facts and incapable of logic. They either ignore anything that I try to tell them, or they become angry. I finally gave up the effort.


Their inability to evolve is near-inexcusable, especially considering that they went to school back in a time when even Berkeley was only slightly to the left of center, a time when some real learning took place in the universities that have since degenerated into leftist indoc centers. They should know better…but they don’t.

And now they all suffer from TDS, or Trump Derangement Syndrome. They seem to be perpetually outraged, and are doubling down on their radical beliefs. On a recent hike almost their entire conversation consisted of pious back-and-forth virtue signaling, to the point where I felt that I was literally in an echo chamber. One of them would complain that Trump is a racist, sexist pig, and another would reply that our President is also Islamophobic.

Still another would complain that the Republicans stole the election (despite evidence of massive vote fraud by the Demoncraps) with the aid of the wicked, wicked Russians, led by the arch-fiend Putin. Yet they liked Russia just fine when the communists were in charge. Essentially they were saying “I’m wonderful, because I think only government-approved thoughts.” These “rebels,” as they see themselves, are the ultimate lock-step conformists.


And this is because it’s all about ego, about vanity…Satan’s favorite sin. People become leftists in large part because they believe that if they will unquestioningly accept an ideological package deal and believe every bit of it, then, by definition, they are bold, daring, sexy, intellectual, and compassionate….they belong to the right set and can feel superior to all the deplorable bitter clingers out there.

They are intellectual freethinkers who think and believe what they are told to think and believe. They are progressives because they never change, liberals because they want an all-powerful global government, and compassionate because most of them support Planned “Parenthood” and support (or at least fail to oppose) late term and partial birth abortion. None of them can see the obvious contradictions.

Some well-known patriots like the New American’s senior editor, William Jasper, and Joseph Farah, founder of WND, began (as I did) as “liberals” or even radicals. But we were able to overcome our egos and admit that we were wrong, even that we were foolish and easily deceived. Sadly, my leftist friends are so vain that they can never, ever admit that they are wrong. This is why many of them become angry when challenged on any issue…if you point out to them that they have been deceived, they perceive it as a deadly insult. In effect, you are telling them that not only are they not the superior beings they imagine themselves to be, but actually they are child-like and incredibly foolish.


Attempting to converse with them, I have discovered that most of them are ignorant of basic history and current events, even as reported by the slimestream media. They consider themselves to be rational and “scientific,” but even the few of them with STEM degrees are ignorant of basic facts. They believe devoutly in manmade global warming, but have never heard of the Holocene Optimum, the Medieval Warm Period, or the Little Ice Age. They haven’t the faintest idea of the percentage of the dreaded CO2 in our atmosphere (it is just under four parts in ten thousand), and they have no idea that methane and H2O are even more potent greenhouse gases. Facts? We don’t need no stinking facts.

Long, long ago, the left at least pretended to be anti-war. But none of the leftists I know seem at all concerned that the US has troops in harm’s way, doing God knows what, in countries they cannot find on a map. One fellow with whom I had a serious argument hates Putin and believes that we must oppose the wicked Russians even at the risk of nuclear war, although he cannot give a coherent explanation why. Of course, he never served in the military; few of them have.

As environmentalists they support zero population growth or even a massive reduction in the human population, yet they also support open borders even though immigration and the high birthrate of immigrants (most of them on welfare) accounts for virtually all of America’s population growth in the last few decades. Incredibly, they cannot see the obvious contradiction.


Needless to say, they all voted for the Witch Hillary. I can understand why they don’t like Trump, even though I voted for him. But after all that has leaked out about the Clintons, even on the slimestream media outlets, how can anyone look at that bug-eyed creature, especially when she tries to mimic human expressions, and not see what she is? During my most recent hike with them they talked of their wish that Trump and everyone in the line of succession would die and Nancy Pelosi would become President. The old Witch of the West, as bug-eyed as Hillary, the late Yasser Arafat, and several mass murderers in recent years, has recently shown clear signs of mental deterioration, whether due to Alzheimer’s or alcohol or drug abuse, or demonic possession. The essential madness of the elites seems to have spread to their followers.

All this might be excused and we could see rank and file leftists as vain, arrogant, and incredibly foolish, but essentially well-meaning. But most of them support late term and partial birth abortion…and that is another matter. Most of them would not personally cut up a baby with a recognizable human face and a heartbeat, viable outside the womb, joke about it, and sell the body parts.

Hitler and Himmler (head of the Nazi SS troops and Gestapo torturers) never personally murdered anyone, and Himmler only visited one of his death camps one time, and could not bear the sight of it. He was reportedly very kind to his children and his subordinates…but he and Hitler gave the orders for all the crimes. And so our “liberal” acquaintances, with their clean, clean hands, have supported the murder of some 60 million of the unborn. And this, I fear, is unforgivable.

As more and more people wise up to what has really been going on in the world a dwindling yet still large minority seem to be beyond redemption. The wheat is being separated from the chaff and populations in the West are becoming increasingly polarized. I fear that the final battle will come soon. 

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