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February 1, 2019

 The Democrat's 2020 Freak Fest Has Begun: Liberals Already 'Eating Their Own' With Primaries Still More Than A Year Away

-  The Party Of Infanticide Has Already Begun To Rip Each Other Apart  


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The new story over at extreme far-left Splinter News published this past Sunday was simply titled "F**k No" within which their first sentence screamed of a desperation that we only expect to hear much more of from 'the left' in the coming two years: "God help us" they wrote of an 2020 independent presidential run by a multi-billionaire that has got the left pulling their hair out. Yet since so many on the left so long ago abandoned God, why would He? 

The story from Splinter, a website which not too long ago published this viral story calling on the US Air Force to bomb 'Trump America' into oblivion, then went on to excoriate former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz and his recent announcement that he may run as an independent for president in 2020, an announcement that has suddenly become the Democrats worst nightmare as they see another election where the left vote is split in two due to a left-leaning independent running. Democrats are now even threatening to boycott Starbucks in response to Schultz's recent announcement. 

And with most of the Democratic presidential candidates sure to go on all-out-attacks against the other Democratic presidential candidates in the coming two years, we shouldn't only just sit back and enjoy the Democrats 'eating their own' but 'joyfully participate in their sorrows', making sure to help spread the 'bad news' about each candidate while watching them attacking each other, just as the leftist media is now doing to each other as Susan Duclos had reported within this January 24th ANP story

And while we surely expect Hillary to throw her hat back in the ring once the pack is thinned out, with Hillary still likely having the biggest Democratic base even though a huge percentage of Democratic voters hate her, once the expected 40 or so Democratic candidates begin to pick each other off, slowly but surely, we expect 'the witch' to come out of the woodwork, proclaiming herself to be the only one who can unite the Democratic party and defeat President Trump in 2020. 


And with the left sure to 'eat their own' in the coming days, weeks and months as the run for 2020 kicks into high gear, just wait until the uber far-left candidate from the Green Party or the 'Socialist party' are announced to also run in 2020, with at least the Green Party candidate sure to take more votes away from whoever is left for the Democrats once their freak fest subsides. 

Remember that Democrats also called 2016 Green Party candidate Jill Stein a 'Russian agent' with this story over at The Hill from December of 2018 reporting "Russian disinformation campaign included pro-Jill STein sentiments". So not only are President Trump and the 'deplorables' throughout America 'Russian agents' in the eyes of many on the left, especially the entire mainstream media apparatus, but 'far-left' Jill Stein was a Russian agent, too, in their eyes. While the left screams '25th Amendment' about President Trump, the 'Russia did everything' party has also become the party of baby murderers. And now Rachel Madcow over at msnbc actually warned her viewers the Russian's were coming to turn off the heat in North Dakota as Information Liberation reported in this recent story. Head hits floor. 

And the left's talking points on Stein and the Green Party have much to do with the results of the 2016 election which, while Stein only got a bit over 1% of the overall vote, with just over 1.4 million people voting for her altogether, had The Hill once more publishing this story reporting President Trump's victory margin was smaller than the total Jill Stein votes in several key swing states. That 'pesky old Russian agent Jill Stein' cost Hillary Clinton the election in the eyes of many on the left.

And according to the Washington Post's resident warmonger Josh Rogin, Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard "shares the same foreign policy position as Russia and the Assad regime" on Venezuela, where Gabbard is urging President Trump to stay out of. Gabbard, a Veteran who had served America in a combat zone in Iraq in a field medical unit, is being torn apart by the msm and establishment largely due to her anti-Syria war viewpoint though even the Huffington Post recently piled on, reporting today she claims 'anti-war credentials' but had accepted over $100,000 from Lockheed Martin and Boeing. Yet she's spewing "Russian propaganda" according to the establishment. 

And now once again as this new story from Paul Joseph Watson over at Infowars reports, Democrats are in a blind panic over the possibility of Schultz running as an Independent with the host from 'MSNBC’s Deadline: White House' Nicolle Wallace ripping an adviser to Schultz during her show, telling him “people are terrified” he’ll help get POTUS Trump re-elected.


For those on the left who might doubt the very low levels that the mainstream Democrats might fall to in order for them to get 'their' candidate into office, all they need to do is take a look back at what happened to far-left favorite Bernie Sanders in 2016. Must we remind you? Ok, from the Chicago Tribune.

Bernie Sanders' supporters have a right to be angry.

The leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee apparently confirmed what they have said all along — that the political system was rigged against their candidate in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Top Democrats essentially dismissed Sanders as a viable candidate during the primaries, attempted to undermine him with voters and even took steps to derail his campaign, according to hacked emails that were recently made public by WikiLeaks.

In doing so, Democrats tarnished the electoral process and alienated a large constituency of voters that they will need to help lift Clinton to victory in November.

In other words, the Democrats created a mess. 

And it's a mess still ongoing with the same absolutely corrupted Democrats who stole the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders attempting to take down President Donald Trump by any means necessary. 

And with 'liberal karma' something we hope to see blow up in the faces of every Democrat who has worked to destroy not only the election process in America but destroy America itself for 'globalism', the fight on the left should be grand. 

As the Guardian had reported in this December of 2018 story titled ‘The party could explode’: Democrats prepare for wild 2020 ride", with everyone from the young and old to billionaires and political novices looking to run in 2020, "it could get messy". And while we won't put any money on it, we fully expect Hillary to come along with her ever-present 'broom' and, with her still likely to have the biggest 'base' among all of the Democrats, attempt to clean up the mess she helped create. 

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