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January 4, 2022

Leftist Politicians And Activists Have Turned America Into 'A Hell On Earth', Funded By George Soros And The Clinton Foundation, While Redirecting Their Treason On The False Flag Generated January 6th Political Rally 

- Their 'Perfect Society' Is Our 'Unfolding Nightmare'

By Alan Barton - All News PipeLine

Antifa: a trope if you will, of saying you are not a fascist; but the reality is that they are the exemplar, the embodiment of fascism and despotism.  They are characterized in most circles as “a decentralized, leaderless movement composed of loose collections of groups, networks and individuals”  (ADL definition) which is a total lie, even though almost every search shows that is what is claimed.  Both empirical and anecdotal evidence shows that is opposite of the truth (not surprising for the MSM), they have a global presence and are well funded and well networked, the US version even has nearly the same ideology, tactics, goals and ideals as those Antifa groups in Europe and elsewhere.

Funded by such distinguished luminaries as George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, the Clinton Foundation, Tom Steyer group RefuseFascism and more according to Project Veritas even though almost everyone that I have read claims that no one funds them.  This assessment must include all of the groups that fund BLM such as major corporations that pay the blood monies to them as “donations” to a ‘cause’.  Yeh, ’cause they are trying to bribe them not to burn down their establishments, which they do regardless.  That and they want to look like they are “with it” to the In Crowd of leftists and socially woke democrats without ever considering that most of America is in fact fairly conservative.  In some fashion or the other, Soros seems to fund every single left wing and democrat group, but that is not really the case.  He funds so many that it just seems that way it appears.  And some rumors report that Antifa terrorists in the 2020 riots were paid directly via direct deposit to boot. And the FBI appears to be fighting right with them. Ultimately those funds are what is laundered through a myriad of “foundations”, “donations”, mysterious monies that just somehow pay for things that appear out of nowhere, pallets of bricks, tents, transportations and rooms for the paid rioters, lawyers if they get arrested and so much more.  Some of it is most likely, I strongly suspect, (I do not have actual proof or leads that show such proof – yet) where some of the billions in missing Federal funds went along with the mysterious monies that accumulate in those foundations funds that go towards their evil actions.

Historically they go back to the anti-Nazi, anti-Hitler communist and old guard socialists (remember that Hitler used the German Socialist party to form his NAZI – National Socialist Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei) and they were not happy about it.  Many went on the offensive against Hitler with some in the Antifaschistasche Aktion – the original German antifa) uniting to stop Hitler, they were at war with the brown shirts while many even wound up working with them to try to stop Hitler from within the ranks and eventually led to their being wiped out.  They were primarily formed to fight the Stalinist Communist Party of Germany (KPD) and remember, Hitler was originally a Communist when he went to Paris to study art.  He returned virulently anti-Communist as a result of the Bohemian artists that made such fun of the low class backwoods bumbling idiot Austrian that he revolted against any communists, and also the desire to wipe out Eastern Europe and France as a result.  That leads credence to the claim that one of the reasons the SA was formed; to wipe them, the brownshits out finally and then the SS was formed to wipe out the SA and by 1934 they were effectively gone.  Deception and the craving for power lead to many wars, insurrections and murders.  Keep a close eye on the news, as this may be repeated as the left tries to stop the current violence to keep control of their not quite paper trained puppies of mass destruction.

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Like the modern American Antifa and BLM, the Brown Shirts through the SA used diplomatic intimidation, deception, and violence to wrestle control and install Hitler as Supreme Leader; all hail Hitler.  Just like the German brand, the modern Antifa is exactly opposite of what they claim to be; they are among some of the worst modern fascists in the entire world now.  Hitler’s Storm Troopers (Sturmabteilung) aka the Brown Shirts were led by many radical homosexuals, just like the modern Antifa.  Then we also have to look at those same deadly tactics used by such famous actors as China’s Red Brigade, and South Africa’s Mandela with their “necklaces”; those tires around peoples necks filled with gasoline and lit on fire.  Communists are not lovely people; no, not at all. And neither are Americas BLM, Antifa and other radical Marxist revolutionary groups that were, or still are, led by the likes of Barak Obama and his friends.

Another “loose structure” organization that is not so loose in reality is Black Lives Matter, officially formed in 2013 after the acquittal of George Zimmermann of the shooting death of Trevon Martin.  It appears that it was as good of an excuse as any to form yet another Marxist anarchist’s movement to destroy what little good remained of America and help force the NWO concepts on the nation.  Remember the Marxist theory described so well by one of the Kenyans butt buddies and fellow communist revolutionaries “from the bottom up and the top down” that has been one of the oldest stays in the world’s revolutionary tactics.  BLM fits the mold of the communist tactic of the bottom pushing towards the top to destabilize everything while the Soros installed Marxist (read as NWO puppets) Governors, Mayors, DA’s and the like are the Top Down functionaries doing their part to make the USA a hell on earth so that in the ruckus will create the scenario of such chaos that a “New World Order” may be implemented to calm it, which is the product of the Oligarchic Imperial Tyranny of the Illuminati which are, as we have gone over many times before, just the face of the world’s most evil Satanic Cults lead by none other than Lucifer himself.  

BLM and Antifa are often referred to as Bolsheviks, and that begs the question of what that comparison entails.  Bolshevik is derived from the Russian word for bigger or more - ie, the majority.  A Bolshevik is a member of the radical majority wing of the Russian Social-Democratic Workers Party.  Before the Russian Communist Revolution in 1917, they were organized in 1903 when they officially adopted Lenin’s thesis on party organization according to many sources and were a very violent and murderous force when they took over the Russian government in November 1917.  Looking back at the riots of 2020 and the BLM/Antifa reign of terror in Seattle when they went door to door looting, burning, raping and sodomizing men, women and even children – burning down police stations and private businesses, claiming that they were the new owners of all that were within their flimsy borders, they look like nothing more than insane little brats that should have had their butt’s whipped so hard they bled all over, or just hung by the neck until dead for their violent insurrection and treason.  They pretend to be the same as the Bolsheviks, but lack the testosterone and backing to do what they really wanted to do.  But that is of little importance as they were only the first shot and will be replaced with something far worse than they just as the brown shirts were.  Oh, they will still play a part, but they are not the ones with the backing and training to do so.  It took the Bolsheviks 14 years to get to the top in power so do not discount the American communists abilities.  They have been at it for over one hundred years at this point but seem to be determined to do it in a less bombastic show; more of the “how did we get here” style of creeping socialism until we awake and find ourselves in a communist dictatorship.

This summer we will see what they are really planning as they will be out in force it appears; or as they claim that is what is coming as the idiots in leftist cities seem to be allowing for just that. 

But wait, there is more ---

All of this evil the left is doing and is planning to do cannot be done without a strong reaction by the Christian Conservative Patriots, so there would need to be something to distract or diminish any counter moves, whatever that might be.  There are many options, and do not think it will be limited to just one type or even instance of response.  Among some of their favorite countermoves would include disease, pandemic(s), economic failure, and war whether local, national or world.  It requires mass chaos to allow for the total consumption and destruction of once free peoples to turn them into a despotic tyrannical slave state.  It has happened many times historically, and they are following plans that have been proven in the past.  One of the surest ways is to add total war such as a nuclear conflagration and that seems to be just around the corner.  Such a war would result in a complete collapse of society along with massive depopulation, and that is just what is called for in their 2030 agenda in order to build their dream/nightmare of a “perfect society”.

In order to effectively force submission to their dictatorial mandates would take a fair sized army of enforcers I would think, and the Kenyan seems to agree.  Do you remember his 2008 statement that “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."   That goal is still in operation, and so I ask you to consider what all of the military aged men being shipped into this nation by the black hat forces in our government are for?  They are being shipped all over the nation into military bases, military training camps, detention centers built for the Japanese in WWII to newly built compounds usually just outside of military bases.  Direct flights into the US bypassing any and all border entrance points, shipping them from the receiving airports to who knows where in busses both commercial and government.  Monkey Werx has a large base of information on those flights in his numerous videos on YouTube along with some other very interesting bits of information, well worth the time to follow and watch.  Some of the women and children shown arriving in the US illegally are paid actors that are used over and over while many of them are also sold into human trafficking rings, and our government is at the head of it all; or rather, the secret societies that run our government are operating it all.

But wait, there is more ---

Joel Skousen in his year end brief for 2021 brings yet another layer of complexity, or would that be clears up some confusion in the complex mess we find ourselves in.  The video below is of his speech for the 2021 wrap and he mentions three major worldwide conspiracies.  The first is the phony fall of the Soviet Union; it never fell, and the communist party just went underground.  The second is the phony war on terror began with the twin towers demolition to bring about the conditions required for world conquest.  And the third is the fake virus “pandemic” required to bring absolute slavery like obedience by the people of this world.  Note that I did not bring up the mass murder that it also entails because of the so-called vaccinations.

The first portion of his video is the important part.  I would like to bring to your attention that communism is just a tool used by the elite Satanic church, aka the Illuminati including the de Rothschild’s and other world bankers and oligarchs that actually run this world to destabilize nations and put the people under absolute tyranny.  Communism is just the tool of chaos implemented for the Illuminati’s end goals.  Remember that the Russian communist revolution led by Lenin, the National Socialist revolution led by Hitler, the Chinese communist revolution led by Mao, and many others along with the current American revolution being conducted by a number of people are implementing the chaos required to eventually lead to the end goal of total world domination by those same oligarchs, which together are the Church of Satan.  This is the Great Babylon that our Creator warned us about, it is they whom our Savior will need to come down personally in great power to finally defeat and put under His feet.  Those evil secret societies are hell bent (pun intended) on total domination and massive loss of population as described by those same devils in the Agenda 2021 and 2030 Great Reset and in the Georgia Guide stones.  This is all very real; it is actually happening just as told us by Gods Prophets like Daniel, John and even the Messiah Himself.

Hold on to your knickers kids, this roller coaster ride of ours is really just beginning.

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