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November 12, 2021

One Spark And This Powder Keg Blows Up America - The MSM Race-Baiters Will Have Even More Blood On Their Hands As Threats Of 'Riots, Fire And Bloodshed' Are Made By BLM


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Below we will document a number of actions by the establishment media in America that has exacerbated the political, class, and racial tensions in America, to the point where it will only take one spark to the MSM-created powder keg to blow this nation up entirely.

From using any shooting that fits their narrative to actively advocate for gun control, amplifying every anti-gun argument made by liberals, many of which barely know which end of a weapon the bullet comes out of, to deliberately pushing a false narrative to create violent events in order to report on them.

The MSM has publicly attempted to defend and justify arson, looting and rioting, as long as the "right" people are doing it, meaning Antifa or BLM, while labeling anyone with a differing political ideology "white supremacists" or "insurrectionists" for protesting in a far less violent manner than the aforementioned riots.

From BLM threatening the new  Mayor-elect Eric Adams, who happens to be a black Democrat that is pro-law enforcement, with "riots, fire and bloodshed,"  to completely misrepresenting the testimony in the trial of an 18 year old, Kyle Rittenhouse, to the point where [most] their audiences have already decided the kid is guilty before the trial has even concluded, and are threatening riots if he is acquitted, the liberal media will be responsible for American burning.

Their ultimate endgame is to take away the Second Amendment rights of Americans in order to fully implement their tyrannical goals, which has already begun with the Biden regime collecting gun purchase records of 54 million Americans.

We go over that and much more below.


• Their 'journalistic' activism for gun control continues to highlight any crime that fits their     preferred narrative, while ignoring the worst of the worst in liberal cities across America, which is black on black crime.

• Their spin on the Kyle Rittenhouse's trial has celebrities announcing Rittenhouse's guilt to their millions of followers, despite the contrary evidence and testimony given during the trial.

Stars including Dave Bautista, George Takei, Rosanna Arquette, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Bravo’s Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi have taken swipes at the 18-year-old defendant during his trial for the murder of two people during last year’s Black Lives Matter riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

“Fuck that kid!” Bautista tweeted.

“Kyle Rittenhouse is a murderer. The End,” Arquette proclaimed.

“A deplorable example, indeed,” Takei said of Judge Schroeder.

Rittenhouse’s lawyers have argued he acted in self-defense when he shot and killed two men, then wounded another last year while he was defending businesses in Kenosha from BLM rioters. Gaige Grosskreutz, a witness for the prosecution, admitted under oath that Rittenhouse only shot him when he pointed a pistol at the teen and advanced toward him.

• The spin on the Rittenhouse trial has also caused many to automatically believe Rittenhouse is guilty of murder, that they; 1) Aren't bothering to even watch the trial, and; 2) Have been so convinced by the media of his guilt, they are threatening riots if he is not convicted of murder.

Those threats are proving to be credible enough that law enforcement such as the Chicago PD are already canceling days off in preparation for civil unrest after the trial verdict is announced.

 The Chicago Police Department has canceled regularly scheduled days off starting Friday and through the weekend in apparent anticipation of civil unrest in the event that Kyle Rittenhouse is acquitted.

Other cities are making similar preparations.

Why would they riot? Because the media has done such a lousy job, or good job if the purpose is to confuse, mislead and usher in violence, presenting the facts, even liberals are admitting they had no idea of some of those facts until they watched the trial.

People believed, for more than a year, that those shot in August 2020 by Rittenhouse, were black, when in fact they were white. Media headlines revealed only sound bites from the trial that make Rittenhouse appear guilty, while completely ignoring anything that would warn viewers there is more to the story.

So, if the jury comes back with a not guilty verdict, the media has set the stage for violence, injury and destruction, by deliberately not offering the full picture of what is going on with the trial. 

Let me provide another example of the type of spin, hype and stoking of the fires the media is playing at.

Headline: MSNBC Frets about Rittenhouse’s Likely Acquittal, Compares Self-Defense to Columbine

The reference to Columbine was the school massacre in 1999 which killed 12, and MSNBC personalities are claiming that a young man, on his back, being kicked and hit with a skateboard, while facing someone else with a handgun, fired and killed two men attacking him and injuring the third, which was the one holding the handgun pointed at Rittenhouse, as the witness himself admitted.

In fact, they produced a 12-minute clip titled "Gun Country: The NRA's Radical Path From Columbine To Rittenhouse."

I will reiterate here, their soul goal is to disarm Americans to usher in full tyranny, and they are willing to agitate their liberal viewers to the point where if Rittenhouse is acquitted, people will riot thinking Rittenhouse was much like the Columbine massacre killers.

 If that isn't stoking the flames, I don't know what is.

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• The media has done so much damage, that an Independent journalist who was in Kenosha to document the rioting and events, was a witness, and because he presented facts, backed up by body cam and camera footage,  that didn't fit the media narrative, those that believed the MSM took to social media to offer death threats to the Independent journalist.

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Before thinking that is just one person, look at the heart icon at the bottom of that screen shot.

10.2K people "liked" those death wishes against Hernandez for nothing more than testifying to the truth as he personally observed it, and filmed it. 

Related: Media in such disbelief ANY Leftist blue-check would believe Rittenhouse acted in self-defense they called THIS GUY to see if he’d been hacked (thread)


Rittenhouse is not the only hammer the MSM is using to continue duividing America.

A new Mayor was elected in New York, a black Democrat who happens to be pro-law enforcement.   

The media has made such a spectacle of every single death of a black person in police custody, while deliberately ignoring any death that doesn't fit their race-baiting narrative, that BLM is already threatening the Mayor elect, before he has even taken the seat, that there will be "Riots, fire and bloodshed," if he  "follows through with his promise to bring back plainclothes anti-crime cops to battle New York’s surge in violent crimes." 

As we saw from the many riots in 2020 by Antifa and BLM, those threats are not to be taken lightly and these types of riots have led to billions in damages across America.


The MSM is misleading their followers, giving them only the information they want them to know about, and outright lying, which continues to fan the flames the flames of an already on edge nation.

If Rittenhouse is acquitted, or only found guilty of the lesser charges of having a weapon illegally since he was a minor, but not guilt on the murder charges, there will be blood, and it will all be on the MSM's hands.  

Let me be as clear as I can: It is my belief that the media is deliberately creating an atmosphere where violence is guaranteed, because if they can blow it all up, they help the Biden regime use that as a excuse to strip Americans of their right to bear arms, so they can usher in complete tyranny by leaving Americans no way to fight back.  

There is a method to their madness. It is being done deliberately. 

Most importantly, they will not stop until they either disarm the populace, or blow up America trying.

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