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July 17, 2021

 Globalists Pushing 'Monthly Magic Frankenshots' As 'The Answer' To The 'Covid Problem' They Created: CNN Talking Head Proclaims 'Life Needs To Be Hard For Unvaccinated Americans'

- The Globalists 16-Year Plan To Overthrow America Is Well On Its Way Towards Completion

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While glancing through ANP readers comments this morning, I read a timely one by 'Lindsay Zipprich' which summarized my own recent thinking almost perfectly following reading the stories yesterday that I'll be highlighting in this new ANP story, with Lindsay's comment being: 

Just think. if Hillary had been elected, then she would have been well on her way in the last four years of the 16 year plan to takedown and destroy the US. Obama had a good start in taking us down that path. The Plandemic was planned well in advance but Trump screwed the Globalist plans up. But then again, Hillary's FUN CAMPS were planned for our future in her regime.

For those who aren't aware, back in 2018, numerous alternative news websites had shared the image seen below showing what the globalists plans were for America as they did away with freedom while ushering in their tyrannical 'new world order'. And while that plan hit a major roadblock for four years, as we'd warned in this February 8th ANP story, "Joe Biden Occupying The White House Puts The Democrats 16-Year Plan To Destroy America Back In Play."

Warning also within that story that The 45 Communist Goals To Takeover America Were Nearing Completion As The Globalists Are Maneuvering To Complete Their Takedown Of America", almost nowhere do we see those plans more deviously on display in July of 2021 than in the globalists move to bring full-scale health tyranny to America perfectly babbled by one CNN medical talking head who recently stated "Life needs to be hard for the unvaccinated."

Sounding exactly like something that someone would say who approves of China's medical totalitarianism, as Mac Slavo over at SHTFPlan warned in this July 13th storyWe know that the gloves are off now when it comes to the pressure to get this vaccine: CNN medical contributor Dr. Leana Wen suggested Saturday that life needs to be “hard” for Americans who have not received a COVID-19 “vaccine” and individuals who refuse to get shots should perhaps face weekly testings. Weekly testings with the 100% inaccurate PCR tests for refusing to take the experimental gene therapy?

And while ANP has emailed Dr. Wen at the email address listed on this linked webpage, asking her what her ties are to Communist China since she's pushing full-scale medical tyranny, we're not surprised that Dr. Wen has not gotten back to us. Though as Slavo pointed out in his story, Wen is quite unhappy that unvaccinated people can 'go about their lives as normal without any consequence'. Yes, how absolutely horrifying that free Americans are 'allowed' to be free! Though as we've pointed out time and time again on ANP, free people don't get their rights from government but God. Dr. Wen should go to China if she doesn't like it here in America. 

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Yet if Joe Biden, the devilcrats and anti-freedom globalists get their way, towards medical tyranny we are headed in the days and weeks ahead, with everything happening now pushing us even closer to the completion of the globalists sinister 16-year plan for America that seeks to usher in full-scale tyranny. 

With CNN and their absolutely horrific believability ratings claiming this past week that Republicans and Fox News are 'killing people' with their anti-vax news stories, actually insanely claiming that Republicans want more covid deaths to make Joe Biden look bad, all the msm outlets continue to ignore the many emerging warnings from doctors that 'the vax' is killing people with blood-clots and other horrific adverse reactions. 

As Health Impact News had reported in this July 16th story titled "CENSORED: CDC Records Almost 12,000 DEATHS in 7 Months Following COVID-19 Injections", it's not just 'a few' Americans who have being 'killed by the cure' the globalists have been pushing. 

And with Joe Biden himself this past week actually babbling the same garbage that the MSM is babbling, claiming Facebook and other 'big tech' outlets are 'killing people' by 'allowing' anti-vaccine information to be spread on their websites, whatever happened to getting all of the information, Joe, so that Americans can make informed health decisions for themselves rather than relying solely upon 'big pharma mafia propaganda'?  

Thankfully, as the top 3 voted comments pointed out on this Daily Mail story titled "Can long Covid be cured by a monthly dose of the vaccine? A major British trial is about to find out", people have massive awoken to this bioweapon scam that we'll continue to argue was 'engineered' by the 'deep state' to allow massive mail in voting fraud to occur during the 2020 election due to the govt imposed 'lockdowns'. The readers comments about a 'monthly vax' in our futures are republished below.: 

Awwww.... now they want us to take the magic Frankenshots MONTHLY! Can't make all this sh - i - t up. 

This is now so beyond the pale it's hilarious! A MONTHLY vaccine? Stick. It. Up. Your. Arrrsssssseeeee. What vaccine in the history of immunisation has had to be administered on a monthly basis? Not one. 

There is something seriously remiss about this. Maybe the conspiracy theorists were right all along?

So just think. IF the 'conspiracy theorists' were 'right all along', then Joe Biden really is an illegitimate president and the globalists 16-year plan to destroy America is right on track. And if the 'conspiracy theorists' are correct, then the globalists depopulation agenda really is in full swing in 2021. 

So would you take a monthly covid booster shot created by big pharma and pushed by the devils who have long been working to get the world's population down to 500 million from 7.5 billion+? These people are nuts! 

So while America thankfully avoided two four-year Hillary Clinton terms as POTUS, let's take a look back at that 16-year plan the Democrats were pushing to usher in tyranny and we see that despite it being called a 'conspiracy theory', it's still being cemented into place under Joe Biden right now in 2021. 

When the Obama/Hillary 16 years in the presidency were completed, the U.S. middle class would be destroyed. The U.S. population (what was left of it) would be reduced to a status of enslavement, starvation, death, and disease. (ANP: Sounds like the socialism Biden's now pushing!) 

When the Obama/Hillary 16 years in the presidency were completed, the U.S. would have no borders, the Constitution would be revised to remove the Bill of Rights and all fundamental U.S. freedoms, and the population would be disarmed by the repeal of the Second Amendment. (NEVER FORGET: TYRANTS HATE A WELL ARMED PEOPLE!)

When the Obama/Hillary 16 years in the presidency were completed, there would be no electoral college. ('Democrats forever', anyone?) 

Future presidents would be elected by a majority of the popular vote, giving control to large states like California, New York, and New Jersey that can easily be overrun with illegal immigrants voting for the traitors and their anti-American conspiracy. 

If illegal votes were not enough to make sure the Democratic Party traitors dominated all elections, George Soros would be allowed to install voting machines to make Democratic Party voter fraud easy to achieve electronically. (Think about that now in 2021 America!) 

When the Obama/Hillary 16 years in the presidency were completed, the U.S. military would comprise a very small percentage of the U.S. budget, with transfer payments making sure excessive taxation redistributed income to minorities and illegals sure to vote for the Democratic Party traitors. 

U.S. military bases would be closed worldwide, beginning in Germany. Russia, China, and rogue states including Iran and North Korea would no longer need fear U.S. military reprisals for their evil expansion. 

Only “Project Mockingbird” PRAVDA-like mainstream media willing to be controlled by the CIA to disseminate the Obama/Hillary traitors’ anti-American ideology would be allowed to survive.

All other news would be censored, with Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other Internet giants unleashed to eliminate from “Social Media” even the most private or coded communications patriots might attempt.

And while thankfully, that sinister 16-year plan hasn't yet reached a point of implementation when it could never be reversed, we're well on our way now towards its full implementation with every day in Joe Biden's America pushing our nation closer and closer to the tyranny, famine and misery almost always unleashed by socialist governments. Think that it can't happen here? 

In the first video below that Steve Quayle had linked to on his website on Friday we get a small look at the future of America under Joe Biden and Democrats, with a massive miles long food line in South Africa giving us a taste of why we should all be stocking up and preparing for bear in the days ahead. As the pinned comment on that video posted by KingCashYT warned: "While Americans sleep on their pillow of entertainment and think this can't happen here, this a warning call"And both the 2nd and 3rd videos below take a look at America's future if we continue traveling along the same path that we're now on. 

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