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November 24, 2021

'The Magnitude Of What Is NOW HAPPENING Globally Is Unprecedented': Alarming Evidence On The Systematic Dismantling Of America And 'War Upon Americans From Within'

- Globalists Flying Military-Aged Foreign Invaders Into US Cities In The Dead Of Night



By Alan Barton - All News PipeLine

I imagine many of you have at least heard of Monkey Werx US, the guy that tracks aircraft, especially curious and nefarious flights both military and others, on his YouTube channel and I suppose many of you also watch him here and there as I try to do.  “Many people know the Monkey as MilSpecOpsMonkey from social media where he provides insight into military special operations, tracking of flights to Guantanamo Bay Cuba, as well as several other locations. Monkey has been a guest on Natural News with Mike Adams, Revolution Network with Dr. Jason Dean as well as many other shows” is the description of him that is on his own website.  If you have any interest at all in what the government is flying around and possibly why, then I recommend a try at watching his latest as a sample of what you can learn.


These past few months, he has shown how the government has been flying foreign invaders, aliens of various nations, into the centers of many US cities in the dead of night, arriving at times like around 2:30 to 3:30 in the morning with various government and private busses then carting them out to who knows where.  Many of those cities have detention centers that seem to have sprung up recently or were empty to begin with and clandestine military training camps once used by surreptitious military battle units.  These flights originate from not just at border detention centers along our southern edges but also from south of the US in places like Columbia, Venezuela, Mexico and more.  He has also shown that the first few days of the Afghanistan fiasco was not the end of aircraft loaded with Afghan males being flown into the US, but that these flights of actual invasion have been occurring ever since, and still do today

While at the same time there are about 14,000 Americans trapped in that Islamic hell hole as prisoners of our own State Department, why?  What do they know that they are trying to keep silent?  Many of these are aircraft that are registered to or are in some manner associated with various government agencies and military units, while those flying over the Atlantic appear to be primarily Air Force cargo planes.  There are also a variety of domestic carriers, usually freight aircraft that are smuggling those invaders deep into our nation like South West Airlines, United Airlines, DHL and others he has shown to be doing so.  Air freighters have passenger seating available that are attached to pallets that are loaded into the fuselage through the cargo side doors, which are huge panels allowing large freight pallets to be loaded.  The first image below shows both freight and seat pallets loaded into the airframe.  The second image shows how large the doors are on a FedEx jet.

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Keep in mind that most of those arriving are military aged men.  Sure, there are some “families” but even a lot of those are rented women and kids, they are slaves on the human trafficking system, and many have been shown to be “married” to various men only a few days apart from their entering.  They enter, are sent back to the border, and re-enter with another male “father/husband”.  Those that are flown in are single all the way through the system.  There is something very wrong with this picture, as why would anyone fly so many while hiding that fact from the public?  What are they afraid to show us?  Why are they at the same time, doing all they can to create a disastrous situation in our once great nation by trying to starve us by stopping food production, processing and distribution; by creating inflation to make it difficult to purchase food if you do find it and paying farmers to destroy their crops and animals when there is such a shortage?  ANP has covered this very well and seems to be one of the very first news outlets to do so. 

One of the latest from Monkey Werx is a video titled East Coast Threat (First Video at the bottom) that goes over a number of topics, and the first one I would like to point out is at the 11:45 mark that shows Cubans being shipped into the US into Florida direct from Havana.  That is something that has NO mention on the regular news, NOTHING, NADA – a secret invasion of military aged men, most likely communist revolutionary fighters although the media including so many on the conservative side claim it is for more democrat votes to be made.  They are being flown in by our own government, those who are under a sacred OATH to stop such evil machinations from happening, not facilitate to their best abilities to do so.  This is very evil, very Treasonous, very destructive to our well being.  How long until we see the fruits of their Treason?  I do not know, but it will not take very long to see the effects as the massive buildup of so many fighters from our enemies all over the world cannot stay below the event horizon for long. 

Do you really understand what I am talking about?  We are RIGHT NOW in Civil War,   the Second American Civil War, and the enemy’s troops have yet to make their first major move although they have already begun to fire on American Citizens.  This war is about Liberty, about our Christian Heritage versus the satanic slavery of Communism.  We know that Antifa, that BLM, that the idiot leftists infesting our once great universities are now putting together their attack plans to destroy our cities, starting with the left wing ones as they already have fairly good command of those particular governments as any good military operation would suggest.  We see it in the destructive riots of last year and this year.  In the insane attack of January Sixth as they try their best to make peaceful crowds that were in DC to show support for our President as he was deposed in a coup put on by the “deep state” including the Democrat Party, the Communist Chinese CCP, by the high tech partners in the voting systems, by the news media that did all they could to mitigate any protests, by even the Republican Party as they refused to stop the acceptance of those illegal tallies as legitimate and even by the Vice President as he refused to stop the insertion of the incompetent pretend winner put in place by a coup.  They are ALL enemies of this nation; those bringing in the foreign troops, those that arm and train them, those that implemented the coup, those that support their lies and those that refuse to stop it, those that control the mobs and so on.  There is much more to come on those controlling the mobs as inquiries are being made to find out who is handling the leftist mobs burning down our cities; but the rioters, or more accurately their directors initially appear to be military trained government agents as Proud_2B_American has suggested recently on ANP comments section.

Monkey Werx also has a blog, and the following quotes are from his “The Systematic Dismantling of America where he states that “What we are witnessing right now folks is the systematic dismantling of our country right before our very eyes, and by the end of this current administration, likely well before, we will be just like Venezuela. Our core values will be gone, there will be no God as the founding basis, the dollar will be obsolete, the economy collapsed and America as we know it will indeed be a third-world country. I know that is a lot to take in, but we need to be prepared for it….. The magnitude of what is about to occur, globally, is unprecedented.” 


Read that last bolded red line again, let it sink in.  We are right now in a state of WAR“The methods of war may change over time, but the ultimate goal does not. The fate of nations hang in the balance. Several factors have aligned over recent decades to bring America to such a defining precipice. Chief among these has been the tacit “compliance” of those on the right to the pernicious, hypocritical, and self-serving agenda of the left.

One of the greatest advantages an enemy can hold over its opponent is the element of surprise. And the willingness of so many Americans on “Main Street” to presume the best of intentions from leftists, even in the face of so much venom and manipulation, has been invaluable to the leftist agenda. Leftist Democrats have been insidiously building their machines of war in the schools, on the nightly news, and in the marble halls of Washington DC for decades, often with total complicity of RINO sellouts.”

The end game of any war is total subjugation of the vanquished, with no recourse available to them. Both the January 6 Capitol Episode and Kyle Rittenhouse’s response to the marauding mobs represent potential threats to this order, which is why leftists intend to annihilate the principals of both events. Leftists think they have won this war. The question needing to be asked is whether “We the People” are ready to surrender?


S-3 Viking sub hunter, spy plane and attack aircraft

The other thing that Monkey Werx shows clearly is the disposition of the nation’s intelligence aircraft.  They fly routes around critical event areas with cell network analyzers and snooping / gathering systems, they fly other electronic intelligence aircraft over our nation at a dramatically higher rate these last few months.  Our military has been putting up a lot more air tankers circling over strategic areas while the fighter aircraft do not show as they have their ID squawk boxes silent.  Many of those are over areas of the East Coast while at the same time the Navy has an increase of submarine hunting aircraft making patterns over our Atlantic coast and into the gulf while at the same time more are scanning the Pacific coast.  Why?  What are they looking for?  It is very much an increase far above any normal training exercises historically.  Also, the increase of flight times and numbers of our emergency command (Doomsday) aircraft has also increased, sometimes showing three at a time over various parts of the nation.  That suggests they fear a possible nuke attack.  Usually they are squawking a fake ID so they are not recognized, so why are they advertising their presence now?

E-4B Doomsday Communications Command Center Jet

The powers that be are instigating civil war while at the same time showing they are worried about an attack from our enemies (primarily Russia and China).  Things are not as they seem, something is very amiss.  What is really going on?

Monkey Werx East Coast threat?

Jeffrey Prather talks about fifth-gen warfare and how Americans can fight for freedom

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