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July 31, 2018

The 'Vaccine Vampires' Reviving Their 'Doomsday Virus' Warnings Means  It's Well Past Time To Prepare To Fend For Ourselves

- Surviving The Next Pandemic: Whether Natural Or Created In A Basement Lab


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In the graph embedded above which is used in the 2nd video at the bottom of this story titled "Epidemics And The End Of Humankind", we see how the 1918 Spanish flu reached its peak in 4 different locations around the world at nearly the exact same period of time in the cities of New York, London, Paris and Berlin, jumping from what were relatively low mortality numbers to major peaks in deaths within a matter of two months between late September of 1918 to early November of 1918.  

While back in 1918, travel between different countries happened much less frequently than it does now with air travel between nations separated by oceans now as common as the common cold in 2018, many experts have warned that the chance of an 1918-style influenza pandemic breaking out in the world are growing with the world now much more closely interlinked than it was 100 years ago. 

As the Metro UK reports in this new story that both Steve Quayle and the Drudge Report linked to Monday morning, according to what is being called 'a chilling simulation' which was recently conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins University, a new pathogen they're calling 'Clade X', from the Tree of Life as heard in the first video below, could potentially wipe out a huge chunk of the world's population, up to 900 million people they claim, 10% of the world's population, in a relatively short period of time. 


And the way they played out this simulation sounds just like a science fiction doomsday movie where a doomsday cult releases a genetically engineered virus, a possibility that grows ever more real and possible every day with the advent of CRISPR gene-editing technology as close by as an order placed on

Yet as Joe Jarvis over at the Daily Bell reported in this new story,  this 'doomsday virus' that the news is reporting could kill off a huge portion of the world's population is basically 'fake news'. 

"Why Wait For It To Happen? The Media Now Makes Up Stories From The Future" Jarvis reports upon the 'Clade X' pathogen that doesn't exist nor does the fake terrorist organization exist that the Metro story reported upon. 

As videographer 'Richie From Boston' argues in the 1st video below, it's seemingly every year that a new scare warning goes out in the mainstream media about a hypothetical virus or pandemic that could wipe out large chunks of humanity and along with their pushing of 'killer colds' comes the warning "make sure to get your flu shots".

Are all of these warnings of impending killer flu and pandemic just a ratcheting up of tensions designed to get the masses to run to their nearest doctors office or drug store to get the latest poisonous concoction of 'big pharma'? 


As we also see in the stunning graphic above, the average life expectancy of Americans dropped a staggering amount between 1918 and 1919, with the average life expectancy of all races and all genders dropping almost 15 years during that time period before recovering just prior to 1920 to pre-Spanish flu levels.

And while 'Clade X' is just a creation of those studying how best to prepare for such a future pandemic, as the Organic Prepper reports today on this simulation which showed up to 900 million people possibly dead from such a scenario, 'Clade X' really COULD exist and it could become much worse than the simulation predicts.

As we've previously reported on ANP, the growing reasons it 'could exist' are largely because of the growing ability of every-day, ordinary Americans (or basement terrorists) to get their hands upon the kinds of technologies that used to be only available to scientists and within chemistry labs such as CRISPR. From the Organic Prepper story

Over the course of the simulation, John Hopkins demonstrated the ease with which a new virus could kill 150 million people within a year. But the creator of the exercise told Business Insider in an interview that he believes that number is low and that the real tally could be closer to 900 million deaths.

What is the Clade X virus?

Luckily, Clade X doesn’t exist. But, according to experts, it “could.” In fact, it was specifically created by Dr. Eric Toner to be as realistic as possible.

The imaginary virus is “moderately contagious and moderately lethal” and …”there are no effective medical countermeasures.” There is no vaccine for it because it was bioengineered and deliberately released by a cult.

Although the virus in this simulation was manmade, Toner says that the response to this isn’t any necessarily different than what we’d be dealing with in the event of a pathogen that emerged naturally.


And while this simulation and the news reports that have come out since surrounding it could very well be focused upon getting Americans to go get their flu shot injections as we approach flu season, as the Organic Prepper story also pointed out, the simulations also proved just how unprepared and totally vulnerable we are to a pandemic in 2018.  

And whether that pandemic begins as something completely new and natural or something cooked up in a basement lab by ISIS or the corrupt faction of the US deep state seeking to cull Americans, either way, we should be prepared to ride out such a storm upon our own terms. As we all know, when SHTF, we can't rely upon the government as they'll surely have their hands tied up in many locations doing many things. 

So we open up the comment section below to all of your ideas for naturally treating illnesses, whether that be the common cold or the kind of pandemic that the Johns Hopkins University study warns us about. 

Having long been HUGE fans of garlic as an all-natural antibiotic that has cured numerous tooth infections within this household and office, Natural News reported back in 2016 that a study conducted by researchers at Washington University found garlic "can be up to 100 times as effective at treating bacterial infections as most mainstream antibiotics". That's right, garlic is not only anti-viral but anti-bacterial as well. 

And while we're not doctors and cannot offer any medical advice, we are free Americans who know what has worked for us and what we'll go to every time should the common cold strike or we choose not to visit a doctors office to have an antibiotic script written out for us, with common antibiotics vastly over-prescribed anyways.

As the graph at the top of this story showed of the 1918 Spanish flu, the very short-lived peak in deaths from that particular outbreak show that we may also need to be prepared to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world for a short period of time or several months should a pandemic break out. Lessons learned from the deaths of tens of millions 100 years ago could keep us alive today. Thank you so much ahead of time for any tips that you might have to share - they, too, could save somebody's life. 

The final video below shows actual excerpts from the recent 'Clade X' conference along with a summary from videographer JW TV who tells us since they're getting prepared, we probably should as well while we still can. 

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