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May 6, 2019

More Than 80 'High Risk' Afghan Pilots Trained By The Pentagon Are AWOL In America - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?†

Flashback To September Of 2001 - Is Another Massive Attack Upon America In Play?†


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Let's flashback really quickly to September of 2001.

As CNN had reported in this September 14th, 2001 story saved at Archive†following the horrific attacks on 9/11 that permanently launched the 'war on terror', several of the highjackers who took down the planes on that fateful day had been trained to fly at US flight schools, with the FBI for years under Louis Freeh and his successor, Robert Mueller (who took office on September 4th of 2001 by the way!) knowing all about 'terror pilot training' but doing nothing about it.† †

Now let's fast forward back to May of 2019.†

We couldn't help but get a feeling of 'deja vu' just days ago when we read this story over at Stars And Stripes which reports that the Pentagon had quietly decided to end a program training Afghan Air Force pilots in the US after nearly half of the course attendees simply 'disappeared' into America according to a report by a DOD watchdog released this past week.†

With these Afghan fighter pilot disappearances coming at a time when the corrupted faction of the deep state is finally under investigation in America after their very real Soviet-style coup attempt against President Donald Trump†failed miserably, we've long been warned that those who've likely carried out false flag after false flag in America would attempt to carry out one or two more gigantic ones in an attempt to get out of the mess that they're in and these missing Afghan fighter pilots potentially present them with just such an opportunity.

Why would nearly half of the Afghan fighter pilots that the Pentagon was training simply 'disappear'? Maybe an even better question would be, why would the Pentagon still be providing pilot training to people who may not have America's best interests in minds? Didn't the Pentagon learn their lesson following 9/11? While Task and Purpose recently reported that those pilots that didn't go AWOL were shipped back to Afghanistan to complete their training, their story also reported these pilots were training on an AC-208,†a Cessna that fires Hellfire missiles. Anyone else see a potential problem with this?†

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As Breitbart News reports in this new story about this debacle, 83 of the 152 Afghan pilots who went AWOL (out of a total of 320 who were in the program) are STILL missing and unaccounted for and the Pentagon watchdog agency deemed these missing pilots as 'high risk'. And while those missing pilots could have very well just disappeared into the US to begin new lives living here illegally, as Breitbart also reported,†Taliban jihadists have infiltrated the Afghan security forces.

Their story also offered this stunner that helps to explain why 'the wall' isn't being built: the United States has devoted over $83 billion of its $133 billion nation-building effort to developing and training the ANDSF. So once again, while we're spending hundreds of billions of dollars on the military expenses of other nations, America's southern border remains wide open like a hooker's legs while those who we're spending billions of dollars of taxpayer money to train simply disappear into the wild blue yonder.†

And quite interestingly, a google search for "Afghan Air Force pilot training program in US ends after nearly half go AWOL" finds stories from Fox News, the Air Force Times,, The Hill, Stars and Stripes, Breitbart, Task and Purpose and even the Daily Mail but nothing from the mainstream media here in America. If the MSM isn't reporting upon it, does that mean this story being reported upon by all of those military outlets is 'fake news'? Perhaps more importantly, why isn't the MSM reporting upon this story?†

As each of the top voted comments seen below from this Daily Mail story bluntly stated:

"Imagine my shock. Train pilots who would love to rain death on our country, makes 0 sense."†

"Isn't that special! Haven't we learned anything yet?"

"How long before we find these same people raining down in aircraft onto our buildings?"

"Afghan "pilots" have been going AWOL FAR FAR longer than most people know. This isn't something that's been happening for the last 5 years or even 10 years, it's longer than that. I was in the service in Texas and we were briefed on this in 2007, by that time over 50 of them were AWOL and couldn't be located."

Might tomorrow's Islamic jihadis, trained by our own government to kill, now be on the loose here in America?†


While we are very thankful that President Trump recently had a very productive talk with Russia president Vladimir Putin about a number of things, including Venezuela, the Ukraine and the Russian witch hunt, and while that talks hints of peace between our two nation's ahead, we've also long been warned:

"For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape."

And while some might ask "why would anyone want a nuclear apocalypse?", as the National Review had reported within this September of 2015 story, 'apocalyptic Islam' NEEDS just that to bring upon the planet their anti-Christ 'mahdi'. So if there really are radical Islamist holdovers from Barack Obama's government still within President Trump's administration or even 1 or 2 of these still missing pilots subscribe to that apocalyptic viewpoint, we have our answer to that question.†

So with the corrupted faction of the deep state potentially on the ropes, as Dr. Ron Paul warned within this Paul Joseph Watson story over at Infowars as is also heard in the 2nd video below, a false flag event could ignite a war in Venezuela that America might never be able to get out of without Russia/China getting involved too. Dr. Paul specifically warns of a possible assassination of Juan Guaido carried out by agents of the deep state but blamed upon Nicolas Maduro that launches Venezuela further into violence, possibly leading to a US invasion.†

And with possibly at least 83 Afghan fighter pilots trained by the Pentagon still AWOL and possibly still here in America with sinister intentions, we should keep our eyes and ears open for any 'event' involving a C-208 Cessna or hellfire missiles with many jihadis wanting nothing more than to strike a fatal blow to not only America but Western civilization.†

The first video below takes a look at some new news out of Venezuela where their President Nicolas Maduro has ordered the Venezuelan military to prepare to defend their nation from an invasion while in the 2nd and final video below, we hear about Dr. Ron Paul's warning of a potential false flag attack that potentially gets the US into a no-win war with Russia.†

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