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November 18, 2021

In These 'Last Days Deceptions', A 'New Religion'  Is Being Crafted For 'The End Of The World' By Satanic Despots To Replace Christianity And Other Religions As The NWO's 'Official Creed' 


By Alan Barton - All News PipeLine

There are many mythologies, some more popular than others, such as the Greek stories of their ancient gods, the Norse gods and Valhalla, the Egyptian gods and their effects on other societies and so on.  Those are based on older religions, on older time periods of a long forgotten by now reasons for their being.  Some myths are from or about certain religions, like Islamic, Buddhist or Christian mythologies for example while others are based on what region developed them.  But first, let’s see what Mythology is defined as, first by the old standby definition source, Merriam-Webster. 

Definition of mythology

1: an allegorical narrative

2: a body of myths: such as

a: the myths dealing with the gods, demigods, and legendary heroes of a particular people

b: MYTHOS   [ a pattern of beliefs expressing often symbolically the characteristic or prevalent attitudes in a group or culture]

3: a branch of knowledge that deals with myth

4: a popular belief or assumption that has grown up around someone or something 

I like the way World History Encyclopedia describes three essential groups of myth, that of Etiological Myths, Historical Myths and Psychological Myths.  The first describes how or why things are as they are, the second why some historical happenings take on greater than life importance, and the third “present one with a journey from the known to the unknown which, according to both Jung and Campbell, represents a psychological need to balance the external world with one's internal consciousness of it”.    I feel that I may be opening Pandora’s Box with this topic (as illustrated above by the first graphic) but let’s trudge along regardless.  Forgive me if I ruffle a few feathers, but I am only telling things as I see them at this moment and I’m not berating anyone else’s beliefs.  Also, I will not debate further as this is only for the purpose of giving a different consideration to some current hot topics and not trying to convert or subvert anyone.

Mythology tries to answer the most difficult and the most basic questions of human existence: Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going? To the ancients, the meaning of the story was most important, not the literal truth of the details of a certain version of a tale….It was understood in the ancient world that the purpose of a myth was to provide the hearer with a truth which the audience then interpreted for themselves within the value system of their culture. “

That is of prime importance as can be shown in a representation of modern, or the most current, myths such as the “pandemic” now upon us or that Joe Biden “won” the election or that there is no organized war upon the population of this world.  How those examples will be described in the future could make for some interesting mythological tales when ten generations from now people will try to describe to their offspring what all of those weird destroyed cities and strange relics and contrivances are and how they came to be.

Myths are already abounding in covering up why so many are dying from instant heart attacks, even young kids and super healthy athletes, in such an instant and dramatic increase in numbers that they try to explain away with insane excuses like “global warming” and concerns of conservatives telling “myths” about the liberal agenda while not only ignoring but actively declining the real reason which is the biological weapon being “vaccinated” to so many of us.  Other myths are not only wide spread but seemingly almost universally believed such as petroleum is from dead dinosaurs, fossil fuel, rather than the reality that it is manufactured deep inside the Earth in an adiabatic process, and that some sort of sea slime mysteriously changed into fish which turned into rodents which turned into monkeys which turned magically into modern man. It appears far more rational to me to believe in that just one miracle of we are created as we are rather than trying to believe in a mathematically impossible infinite set of miracles that culminates in our being here.

Enrico Fermi, one of the greatest nuclear physicists, had a thought provoking question that still echoes loudly today; “Where is everybody?”  He estimated that there are maybe 300 billion stars in our galaxy alone, and that many billions of them are like our star the Sun, most of which are older than ours, and that intelligent life and civilizations must have developed on at least some portion of those, so we could expect perhaps many thousands or tens of thousands of such high technologies that could go into space as we do.  Please note that we have not visited any planet not of our own solar system and likely never will.  The Fermi Paradox is that with such odds being valid theoretically, the expectation of evidence of alien civilizations or even visitations (I will add PROVEABLE evidence) then why has there been no proven evidence or observance of such?  Not even astronomers have seen any nor photographed them.

There appears to be many claims of visitations and evidences, but none that are absolute enough to confidently say we are not alone.  Carl Sagan said that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” and I fully agree.  UFO visits are not controllable nor repeatable so the Scientific Method cannot be used to verify the claims so it must be that they fall within the realm of supposition or myth.

Myth will grow more Myth, and is one of mans most prolific ventures.  It multiplies with the numbers of telling, perhaps minutely varied or perhaps greatly with the natural human tendency to exaggerate.  How many of you dear readers have heard stories of people you know actually seeing a Sasquatch?  How many of you have witnessed one with you own eyes?  Sure, I am fascinated with that myth and enjoy hearing of “skinwalkers” and Yeti and werewolves and all of those myths as they make interesting and often frightening stories, but how many of those can be scientifically proven without any equivocation?  Where are the captive examples dead or alive and DNA samples to compare?  I am absolutely convinced that our Creator has created far more than just this one lowly planet peopled with His children but I am skeptical in the extreme that He has allowed any to visit us surreptitiously.  I am also extremely skeptical of claims of anyone actually being contacted by such in spite of the many claims (or myths) of such visits.  It is my opinion that they are dreams, fabrications, misinterpreted situations, intentional fraud and so forth, with our own government being a major factor as they hide testing of secret technologies being responsible for the current wave of “sightings”.

The First Video below considers some of those possibilities nicely.

It is my contention that such sightings of aliens such as the Grays or the Reptilians are only myths derived to cover for some other sort of observance or idea.  There also exists the possibility that some of them or many of them are of this Earth but not of this “dimension”.  Heaven and hell are described as being on this planet (and I assume for this planet specifically as other planets would necessarily have their own – remember I stated at the outset that many will not agree with me but please allow me to continue) with one above (Heaven) and the other below (hell) while the spirit world is concurrent with this physical one.  Who is to say that any observances of “extraterrestrials” are not a mistaken image observed of some other realms inhabitant?  We already know that Satan and his group of spirits can fool man in very convincing fashion as he is given power to deceive even to the fooling of God’s chosen, and I am suggesting that all such that claim to have seen and witnessed actual aliens may have been deceived by those fallen angels. Yes, I believe that the universe is filled with Gods Creations but I do NOT believe that they are visiting us or even allowed at this time to do so, perhaps we may after it is crowned with Gods Glory after the end of time.

What I am suggesting is that all of this “aliens are here” and that the government has secret talks with them and they are taking over the world is pure nonsense, a modern myth in the making.  This new age mythology has become a modern new religion for so many, and I am not joining in with them.  Those known as Reptilians are no more than the members of the elites that are so far off kilter that they seem to be aliens of some other realm, and that realm is Satan’s.  If we continue this train of thought on a bit more, we can see that it leads us into the inescapable conclusion that it is Satan running the Illuminati (which I am using the definition of them being those many secret societies that are working with Satan) that is pushing for the conditions we see in so many scriptures of the End of the World.  

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There are various claims that Satan will deceive Man immensely in the last days, and that he will be fairly successful.  One of the greatest if not the greatest deception that he has is that he does not exist, his biggest lie.  How can one be wary of deception by something or someone that does not exist?  That might seem like circular logic, and from the point of view of the deceived it is.  But it is very real.  He does exist and he does have power that he can convince many that he is the god and that is his Great Deception.  He has the power to appear as a being of light, but not the same kind of light that God has.   It has been suggested by some that the elites will produce an alien landing or alien appearance or some fantastic light show or such to convince people that they are working with aliens in order to better control the world’s population through deception that is convincing to most.  I also am suggesting the possibility that the present mythology is being setup so that it appears through technological feats to be real so that the Illuminati religion of Satanic despotism can be implemented in a fashion that so many will not or cannot fault their absolute reign of tyranny. A new religion fabricated to replace Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Atheism and so on as the NWO official creed.  The impetus is already moving in that direction rapidly as the method to woo the world into displacing our Creator from His rightful throne.

Might I be wrong?  Why, yes, absolutely. Because I am no more than a mortal man, but I have looked at this problem a long time and have come to this current conclusion while also admitting that my mind has changed many times before.

The second video below is one I ran across that describes UFO’s as the Last Days Deception.  It is a fascinating interview with former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and others worth the time to view and consider.

The final video, let’s call it a Bonus Video, is one by a lady I recently found that goes over the Satanic Deceptions of the last days.  I am not in complete agreement with her timeline nor all of her concepts, but neither do I think she very far off from what I have concluded. Overall I think she is on the right track.  It is because of this timeline that I include it below.

Alien Disclosure Deception, Social Engineering, Metaphysics and more w/ Charles Upton

UFO Disclosure-The Last Days Deception

The Amazing Satanic Deceptions During the Last Days

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