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June 23, 2015

Truck Driver Exposes Jade Helm Deception - Warns Of ENORMOUS Amount Of Military Equipment Being Moved Under Cover Of Darkness


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

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All across the country, Americans have been bearing witness to a massive buildup of military vehicles, convoys and equipment from coast to coast and in the 1st video below just released on YouTube by 17seventySIX, we get to hear from a truck driver/owner named Lou who tells us of an 'enormous amount of military equipment' that is being transported under the cover of darkness, via independent truckers like himself, using unmarked vehicles. Below video we also learn about the US military occupying Ocala, Florida by the hundreds from the Ocala Post, we see the image above taken in Texas which shows  what we have been told is equipment to store both weaponry and ammunition and anything sensitive and of value; more of this equipment was also recently sighting in Alabama as seen at the image at the bottom of the story. We also hear about a worst-case scenario possibility of US and foreign troops being used to prevent Americans from leaving devastated areas as well as hearing about a strange military convoy in Alabama. 

Telling us that military equipment is being transported regularly on California's route 138, his warning to us begins at the 2 minute mark. From our videographer:

"When this trucker "Lou" tells me how much equipment is being moved under the cover of darkness my mind is blown.. He also said he doesn't want to get involved he doesn't agree with it, he wants no part of it.. Lou told me he has enough money..Truckers and brokers are being offered allot of money to participate but they all know about it.. This is going live in September.. Period.."

According to the Ocala Post in Ocala, Florida, residents shouldn't be too concerned about the military takeover of Ocala as it's only part of 'Operation Guardian' that will culminate on June 25, 2015. In Ocala, hundreds of military vehicles can be seen lining the streets as seen in the picture below but the military says there is nothing to fear, it's just a training exercise. While the Ocala Post contacted the military asking if these exercises had anything to do with Jade Helm 15, the military hadn't yet responded. We also learn below of a military convoy in Alabama where the soldiers involved weren't quite so happy and were acting quite strange according to this SQAlert republished in full below next video.


In the 2nd video from Infowars, Alex Jones breaks down what's unfolding in America and warns us that every western government is preparing for collapse and tells us what he believes the globalists 'end game' is, the complete subjucation and enslavement of the people, at least those who they don't kill off completely. Jones' warning that the peak of this collapse is to occur by 2025 is backed up by whose website tells us that by the year 2025, America's population will be down BY 254 million, to 65 million people from 319 million in 2014. Where will 250+ million people go in less than 10 years? Our GDP per capita will be down to $13,591 from $54,800 in 2014; imagine trying to pay your family's bills on $13,591!

From a reader: Are we close to reaching the worst case possible scenario? Will the US military begin staging MRAPs and M11117  Guardian-type lightly armored battle vehicles (as seen in the stock images below) in bottle necking locations to keep starving citizens from escaping the wasteland that the coastal zones will quickly become if there is a cosmic or other tragic event that may happen at the end of September?

Notice on the turret on that battle car that it does not have an armored mantel over the gun barrel next to it's frontal/glacious plate. Translation: this vehicle is not built for rigorous combat with a determined, well trained and well armed enemy.  It is designed to fight unarmed/untrained/unfed civilians;  with merciless & massive firepower. It is obvious that these vehicles will withstand small arms fire;  but, may have trouble with a AP 50 BMG rd? Is there a plan to keep us in geographic coastal confinement;  and, have eat our dead, in terrible times? Terrible times ahead, I  guess. It seems that we grew up in an evil place and we didn't know it until it was too late.

guardian.jpg guardian_4.jpg

ALABAMA MILITARY TRANSPORT-Most of the time they are friendly and wave at the kids. Not Saturday. Not one single person looked over to the other cars. It was very odd.

My husband and I were headed to Birmingham, AL last Saturday the 13th. On our way, as we were driving through Cullman on highway 65, we saw a huge convoy of what appeared to be military vehicles. Everything from basic hummers to large trucks. A lot of the trucks were transporting generators. Others had tarps strapped over what they were hauling. We both grew up around the Huntsville area and have saw many military exercises due to Redstone Arsenal. Saturday seemed different. The vehicles were driving the speed limit and over. Normally, we see them going a great deal slower and staying close together. Most of the time they are friendly and wave at the kids. Not Saturday. Not one single person looked over to the other cars. It was very odd. I would say there were probably 80 vehicles that we saw. With more still coming off the Cullman exit. All the vehicles were marked with hand written Tn53055s on the driver doors. I've tried to find out if there was some sort of exercise going on but after more than a week I'm still looking. Just thought I would share what we saw. To us, the whole situation seemed very strange.

The next photograph below shows more weapon/ammunition hauling/confiscation equipment in Alabama. This is the 2nd state that this kind of equipment has been photographed in within the past 48 hours. Why?


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