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December 27, 2016

Are 'Mall Brawls' Across America Foreshadowing Chaos Or Full-Scale Revolution Ahead? Map Shows Over 20 'Mall Brawl Staged Event' Locations Spread Across Country

- 2017 Is Fixing Up To Be 'The Year Millions Of Americans Lost Their Minds'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

We've warned time and again on ANP that with 2016 and the presidency of Barack Obama winding down and 2017 and the presidency of Donald Trump soon to begin, those who've proven to the world they don't know how to lose gracefully will likely go down fighting in a hail of fireworks and what we're now witnessing all across America proves that point.

With loony liberal snowflakes and cupcakes still having breakdowns across the country, threatening violence and 'white genocide' more than a month-and-a-half after the election, the massive series of 'mall fights' that took place on Monday, the day after Christmas, in malls all across America should be seen as a sign to us of where this all might be headed in the 3+ weeks ahead until Trump is sworn into office and possibly well beyond.

Knowing as an absolute fact that 'George Soros paid agitators' are already being used to cause chaos here in America, we weren't the least bit surprised to learn that social media was being used to 'stir up' these 'mall brawls' that actually led to a stampede at the Roosevelt Field Mall in Nassau County, New York. Using tactics straight out of Saul Alinsky's book 'Rules for Radicals', are we now witnessing the early stages of full-scale revolution in America, being urged on by social media anarchists and the completely clueless 'useful idiots' on the left? Several other malls were also completely evacuated as America suddenly finds itself heading down what might soon turn into the 'homestretch of collapse and chaos'.


With fights breaking out in malls from Pennsylvania to New Jersey to Kentucky to North Carolina to Arizona to Colorado to Ohio to Indiana to Texas to a woman being trampled in Tennessee and many more US states as seen in the map below, melees and 'scares' broke out nationwide, almost as if some unseen hand was slowly pushing America over the edge. And while USAToday reports that so far, none of those injured in the fights suffered life-threatening injuries, if the globalists continue to push chaos upon America, that could change very, very quickly. In Chicago alone over Christmas weekend, at least 48 were shot, 11 fatally.

It doesn't take too much imagination to see Soros paid agitators putting out messages on Facebook, Twitter and other social media apps that 'a massive brawl is going to take place' at 'XYZ mall in Hoboken' so 'come on down'. Will massive 'flash mobs' be used by the globalists in their attempt to bring down America? And right now, things are still going relatively well for many in America though our nation has been falling to pieces for many years. What happens to those 'flash mobs' and 'mall brawls' when its about life or death and when it's about who gets the last loaves of bread and the last rolls of toilet paper?

We get that answer quickly by simply looking at what's now happening in Venezuela as the people of the country sell their children to give them hope of not starving to death in the future while others hunt down zoo animals and wild cats and dogs in the streets for their next meals in the dangerous fallen socialist nation.

Imagine this scene that played out at the Castleton Square Mall in Indiana if it were playing out under total collapse conditions.:

"They had multiple fights and a couple different resisters and they were all tied up and there were several hundred kids inside the mall running around and there were a couple other skirmishes inside the mall, so they needed assistance so on-duty officers responded and helped and within a matter of minutes, everything was under control back at the mall."

Certainly in a worst case total collapse scenario, everything wouldn't be back under control in a few minutes. However, knowing that packs of teenagers and angry young adults are roaming malls by the hundreds gives us another reason to stay as far away as possible from not only the malls but the cities. As we've long warned on ANP, in total collapse or many other grave emergencies, cities across America will instantly become massive death traps.


In Aurora Colorado, more than 500 teenagers were involved in a incident that required the shutting down of the mall. And while NBCNews reported the series of fights that broke out across malls all across the country didn't appear to be connected, we have to ask, when was the last time you remember this many outbreaks of fights in malls (or at other locations) happening at the same time, all over the country? As ANP reader Zeira wisely asked in a comment earlier today about all of these mall brawls, 'grey terrorism'? Certainly what we're witnessing could be an attempt at destabilization. 

After being alive for more than 100 years between the two of us here at ANP, we can report that there's NEVER been a time that we can remember anything like this happening in so many different places at the same time all across America. And as we're told in the 2nd video below, what we're witnessing are clearly a series of 'staged events'.

With the globalists continuing to push us towards a brutal collapse, as Mac Slavo reported in this story over at SHTFPlan, there are some very obvious places that Americans don't want to be when it all turns ugly. Picking up the map seen below used in this ANP story, we see that every big city in America could instantly become a 'death trap' and for several good reasons. From Slavo.:

It is worth pointing out that the “archipelago” of islands across the vast expanse of the United States that carried the vote for Hillary Clinton during the election – also happens to be a ring of the liberal cities that: a) have exploded with crime, riots and unrest b) have provided sanctuary for millions of illegal immigrants that have destabilized the country c) are going bankrupt and will be unable to fulfill pension obligations, or pay their share of social security, welfare, etc. d) have been foremost in advocating gun control, and ensuring that only criminals and police have guns, while 2nd Amendment arm-bearing citizen have flocked to the rural areas where their rights are not generally restricted e) will be the first places to be become unstable during any major crisis – as soon as grocery store shelves go empty. Martial law will be the only way to maintain stability, and that will come at a further price to liberty. f) will be the first place to line up for FEMA camps and beg for food, shelter and rations, again, at a further price to liberty

Of course, there are many more items that could be added to the list, but it gets tedious, and I think everyone gets the point. Liberal havens have become largely clueless about the real world about them, and have turned a blind eye to the destabilizing forces that are compounding upon them. IF/WHEN the SHTF, these will be the absolute last places you’d want to be caught dead.


With global cash bans set to be one of the main themes of 2017, we see utter desperation in the globalists 'lets ban it as soon as possible' meme as they push for total tyranny in 2017, ready to crush anyone who might get in their way as recently exemplified by their all-out war upon the independent media. Having declared war on the indepedent media, we must remember what 'independent media' means - media and news they have no control over.

Used to having total control over the ideas introduced to the minds of Americans, we're reminded why the MSM is now failing so badly suddenly as 'ideas are bulletproof' and independent media has used the internet to introduce many entirely new ideas to the world. While also reintroducing many 'old but forgotten' ideas, such as 'liberty' (an idea totalitarian dictator-wannabe's find highly repulsive), we see why those who want to control everything hate independent media so .

And as the events of last night in malls across America prove, the internet is also being used to wage what might soon be an entirely new kind of revolution here in America - a 'revolution' with no clear goal seemingly in the minds of those participating in it. Carried out in the cities and suburban malls of America that could quickly take away any 'safe zones' the millenials thought they had if these melees continue to spread in 2017, the year ahead could officially go down in history as the 'year millions of Americans lost their minds' (though many would argue that stage is long past.)

As we hear in the final video below from Infowars, what we're watching now playing out across our country isn't 'normal', unless what we're watching is part of a well-designed plan to take down individual nation states, including America.

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