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October 3, 2018

Will Loony Left Amass One Million People Around US Capitol To Delay Kavanaugh Confirmation Vote Until After 2018 Mid Term Elections As They Previously Threatened?  

- Ricin Letters Prove There Is NO Low To The Depths Of Depravity They Will Fall

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free or Die

With the FBI's probe of Judge Brett Kavanaugh wrapping up very soon if not by the time this story is published, and most expecting them to find out what they found during their previous 6 investigations into him, nothing disqualifying, we thought we'd take a look back at a threat made back in June of 2018 when Hollywood buffoon Michael Moore threatened that should it come to this moment, and Senators were preparing to vote Kavanaugh in, he'd surround the Capitol with a million people to delay the vote. From this June of 2018 Breitbart story.: 

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” Michael Moore stated that to stop President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee from being voted on before the 2018 election, he will “join a million other people surrounding the United States Capitol.”

Moore said, “The idea is…we first have to find ways to stop that vote from happening.” Host Bill Maher then asked what Moore meant. Moore answered, “I’ll join a million other people surrounding the United States Capitol. I will stand there. … Bill, let me tell you something, this judge goes through, for the rest of at least — well, all of our lives, it’s a right-wing court. That’s it. It’s over.”

Later, Moore stated, “We’re going to get the to point, my friends, where we’re going to have to circle Washington.”


With police already being needed to escort Senators after more and more threats have been made against them leading up to the eventual vote following the doxing of 3 Republican senators, rumored to have been from the office of California Representative Maxine Waters, President Trump recently said what 10's of millions of Americans have been thinking:

How does a person who went to a party that she doesn't know where it was, doesn't know how she got there, doesn't know how she got home, doesn't know when the party was and doesn't know who she was with POSSIBLY remember, definitively, that she only had one beer? Trump called the BS out, and while liberals are screaming mad and probably pulling their hair out that he's 'piling on' an alleged 'assault victim', how refreshing it is to see a sitting US president finally say to the left 'no more' of the lies. 

With a vote to confirm Kavanaugh possible by weeks end and it looking more and more likely every day that Kavanaugh will indeed be confirmed, to what depths of depravity should we expect the Democrats to fall in the weeks ahead? Like a school kid petrified about their next test because they clearly didn't study for it and would get a big fat F if they took it, we wouldn't put it past the quickly maddening libs to 'pull the fire alarm', there's very little to nothing we should expect them not to try.

And like clockwork, we wake up Wednesday morning to find that President Trump himself has now been mailed ricin, following envelopes containing ricin sent to the Pentagon and Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Chief of Naval Operations Admiral John Richardson as well as an envelope mailed to Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Is somebody trying to send a message and what might that message be? Enter Hillary, stage left. 


With Hillary Clinton recently taking to the campaign trail again while visiting the Atlantic Events Festival in Atlantic City, New Jersey, she unloaded on Trump, calling him 'racist, sexist, Islamophobic and anti-LGBTQ', also attempting to stir up more opposition to Judge Kavanaugh while claiming President Trump is throwing his support behind 'white nationalists' and 'white supremacists', their 'go to' when they see Americans awakening in all races and leaving the Democratic party 'en masse'. 

So might corrupt factions of the 'deep state' be behind the letters that were mailed to the Pentagon, White House and Senator Cruz's Houston campaign office? As the Reverend Franklin Graham recently warned in this story over at WND, 'God haters' are now fighting against the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh and while Democrats are screaming about Kavanaugh himself calling out the Clinton's during the hearings as being behind much of the opposition to his nomination, it's obvious that those who oppose Kavanaugh are the same people who hate President Trump and his agenda for America. 

And the violence against Conservatives continues. As Jim Hoft over at Gateway Pundit reports, activists on the left have also accosted and harassed handicapped US Senator Mitch McConnell at the Reagan National Airport outside Washington DC. McConnell, who had polio as a child, was merely walking through the airport minding his own business. So, is there a 'bottom' to the insanity that the left will bring to America? With the vote soon ahead, and hopefully within the next few days, we'll suggest here that we probably haven't seen anything yet. 


With the left sure to break into new levels of low in their search for rock bottom over the next few days, and certainly millions in need of a 'hug break' and group therapy sessions should Kavanaugh FINALLY be confirmed, Mike Adams at Real.Video warns us in the only video below that the ricin attack letters upon Senator Cruz's Houston office, the Pentagon and President Trump are clearly the work of the leftist lunatics that the mainstream media here helped create with their endless lies.

Warning us that the left has been driven to this level of madness in a very real attempt to overthrow our sitting president, the masses weaponized by msm lies, Adams suggests that some believe the msm could be held as 'enemy combatants' for their role in this attempted coup while reminding us that just days ago, he put out this warning to Conservative Senators that they could be targeted by the left. And just days later, we see what are clearly coordinated attempted terrorist attacks

With the warnings of Adams and others such as former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino of the left breaking down now coming true, and the worst still clearly yet to come with Kavanaugh's confirmation, we hope that everybody prepares for whatever this week might bring as America witnesses the unfolding of history. 

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