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April 3, 2018

Is 'Caravan Invasion' An Act Of War Upon America? 'Unarmed Invasions' Are The 'Grand Strategy' Of Covert Warfare 

- Mexico Aids 3rd World Invasion Force With George Soros' Fingerprints All Over It

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While President Trump recently claimed that the 'caravan' of thousands of migrants walking through Mexico and headed towards America means "the US is being stolen", it wasn't lost upon some that a huge number of the mostly Honduran group travelling through Mexico are men, just as we witnessed in Europe with mostly fighting age men pouring in from Syria.

With President Trump once again going on the offensive on illegal immigration, warning that Congress must act to put a stop to it here in America, Tap Wires reports the caravan of illegal migrants marching upon the US border looks more like an army of young male invaders in what their story calls 'an act of war upon America'.

And now we learn in this brand new story from the Daily Caller which the Drudge Report just linked to that President Trump is sending the US military to our southern border, possibly until the wall is built as heard in the 2nd video below.  

As the Tap Wires story also reports, the 'neo-Communist' group that is leading this march, Pueblos Sin Fronteras, is a front group for the Communist International and purports to be an anti-border group but in reality is a tool of Soros and Open Society foundation global governance organization pushing for a borderless world and global government.

Should we be surprised that Soros is somehow connected? As we see outlined in much more detail below in new and old stories from former US Presidential Candidate Dr. Alan Keyes, 'illegal immigration' is absolutely part of a strategy of 'unarmed invasion' that has been used throughout history in covert warfare to overthrow nations. First, from this Guardian story:  

“Mexico has the absolute power not to let these large ‘Caravans’ of people enter their country,” President Trump tweeted. “They must stop them at their Northern Border, which they can do because their border laws work, not allow them to pass through into our country, which has no effective border laws. 

“Congress must immediately pass Border Legislation, use Nuclear Option if necessary, to stop the massive inflow of Drugs and People. Border Patrol Agents (and ICE) are GREAT, but the weak Dem laws don’t allow them to do their job. Act now Congress, our country is being stolen!

Trump’s use of the term “caravans” – also made in a sequence of tweets on Easter Sunday – was a reference to a large group of people who are heading through Mexico, hoping to reach the US border. 


With large parts of Mexico turned into a war zone as Borderland Beat reports in this story which warns that bodies are burning on busy streets in Acapulco as drug-war fueled violence explodes in our southern neighbor, their reports that 4 people were executed while 6 vehicles were set on fire in Acapulco in a day were brushed off as just more standard, every day news as people there become accustomed to the violence and the chaos.

And while we absolutely feel for those who have no choice but to leave war torn countries such as Honduras, trying to seek out a better life for their families, as the disaster called 'California' proves to us, America can't be 'the answer' for everybody. 

As Dr. Alan Keyes asks us in this new story over at Sovereign Nations, with Mexico quite literally helping the mass of illegals invade America, what can be done? Dr. Keys story references this 2010 story he also wrote over at his 'Loyal to Liberty' blog titled "The Green March - Illegal Immigration and the Strategy of Unarmed Invasion". Keep in mind, this was written back in 2010. From Dr. Keys.:

Throughout history one of the key aims in warfare has been the successful implementation of a covert attack. Hannibal defeated and destroyed several Roman armies thanks to his masterful orchestration of battles that made his opponent the victim of such an attack. What he taught at the strategic level, the Romans mastered at the level of Grand Strategy, positioning themselves for the conquest of vast territories under the guise of interventions that seemed innocuous or even helpful to those they intended to dominate.

They invaded and established strongholds of power in the midst of their intended victims camouflaged by declared purposes and intentions that concealed their strategic effect. Often it was only revealed when they exercised the domination it made possible. Their victims slumbered in the delusion of liberty, until the suave accents of diplomacy or arbitration gave way to the curt voice of arrogant command that signified its ruin.

Is this now to be the fate of the USA? In my latest article I characterized the reality of illegal immigration as a foreign invasion. I pointed out that the U.S. Constitution does not require U.S. government authorization before the government of one of the United States responds to an actual foreign invasion. I knew when I wrote it that some people would take exception to the notion that the peaceful mobilization of unarmed civilians can reasonably be called an invasion. They want to dismiss such language as inflammatory rhetoric and hyperbole.


With President Trump going on a 'twitter storm' today over immigration as seen in his recent tweets screenshot above and below, will this 'caravan' marching towards America be the impetus that is needed to get Congress to finally take action? 

With President Trump also saying that DACA is now dead because the 'demon-rats' didn't care nor act while claiming they want NO borders, President Trump is right on the money when he warns no borders will continue to bring drugs and crime to America.

As this recent story over at the Washington Examiner reports as is also pointed out by President Trump in his tweets, Mexico is clearly aiding this invasion of thousands of immigrants trying to get into the US, doing nothing at all to stop them as they recently overran an immigration checkpoint and are marching towards the US unencumbered. 

As we hear in the excellent video below, the 'social safety net' here in America acts as a magnet, drawing illegal aliens from all across the world who want to come here and benefit from a society which Americans have built which they have found offers them all kinds of 'free stuff' though we all know that there is no such thing as 'free' and the American people will end up paying for all of those who illegally come into this country.


With President Trump also threatening to cut off the cash cow for Mexico that is NAFTA, how many terrorists posing as migrants might get into this country via this caravan should they successfully complete their 'invasion'? 

As President Trump himself mentioned prior to his becoming president, Syrian refugees coming into America under Barack Obama who were largely unvetted represented a great potential 'trojan horse' and there have been numerous reports of ISIS terrorists in Mexico close to our southern border dating back several years

Might this 'caravan' be exactly what those who may not have the best intentions in mind need to get into America? And why do males in this caravan so outnumber females? From Tap Wires via the Gateway Pundit:

Observers have said that the group is largely made up of men of fighting age and looks more like an invading army with a huge majority of young males between 15 and 35. Perhaps about one in five are female.

Of course, organizers say that those marching are “refugees” yearning to breathe free. What they really mean is that they want to live free, get free housing, free medical and lots of benefits. They are sad and pathetic because it is tough being poor in violent corrupt countries like Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and other Latin-America countries where governments exist to oppress the poor and rob the middle class while protecting the few at the top including drug cartels, from everyone else.

Mexico, for instance is controlled by a few powerful families who abuse their citizens, suck every possible peso out of the economy and put only enough back to prevent collapse. If you doubt that, follow the money in these countries and check the gun laws in these pits of misery. Citizens are not allowed to be armed. Why? It keeps them from revolting and seeking justice from the thug governments and cartels that enslave and murder them.

But as if on cue the leftist U.S. media is speaking in weeping terms of poor immigrants looking only for a place live in peace and safety. Curiously, they never discuss the corruption that drives these people here. Nor do they ever discuss fixing the real problem which is the corruption of governments like those in Mexico, Honduras and others who use the poor as the slave class in their society.


With people in Europe now fleeing due to the Islamic invasion there as reported in this new story from The New American, with 'no-go zones' now common place across Europe and police ignoring reports of rapes of Western woman when those attacks were carried out by Muslims, it's long been warned that what is happening in Europe should be seen as a warning to America. 

With Christians still being slaughtered for simply practicing their religion while England turns totalitarian, outright banning some conservatives from entry and certainly from speaking freely, the warnings being shouted now by Americans, including President Trump, about this approaching 'caravan' should not be overlooked, especially considering the globalists long-held agenda for a borderless world and George Soros' name thrown into this 'green march' towards America. 

And as Dr. Keyes wisely warned nearly 8 years ago, America was already heading then towards the same kind of 'overthrow' that Europe is now undergoing, sucking away their nations sovereignty while the people who live their suffer under 'soft and covert totalitarianism' growing more open every day. We'll close with Dr. Keyes conclusion to that 2010 story:

Our present so-called representatives in positions of political leadership speak as if the ongoing invasion of the United States, by a force of humanity now numbering in the tens of millions, should be discussed as if it represents no strategic threat to America’s sovereignty and way of life.

At the very least, this bespeaks fatal incompetence. At worst, it gives evidence of studied hostility toward the national existence of the United States. This hostility has become all too commonplace among the educated elites that are now relentlessly maneuvering to become the focus of decisive power in the regime that is displacing America’s constitutional, democratic republic. Whether they pursue the communist shibboleth of dictatorship on behalf of the oppressed masses; or the authoritarian corporatist delusion of the hidden hand of unbridled materialism miraculously producing wealth for all; the result is an administrative tyranny intended to suppress the idea of responsible individual liberty and decentralized self-government that is the heart of the true American dream.

The power of that dream has drawn people to America from all over the world. Ironic that it now powers a strategy of unarmed invasion intended to facilitate the destruction of the very thing that brought and brings them here. Deceitful elements of the elite in all quarters and of all political stripes and persuasions are quietly working to make that happen. Will we allow them to succeed?

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