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December 9, 2020

Media Blackout As Threat Of Violence Called Against 'Trumpers' By Michigan House Democrat Goes Viral  - Message To Liberals: You do not want this civil war to get hotter because you will not win it

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Death threats nor threats of violence or war, should never be part of political discourse. Not from the left or the right side of the aisle.

Throughout the past few years we have seen Democrat politicians (Mad Max) urge their supports to "crate a crowd" aka mob to harass and attack Trump supporters, specifically administration officials. We have seen Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi wonder aloud why there were not more uprisings in the streets. We have seen Rep. Ayanna Pressley encourage violent protesters to continue to protest, and more. We have seen Biden's VP pick Kamala *HeelsUp* Harris call for continued "protests."

We have seen the media allowing  pundits to call Trump supporters rapists, Neo-Nazis, homophobic, (add all the other names they have been calling Trump supporters here) deplorables, without push back. We have also seen the media, specifically CNN's Chris *Fredo* Cuomo and Don Lemon, attempt to justify and defend Antifa rioters, vandals and their domestic terrorism.

If a whacked out conservative threatens someone, it is front page news, for weeks on end about how "violent" they are and the media and Democrats cast blame on President Trump for it, despite him not calling for riots. Furthermore, Republican politicians and conservatives acorss the U.S. condemn such calls for violence.


Now Michigan House Representative Cynthia A. Johnson is calling on her "soldiers" to "make them pay," referring to "Trumpers" as she calls them.

At the beginning of the video below is Johnson's calls for violence, and that is followed up by a peeved American letting Democrats know what awaits them if they listen to Johnson.

When doing a search on a variety of search engines, those reporting about this Democrat politicians calling her "soldiers" to arms to attack "Trumpers," we see conservative websites and Independent Media reporting on it with no coverage from mainstream liberal establishment media as of yet.

Probably attempting to either ignore it hoping it something else will happen to bury it, or trying to coordinate a "spin" to publish across all their liberal outlets.  

Where are the Democrats denouncing this call for violent action against "Trumpers?"

Interestingly, Washington Post did have a story about Johnson, but not about her threat against "Trumpers," but rather bemoaning the threats against Johnson by some very unhinged people, threatening her with lynching and death following her nastiness at a election hearing in Michigan.

Let me state again for the record: We will call out violent rhetoric on both sides. No matter how angered at someone, never should death threats or threats of offensive violence be part of the political discourse.

Highlighting that we have the right to defend ourselves if attacked, is a whole other ballgame. 

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Now, with that said, unlike what we have seen from liberal Democrat politicians, actual seated members of a state congress or the U.S. congress, deliberately trying to incite violence as explained at the beginning of this article, Republican politicians have not been quoted as calling on their supporters to become violent, riot, vandalize buildings or burn down businesses, which is exactly what the protesters were doing when Pressley said they should continue.

 A perfect example of the hypocrisy from the left, including the media, was recently highlighted by a social media statement by the Arizona Republican Party, to which the media howled was "inciting violence" against Democrats.

Via AZ Family:

Late Monday night, the AZGOP account retweeted a Stop the Steal organizer saying he was "willing to give my life for this fight." The AZGOP account then asks its followers, "Are you?"


A second tweet featured the movie character Rambo and the quote, "Live for nothing or die for something."

Shope described the language as hostile and dangerous.

"There are people in this world, in this society, unfortunately, who need a trigger of some sort," said Shope. "That's exactly why you don't usually cross the line."

Lets start with the tweets first. Definite rhetoric that a political party's official social media account should know better than to issue, but no actual call for attacking anyone or rioting, or "uprisings" in the street" as Nancy Pelosi has called for previously.

The tweets are being reported on by the establishment media, while Johnson's threat is not.

That is the first point.

The second point comes from the admonishment by Republican House Speaker Pro Tem, T.J. Shope, when he states ""There are people in this world, in this society, unfortunately, who need a trigger of some sort. That's exactly why you don't usually cross the line."

I have spent a lot of time searching for high profile Democrats, or the media, calling out the violent rhetoric from Pelosi, Waters, Harris, and Pressley, along with some media outlets, and either the stories are hidden very well, or their statements weren't harsh enough for the media to justify acknowledgement, or even more likely, they didn't call them out at all. 


The next major point I want to make, perhaps even more critical in the scheme of things is, we agree, some people just need a trigger, and others shouldn't be blamed for the actions of one.

With that said, if a Republican politician called for "uprisings" continued rioting, or the attack of Biden supporters and/or admin, it is called "triggering" violence from the right. Yet we have seen time and time again over the last few years, where Democrats call for outright violence, encourage riots, deliberately incite those very people that are easily "triggered, "to attack Trump supporters, and we see a media blackout.

The violence, attacks against free speech rallies, riots in multiple liberal cities by Antifa and BLM, supported by Democrat politicians and liberal supporters, the towns and minority owned businesses burned to the groups, have all been perpetrated in the name of Democrat initiatives and policies, such as "defund the police."


Democrats and liberals across America may get triggered easily, but despite their claims to the contrary, they haven't even begin to see conservatives "triggered"...... yet.

I have been watching the chatter online for many years, and have seen and documents many examples of the triggered left enacting domestic terrorism on American spoil.

What I am seeing now should scare the pants off of Democrat liberals because conservatives are now chattering back, saying "enough is enough," and preparing to meet domestic terrorism from leftists groups, head on.

A message to Democrats like Johnson: You don't want this civil war to go any hotter, you will not win on the streets of America.    

ANP has embedded this first video below previously, but for those that did not see, or those new to the site, or even those that need a reminder of how violent liberals have become, and who incited them, we have embedded it again.

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