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August 30, 2020

Kyle Rittenhouse Being Railroaded Into Prison Is A Warning To Us All As Democrats Attempt To Gut The 2nd Amendment & The Right To Defend Ourselves Against Leftist Violence  

- Is There An 'Answer' To The Madness In America Short Of All Out Civil War?

What we’re seeing on the street today is the full grown product of the first generation of parents in thousands of years who refused to discipline their children. A bunch of brats toppling statues and looting stores rather than facing the horror of life in their 'beautiful bubble of bullsh*t' being popped by the realities of life. They’re a gang of idiots, being used by the communists to attack any reminder of American history or culture by branding it “racist, sexist, homophobic, white supremacist”, or whatever. 

This is not 1957. Today we have thousands of black doctors, lawyers, architects, and artists, who are obviously not being oppressed because of their race. Blacks comprise 12% of America’s population, and 15% of congress, and that 12% has also given us a president. We have black mayors, governors, police chiefs, and military leaders throughout the entire power structure of our “white supremacist, racist, and hateful nation”

Do some black people have difficulty in our society because of their skin color? Yes, I do believe that’s possible to some extent. All I have to do is grow long hair and a beard and people I don’t know will treat me completely differently than if I were shaved and shorn, so I’d have to imagine that being black is at least one strike against you in many places in this country. 

Judging people by their appearance is an unfortunate trait of humanity, and because of this, I don’t expect that it will go away anytime soon. Another reality is that for whatever reason, black people as a race are responsible for a disproportionately high percentage of the violent crime in our society, and that’s going to cause some pre-judgement (prejudice) too. 

Is there a solution to the problem of black people being treated as second-class citizens by the majority race, and is there a way to end whatever racial animosity exists today? 

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Yes, I believe there is, and it’s fairly simple, at least in theory. Since black people comprise 12% of the population, give them 12% of America’s land mass. Find two or three contiguous states that are already home to a large percentage of blacks, and relocate all of the white people who presently reside there. 

I’m not suggesting that all black people be banished to these new black states, only that white people be disallowed, thereby creating a “safe space” where black people can have black schools, black government, black media, and black businesses, black cops and black judges, far from the reach of racism, oppression, the Klan, or any other ills that white people are responsible for, whether they be real or imagined. Black people have certainly been in this country long enough, but for a long time were denied ownership of property, so the real estate in the black states should be equitably divided up amongst them to compensate for that economic disadvantage. 

Many were brought here against their will, and were dealt a band hand upon their arrival, for which crimes justice has never been served. Yes, they’re crimes of past centuries, but if we give black people the benefit of the doubt in the debate, they are, as a people, still suffering for these crimes in varying degrees today. They deserve, and I’d say they’ve earned, a little corner of America just for themselves, and their own culture. It may become the economic, cultural, or educational center of America, or it may become the world’s biggest ghetto, but black people will take the credit or blame for what happens there, reap the rewards, or suffer the consequences on their own. 

In exchange for the creation of the “black states”, there needs to be an end to all racial preferences, affirmative action, and most importantly, an end to any claims of racism or oppression by whites. Any black person who doesn’t feel they’re being treated fairly in “white America”, can simply relocate to the black states to shed their shackles. 

It’s not a “separatist” or “racist” solution. Largely due to America’s unfortunate history of slavery, American blacks and whites remain as peoples of a slightly different culture. Animosity developed before assimilation was possible, and since much of who we are is imitation of our parents, that’s not going to change anytime soon, either. It may be true that black people can never realize their potential in a world built by whites, so it may be only just and honorable to give them a little room to breathe, as final reparations, and a final solution to a centuries-old problem. 

I personally don’t believe that racism is a real problem in America, but I’m not black. Growing up in Brooklyn has given me a lot of black friends, and in the real world, I’ve always seen white and black people intermingling amicably. In the media, I’ve always seen propagandists try their hardest to create racial hatred where it never existed before. It’s unfortunate that media conditioning still affects the behavior of too many, but it’s another reality we have to deal with. 

Dealing with truth and reality is what we do, so let’s do it honestly and bravely, and leave the deceptive double talk to the politicians and the Zionist media. Hopefully, you’ve smashed your television years ago. Now it’s time to smash your neighbor’s. 

Only one out of six BLM protesters is black, so I’m certainly not singling out any one race by calling all of them a gang of idiots, who are being used by the communists to disrupt and destroy American society, history and culture, for the purposes of facilitating a smoother transition to the new communist / globalist order. After they’ve served their purpose they’ll be the first ones disposed of by the new regime, as is typical of all communist revolutions. 

I personally don’t believe they’ll be nearly as successful as the Bolsheviks, because too many Americans see them for what they are, and thanks to the efforts of truth-movers, the true goals of the “peaceful protesters” is widely understood to be part of the communist takeover that we all knew was underway. 

Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero, because he grabbed his gun, and bravely stood on the front lines to defend his country, and shamefully, this seventeen year-old boy is the first person who’s done this in a long time, because that’s not what is done by our military. It’s to all of our shame that he was alone, and at the same time, it’s a reminder of what one brave man can do by himself. 

He’s obviously innocent, and obviously only used deadly force in response to an immediate threat to his life, after doing his best to flee. Any prosecutor that calls this boy a murderer is in need of being prosecuted himself, and Americans should do whatever is necessary to have Kyle released from custody with all charges dropped, because his imprisonment will only be an official announcement that America and its Bill of Rights no longer exists. 

They may try to railroad him into prison as a warning to all of us, and we can’t allow that, as a warning to all of them. There is supposed to be freedom, liberty, and justice for all in this country, and the fate of Kyle Rittenhouse will reveal whether these ideals are even salvageable. 

 — Jolly Roger

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