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August 16, 2020

Let These Liberal Cities Burn: Antifa, BLM Calls Black Conservatives 'Coons' As Liberals Leaders Refuse To Prosecute Rioters, Arsonists And Terrorists 

(Portland, Oregon Antifa)

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

With Antifa and black Lives Matter (BLM) in the news so frequently these days, one would think that by watching the BLM/Antifa failures over the past months, some of them would learn that Americans have had just about enough of their antics.

Obviously we gave them too much credit for having a working brain cell left.

We have run across multiple examples, via video footage of these rioters alienating black Americans, calling black Trump supporters "coons," attacking police and getting their butts handed to them, women hysterically laughing at the stupidity of trying to interrupt a Back the Blue Rally Seattle rally.

This and so much more so far in August 2020.

Why show these clips and report on these terrorist groups (Antifa and BLM, well the Antifa people are holding BLM signs anyway)?

Because the media won't. They downplay, ignore, excuse or justify these groups terrorizing cities and towns, specifically those run by liberals who let them get away with it.

Or they did.... seems even the most liberal of cities that previously forced law enforcement to stand down, Portland, Oregon, are seeing cops who have had quite enough.

If the media will not show Americans how out of control and violent these rioters aree, then Independent Media must.

The establishment media, overwhelmingly liberal and just as overwhelmingly supportive of Antifa and BLM groups, despite their arson, vandalism, attacking civilians and law enforcement alike, understands that normal Americans, if shown what is really happening, would undoubtedly be disgusted and demand those breaking the law be arrested, charged and prosecuted.

That isn't all normal Americans would do should these clips all go viral, seen by the masses every time Antifa and BLM get violent, no, normal Americans would also see how the progressive left is actively supporting that violence.

That is why the media attempts to excuse the behavior when they are forced to actually report on it, and that is because  Democrat communists in Congress, are encouraging the protesters, publicly, to continue to burn America down.


 Democrat and Squad member Rep. Ayanna Pressley calls for targeting GOP officials with “unrest in the streets.”

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That ladies and gentlemen is what the establishment media do not want Americans to understand or to see. The Democrat left in this day and age, are the ones encouraging and inciting the violence on the streets we will show below.

First stop on our little trip is to Portland, Oregon.

We'll start with the most amusing first and move along to the examples that every American should see to understand the level of recent unrest, civil disobedience, arson, vandalism and outright stupidity that is being supported by Democrats, online liberals, celebrities and the mainstream media.

First up: Scrawny Portland protester thought it would be a good idea to rip off his shirt, threaten and run directly at a number of Portland, Oregon police officers, on duty to help stem the violence of over 70 nights of straight rioting.

Didn't work out well the first run at them, or the second. Guess being doused with pepper spray the first time didn't teach him a lesson....

Also in Portland, we see a message, via Twitter, showing the reason behind some of the tactics being used by rioters there. Simply put, they wanted to force police to use more manpower focused on them, so they will not be able to respond to emergency (911) calls, therefore making appear they are not competent to protect the public.

A widely circulated tweet is encouraging rioters to continue putting pressure on police officers in Seattle and Portland in order to stretch their resources to their maximum limit and disable their ability to respond to serious emergencies throughout the city. “A key emergent goal of our nightly clashes with the cops is attrition,” writes the user responsible, “exhausting them physically and financially, interfering with their ability to police-as-usual.”

See the tweets here - Antifa Says ‘Riots Are To Prevent Police From Responding To Usual 911 Calls, Allow City Crime To Flourish

This is what Democrats in Congress are encouraging and inciting.

Next up, police declared a riot in Portland again, and a summary of events posted at the Portland Police Bureau, show that police warned them multiple times to stop any violence, before finally, hours later, declaring it a riot and taking action.

A riot was declared in Oregon's biggest city as protesters demonstrated outside a law enforcement building early Sunday, continuing a nightly ritual in Portland.

Officers used crowd control munitions to disperse the gathering outside the Penumbra Kelly building, news outlets reported.

Protesters had thrown “softball size” rocks, glass bottles and other objects at officers, police said on Twitter. The department also said security cameras had been spray painted and other vandalism occurred.

Below: Portland Police Declare Riot as Protesters Pushed From Building

It is worth noting the corruption of the leadership in Portland, Oregon, even when police have had enough and start cracking down and arresting rioters, the states attorney is refusing to press charges.

This has let to the Oregon State Police pulling out of Portland, stating they were sending their resources "where prosecution of criminal conduct is still a priority."

Oregon State Police are leaving Portland after spending two weeks in the state’s largest city to help protect a federal courthouse that has been the target of ongoing protests.

The law enforcement officials are “continually reassessing our resources and the needs of our partner agencies and at this time we are inclined to move those resources back to counties where prosecution of criminal conduct is still a priority,” Capt. Timothy Fox told area television stations.

“Last night was our last night in Portland,” he said.

More on Portland with videos  - Antifa rioters in Portland assault 'counter-protestors', police, and smash vehicles in residential neighborhood

Sturgis, South Dakota: What happens when a handful of loud, annoying Antifa members decided to face off with thousands of bikers?

The Antifa cop haters have to be escorted away before getting their butts kicked. Other than the fight that breaks out toward the beginning of the video below, the appearance of the Antifa freaks didn't stir much up, although it appears one with purple hair did get cuffed.

They should be thanking heaven that the police there hasn't been "defunded" as Antifa says they want.

I almost wish the police would just turn their backs and let the bikers teach Antifa goons a lesson.

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Via The Post Millennial "Black Lives Matter protesters gathered on Saturday outside the home of Minneapolis Police Union Leader Bob Kroll."

He and his family were having BBQ when they were verbally harassed, cussed at and the BLM crew also decided to verbally attack the neighbors,

(Screen Shot of tweet and video)

Really classy and hey, he just won his Democrat primary. At this rate the entire political party will be filled with terrorists, unless normal Democrats (yes, some do still exist), make a stand and boot the radicals out at the first opportunity.


There are truly too many recent examples of why Antifa and at this point BLM should be declared terrorist organizations, to be shown in one article.

I don't say that lightly nor am I being hyperbolic.

The very definition of terrorism describes exactly what these thugs are doing every day.
• the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.
• the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
• a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

If the liberal leaders of the states where Antifa is allowed to get so out-of-control will not put a stop to it, and when arrests are made the prosecutors are refusing todo their job to charge and convict, then maybe the police in those areas should say fine "Burn it all down. and find themselves another job or another area where they aren't spinning their wheels.

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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