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July 16, 2015

'Prepare For Bank Deposit Theft' - Mayhem Begins As The New World Order Rises


By A Minute To Midnight - All News PipeLine

A Minute To†Midnite- Episode-04- Economic Mayhem -New World Order Rising

In this edition of 'A minute to†Midnite" dated July 15th 2015, Chris and Tony look at what is happening in Greece, China and other parts of the earth, and relate these things back to the long-standing Illuminati plans for a New World Order. They look at how the TPP agreement will be used to give global Corporations ultimate power over sovereign nations. You are warned to prepare for bank deposit theft and global financial collapse.

In the first few minutes they look at some of the relevant news from the past week. This includes discussion on the economic situations in both Greece and China, plus the latest nuclear deal struck with Iran. Chris also takes a look at the latest Debt Clock figures and then discusses the situation in the gold and silver markets. Chris gives his opinion on the "Glitches" in the NY stock exchange.

All these things are related back to the coming economic† collapse and the need to be well† prepared in advance of the crash. This preparation includes our spiritual relationship, food and shelter, and our economic safety.

Tony then discusses Adam Weishaupt and the seven part plan of the Illuminati and relates it to current events and the rising of the New World Order. The discussion comes round to the demise of the family and society and how it is part of the globalist plan.

Chris and Tony offer their opinions on the Trans Pacific Partnership and how this constitutes big step forward in the global elite plans for control o the world. The goal of the NWO is a mix of super capitalism and communism that will give the elites total dominion.

In the last couple of minutes of the show Tony gives out a "Prepping" tip for a simple DIY water purifying system.


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