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May 22, 2021

Mass Mask Madness Hits The Height of Absurdity - Lauren Boebert Tells Nancy Pelosi 'Kiss My Mask'  As Sunday School Teacher Arrested & Cuffed For Protesting School Mask Mandate


Girl with mask painted on her face to enter the store

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The MSM has so petrified liberals across the nation (since they are the only ones that trust the MSM) that we are seeing unprecedented, and frankly unbelievable, headlines and actions being taken by law enforcement, politicians and even crazed media personalities, from one end of the country to the other.

Many might say it was the CDC, or the narcissist Fauci, politics or any number of other reasons are responsible, and they wouldn't be wrong, but the media that preached "follow the science".... until science said the masks used to supposedly help stop the spread of COVID-19 (China virus), no longer need to be worn, takes front center seat here because they have quite literally terrorized millions of liberals.

One perfect example if MSNBC's Rachel Madcow......errrr..... Maddow(?) told her audience that she was going to have to "rewire" her brain to not see unmasked people as threats.

Not only is she still pushing the narrative that unmasking is "scary," but by saying she has to rewire her brain now, indicates strongly that she has been programming her audience of sheep to be terrified before this.

CNN's Chris *Fredo* Coumo, supposedly having already had COVID-19, and being fully vaccinated, thanks to his brother NY Governor Andrew Cuomo offering him and other preferential treatment, is seen driving around, alone...let me repeat...all ALONE, in his convertible, fully masked.

These people are making it very clear that the "follow the science" preaching from them over the past year was utter BS.

Most who are not their audience of the mindless zombies already knew that, but now it is out in the open.


Firebrand Republican Representative Lauren Boebert was recently interviewed by Maria Bartiromo on Fox News, about Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's attempts to continue controlling congressional members by insisting masks be worn on the floor, but not when everyone leaves the public eye of the floor and are in hallways.

Boebert told Fox Business’s “Mornings with Maria Bartiromo” on Friday that Rep. Beth Van Duyne (R-Texas) is being fined $500 for not wearing a mask.

“My good friend Beth Van Duyne is racking up charges, and each and every day, she has to make a decision: do I stand on my principles or do I pay the rent? And, so these are real, these are real effects people are having from her rules. This rule has been in place for quite some time. The fines have been there all along,” Boebert said.

“Everyone is just hearing about them, because we are finally ripping them off saying, ‘To heck with this. Nancy Pelosi kiss my mask.’ So there were many of us who actually stood and said, ‘We're done with these games. You don't know more than the CDC, and if you do maybe that means COVID is more dangerous in the House of Representatives chambers than it is in the hall right outside,’ because there we don't have to wear a mask and there is no fine,” she said.

From what we can tell at least 12 Republican Reps are defying Pelosi "unscientific" mask mandate in the House, which includes another Republican firebrand, Marjorie Taylor Greene, who received her very own warning letter from Pelosi which threatens fines if they do not abide by her dictatorial decree.

Her answer is shown below.

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Ha! Exactly where a letter like that belongs.

Greene wasn't done though as she also went on Real America's Voice and informed viewers that Nancy Pelosi is "mentally ill."

This woman is starting to grow on me.

Sunday school teacher/mom arrested for refusing to wear mask


In New Hampshire things have gotten so insane that police have arrested and cuffed a mother who is also  Sunday school teacher, for refusing to wear a mask at a school board meeting, along with others that are protesting the continuation of the mask mandate.

When Kate Bossi of Atkinson, New Hampshire, attempted to walk into the auditorium where the Timberlane Regional School Board meeting was scheduled to take place, police swarmed her and arrested her for alleged disorderly conduct, according to the New Hampshire Union Leader.

Bossi’s daughter, Jackie Wydola, recorded her mother’s arrest while it happened shortly after the meeting was scheduled to begin.

The sad irony here is the motto of New Hampshire is "Live Free Or Die."

It is also worth noting that New Hampshire state lifted the mask mandate back in April, so it is the Nazi-esque school board members that are responsible for this travesty.

Timberlane Regional District

30 Greenough Rd, Plaistow, NH 03865

(603) 382-6119

Perhaps it is time for New Hampshire to look to Iowa which just passed a law considered the "strongest anti-mask law on the books."

According to the legislation, school boards and superintendents cannot require employees, students or members of the public to wear a facial covering while on the property of a public or accredited private school. Exceptions include when facial coverings are necessary for an "extracurricular or instructional purpose" or required by existing portions of Iowa law governing ear and eye protection. (Des Moines Register)

The law took effect immediately and better yet, the bill covers any future attempts, unrelated to COVID-19, to try to force Iowans to wear a face mask.

Of course Democrats tried to get the Republicans in control to limit this law to just COVID-19, but that motion was rejected.


All across the internet we are seeing liberals absolute freak out over even the mere mention of tossing the masks and living freely again. 

As I asserted at the top of this article, the media is responsible for the majority of the meltdowns we are seeing over masks, whether people harassing those not wearing them or freedom loving Americans fighting back over being required to wear them.

Mass mask madness (say that three times fast!) has truly hit the height of absurdity.

Below is a short compilation from DC shorts showing how crazed the media and our politicians have made Americans about masks.

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