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May 24, 2021

Media, Democrats Use Same Exact Playbook To Convince Americans To Believe Fake News - Liberal Politicians Just Used Same Scripted Words To Push Propaganda

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

I am sure almost anyone reading this remembers the long list of examples, via video compilations, of dozens+ local news personalities all repeating the exact same lines, and how pundits all used specifically scripted words, as shown during the Trump admin about "bombshells," and "turning points" and the "beginning of the end," all showing that when seen together, news stations are all bought and paid for to pump propaganda.

We start with that because it has just been documented, using Democrat politicians' own social media posts, how members of the Democrat party all robotically repeat the same key words, or virtual signaling words.

For those new that have not seen those MSM clips , here is just one of many examples to show the point.

This has been the media/Democrats playbook for years, repeat the same thing over and over and over ....and over...again in an attempt to program the audience into believing something that simply isn't true.

Well, they are still at it, but this time Democrat politicians and puppets are using social media to repeat the same lie over and over,  in order to convince Americans of "fake" news.

As many already know, there have been a long, growing list of attacks in New York and California, among other places, against Jewish people, with mobs attacking anyone they even perceive as being Jewish.

Videos posted to social media showed extremists yelling “f***ing Zionist” and other similar profanities while holding a Palestinian flag, according to reports. A group of pro-Palestinian extremists, described by one man as “actual terrorists on the streets of New York City,” mobbed a restaurant and spit on patrons because they were Jewish, according to the same man.

“These are not Palestinian terror supporters,” he wrote on Twitter. “These are actual terrorists on the streets of New York City. Attacking diners for one reason. They’re Jewish.”

Over the last week, there are so many different videos of separate attacks, mobs spitting patrons of a restaurant, as the staff valiantly stood in front of those patrons, arms spread, blocking the attacks from those being attacked.  

A car with multiple people in it and a Palestinian flag hanging out the top , chasing down a lone Orthodox Jewish man who can be seen running for his life.

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Those are just two videos out of the dozens found in just the last week when searching YouTube.

While we are seeing pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian protests on the streets of America, video proof shows that the actual physical attacks are against the Jews, I have checked multiple video platforms, and in one both groups clashed after the pro-Palestinians attacked, but in all the others there are mobs attacks against any perceived to be Jewish, by pro-Palestinian groups, liberals and other anti-Semites.

What we aren't finding are video proof of any attacks going the other way around. Jewish persons, and even protesters, are not attacking Muslim in "Islamophobic" hate crime attacks.

No matter how you cut it, Jews in America, while always leaning leftward for some odd reason, have absolutely nothing to do with what is happening in the Middle East.

No one should be physically attacking any whole group of people for nothing more than being who they are.

Which brings us to the DNC scripted key words that Democrats have started repeating ad nauseum about a rise in "Antisemitism and Islamophobia," attacks, despite there being no reports of a rise in Islamophobia, nor an increase in any hate-related attacks against Muslims,

The examples below were collected by Noah Blum, shown in a long Twitter thread:

Had we found examples of a rise in Islamophobia, we would have simply thought they were covering their bases, but we still would have highlighted the wording, making it obvious that the Democrat leadership sent out their memo instructing the puppets of their party to use the exact phrases they preferred in order to convince people there is also been a rise of Islamophobia occurring right now.

There hasn't been, it is all one big lie.

As I see people say snarkily on social media, shows us the video or it never happened.

This is just another example that gives more credence to the assertion that the media, and Democrats (Same!) use the same exact playbook, and collude to convince Americans of fake news, and that what they are actually "seeing" in front of them, isn't true.


We and others have said, and Independent Media readers know, that the Media and the Democrat party are actually one and the same. The MSM is simply the propaganda arm of the Democrat party.

What we are seeing with increasing frequency is the both groups using the exact same playbook, where before when they did it, they tried for some type of subtlety, now they just do it blatantly.

Either that, or the existence of social media is just making it easier to see and prove with screenshots, just as video clips offer proof the media does it.

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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