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August 6, 2015

Cremation Convoys And Operation Chaos - Is This How America Comes To An End?


(Photo above shows mobile crematorium used by the Nazi's)

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

After receiving a great deal of feedback from our readers following a story by Susan Duclos from July 29th called "White Vans Taking People Away, Never To Be Seen Again! Are They Slated For FEMA Camps, Extermination In 'Smokies?'", we have decided to do a follow up to share with our readers what we have since learned including a warning from a former high ranking US Army officer who claims to have seen 'cremation convoys' in America. The eye-opening 2nd video below called 'Strange Cases Of Missing People 411' looks in great depth at missing people in America and the unusual attitude that the National Park Service, where many Americans have vanished, has towards them. The video is based upon 7000 hours of investigation. 

With the criminal elite doing all that they possibly can to bring a sudden end to America sovereignty as shared by The Alex Jones Channel in the newly released 1st video below, we also take a look at Jones' warning that the 'elites' are using chaos in 3rd world nations to destabilize western governments to ensure they're able to bring in their 'new world order' before enough Americans and people around the world wise up to put a stop to it. Is 'Operation Chaos' how America comes to an end and is all of this more proof that a 'depopulation agenda' exists and those who perpetuate it don't have Americans best interests in mind?


In an email sent to ANP republished below, we read the claim from a former high-ranking US Army officer who himself has seen what he knows to be 'mobile crematoriums' and tells us why they are allegedly using these convoy trucks in America now. Telling us that the homeless are the 1st target likely to be followed by the 'millions on the red and blue list' according to his claim, we're likely now witnessing a 'pilot program'. 

Sharing with us that these 'cremation convoys' have been spotted for at least the past 6 years, we surely hope that this email is completely unjustified but as with much of what we're watching unfold and reporting, we are not here to tell our readers what to think like the mainstream media does but let our readers judge for themselves all the different possibilities. Let's all hope this one is wrong. This email was in response to Susan's previous story.:

Homeless people are the epitome of non-producers, with the exception of  the current ‘welfare book-riding-crowd’ who are demanding justice. The former/latter ‘groups’ are not armed for the most part; therefore the N.W.O. in-country forces can easily ‘practice’ or hone their skills on the homeless first.  The LORD REVEALED TO BROTHER BOB, THIS LATTER raucous GROUP WILL, ”GET WHAT THEY WANT BUT THEY WON’T WANT WHAT THEY GET!”.. AND A RIDE IN A “SMOKIE” COULD WELL BE ‘THE FINAL SOLUTION’ FOR THEM.

Next up, I suppose, would be FEMA’s Red and Blue-listed millions as soon as guns can be outlawed and confiscated. But, in the meantime, WHY NOT ‘de-litter’ the streets in a “pilot program”. Seems logical if you’re a globalist – Agenda 21-type thinker/operator. 

Cremation Convoys

The mobile cremation convoys have been spotted in the past 6 years out west in two states (one was Texas and the other was Montana) as well as going south on I-81 near Winchester, Virginia. 

The convoy (the one on I-81) consisted of three, ten-passenger Army odd-colored vans with an 18-wheeler following closely, sprouting an 8-inch smoke stack at the right rear of the trailer. 

Carbon stains were in evidence rearward of the stack! Then next vehicle was a Humvee with what appeared to be a shrouded .50 caliber maching guna (barrel end was not a .30 caliber muzzle) mounted in the center of the vehicle. The 6th vehicle was an ambulance with a 'red cross' white circle with the standard red cross in the center. This convoy was all olive drab in color. 

While many would call 'mobile crematoriums' and 'cremation convoys' an outrageous conspiracy theory, we learn in the 3rd video below that the Russians are using them now to dispose of the bodies of soldiers in the Ukraine. The photos directly below showing one of these units were taken from this story at Business Insider as well as screenshot from video.



Alex Jones takes a look at all of the chaos that we are witnessing now unfolding across America and other western nations and warns us that has all been planned out to destabilize our nation. We can just look at what is happening in America every day to understand where Jones is coming from. The 'elite' have a plan for America - is their plan in the best interests of Americans?

This next video below is based upon a 7000-hour, 3+ year investigation into 28 clusters of missing people across the continent. We're told that this is something that has never been exposed before and was a shocking find for the researchers themselves. While this particular video doesn't necessarily investigate solely the missing homeless but people who ventured into national parks and other government owned property never to be seen again, we find it very unnerving that SO MANY people just 'disappear' into thin air in America. For those who would like to help put an end to this mystery, a petition has been launched to hold the Department of Interior accountable for all of the missing people in America's national parks. You can sign the petition here.

According to the Business Insider story linked previously, Russia is burning its' own soldiers in the Ukraine. Is this what the 'cremation convoys' alleged to be in America look like, too?

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