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August 29, 2015

'Trigger Events' May Soon Lead To War In America - More Proof US Military Is Training For Collapse And Civil Disorder - Have We Already Passed The 'Breaking Point'?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the United States and South Korea now staging the biggest ever live drill between the two nations in preparation for something big as shared in the 2nd video below, just one of the myriad events taking place on the international stage that signal the coming 'end game', Alex Jones takes a look at some of the signs we're still seeing on an increasing basis here in America that prove our own military is preparing for domestic disorder in our own country in the 1st video. He also warns us if the worst case scenarios come to pass, Americans may soon be welcoming the military in the streets and the 'police state' to restore order.

Jones tells us that while the globalists are trying to maneuver our society into a position where Americans will soon be begging for protection, he also warns that the 'infowar' is about making sure that America never goes down that path where Americans feel they need the military in the streets for protection.

While Jones begins with a story reported on ANP days ago about a massive drill in Florida that Fort Bragg troops will be taking place in, he quickly moves into this preparation all across the country as being for economic collapse taking place and a George Soros backed race-war - 'trigger events' that will be used to paint peaceful, patriotic Americans as 'terroristic'.

We see the horrifying story out of Houston, Texas of a coward who took the life of a Sheriff's Deputy only days after a radical black group called for killing cops and lynching whites, should BlackLivesMatters now be held responsible for the murder of Deputy Darren Goforth after members of the BLM movement went on a radio show encouraging others to 'turn the tide' and 'send a message' by executing cops and whites? You can hear that call for terror in the 3rd video below - a call for executions. How are they allowed to get away with such speech? Advocating for violence is a crime, is it not?


Will Soros' push for race war in America lead to law-abiding Americans of all races pleading for the US military and militarized police to take over US streets, small towns and big cities... ie, will Americans soon be begging for martial law in America? As Mac Slavo says in this story on SHTFPlan, what we are watching now unfold in Florida with Fort Bragg troops borders on disaster.:

Slightly below the surface, these Fort Bragg Army engineers are also training this time in Florida to assist local authorities in the event of domestic disorder and potential chaos prepared to quell civil unrest, riots, mass unrest or even the aftermath of terrorist attacks.

Scenarios which could all be really coming to America.

And thats when the potential for martial law kicks in.

ABC11 out of North Carolina reports:

Early Friday morning, more than 300 20th Engineer Brigade soldiers prepped convoys. Over the next five days they will join more than 400 additional troops in an Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise.

While the soldiers may be called on domestic or foreign disasters, this exercise is about the home front, and how to handle a situation thats overwhelming to local and state officials.

Its absolutely essential to ensure trained and ready forces, Gilberti said. I dont believe were never not ready. You can never be ready enough.

This domestic training, under the Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise, is coinciding with a very unstable period of stock market collapse, economic distress, hard times for many ordinary Americans and the potential for much more yet to come.


So there we have it....directly from ABC11 in North Carolina. "THIS EXERCISE IS ABOUT THE HOME FRONT, AND HOW TO HANDLE A SITUATION THAT'S OVERWHELMING TO LOCAL AND STATE OFFICIALS." Americans begging for the US military in the streets. Isn't that just what George Soros and the globalists want? America, we're much better than falling for Soros' race war...all of humanity is counting upon us. With the horrifying killing of an innocent man in Houston who was only doing his job and the calls by terrorists to murder cops and whites, is it already far too late? Have we already passed the breaking point?


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