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October 28, 2018

Roundup For Breakfast: Every Kid's Breakfast Cereal Sampled Tests Positive For Monsatan's Weed Killer As Two New Studies Hint Of 'Water Wars' Ahead

- America's 'Breadbasket' Forecast For 'High Likelihood Of Hydro-Political Interaction' 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While CNN has understandably become one of America's biggest punching bags and laughing stocks since President Trump got into office and America officially 'awakened' to the them being the 'Clinton news network' and peddlers of globalist propaganda, they still do put out a story from time to time that must be highlighted to understand where our country is and where we may be going and recently they put out one such story.

Reporting on October 24th that dozens more breakfast foods have tested positive for 'trace' amounts of the weed killer Roundup, with common breakfast foods including Honey Nut Cheerios and MANY other kids breakfast cereals found to contain it, the story over at EWG that is a source for the data contained in this study reports these new tests found glyphosate, one of the main ingredients in Monsanto's Roundup, in ALL kids cereals that were sampled. All but two of the 28 samples had levels of glyphosate above EWG’s health benchmark of 160 parts per billion, or ppb. Full list of cereals containing Roundup in this latest round of testing found here

And while neither CNN nor any other globalist mainstream media outlets will ever tell us that deadly poisons in childrens cereals might be part of a sinister globalist depopulation agenda, nor would they even dare to ask the right questions, as we see detailed within this ANP story, attempting to avoid cancer causing poisons in our breakfast foods shows the results of just one new study, with two others suggesting food troubles ahead and potentially beginning right here in America's 'breadbasket'. 

As we see detailed below, two recent studies by different research groups have shown that 'water wars' may be ahead as the world heads towards what one researcher claims could be a possible reprise of the worst drought leading to famine known to mankind, with another recent Daily Mail story warning of potentially huge riots and conflicts as a result.  


Back on October 17th, Zero Hedge published a story in which they reported upon a new warning from scientists at Washington State University who had just published a report about what is known as the Great Drought, the most destructive drought of the past 800 years, which is alleged to have claimed the lives of 50 million people. 

Reporting that this 'Great Drought' took place during the 1870's and was known for widespread crop failures across Asia, Brazil, and Africa, the ZH story also reported  the drought "was connected to the most extreme manifestation of the El Nino supercycle ever recorded."

The same day as the Zero Hedge story, the Daily Mail also published a story which contained the map seen below showing where experts now feel that water shortages will be coming in the future with their title "Where riots will break out because there's no more water" hinting at Biblical droughts ahead.

And as the Zero Hedge story emphasized, the worsening famine, could "lead to severe shocks to the global food system." With Earth Sky reporting today that NOAA has issued their 2018-2019 winter weather alert for the US, and an 'El Nino' year ahead for us, they forecast: "3/4 of the United States is more likely to be warmer-than-average than colder-than-average this winter, according the NOAA report, and western drought is likely to persist or worsen". The Zero Hedge story also reports upon what researchers believe led up to the 'Great Drought'.

"This is the first time that somebody is taking multiple sources of data -- like rain gauges and tree-ring drought atlases that let us go back 500 and 800 years (respectively) -- as well as multiple datasets of past climatic conditions, to quantify the severity of this event and the severity of the conditions that led to it," Singh said.

"The length and severity of the droughts promoted the Global Famine, aided in no small part by one of the strongest known El Ninos, the irregular but recurring periods of warm water in the tropical Pacific Ocean. That triggered the warmest known temperatures in the North Atlantic Ocean and the strongest known Indian Ocean dipole -- an extreme temp difference between warm waters in the west and cool waters in the east. These, in turn, triggered one of the worst droughts across Brazil and Australia," said WSU.

Singh said natural variations in sea-surface temps induced the drought, a similar weather event could occur today, but a lot worse. With rising greenhouse gases and global warming, the researcher said El Nino events could become intensified in the future, in which case, "such widespread droughts could become even more severe."


And with large parts of the United States actually in the 'high' category of the likelihood of 'hydro political interaction' as we see in the map above and the next map below, with their forecasts of conflict much higher than we had expected, the fact that they believe mid-America, our 'breadbasket' to have AS potentially high likelihood of chaos as parts of Africa is a bit concerning. 

First, let's take a look at some of the reasons why they're expecting danger ahead from this Daily Mail story.

A team of scientists from the European Commission's Joint Research Center (JRC) used a novel machine learning method to identify 'pre-conditions and factors' that might lead to depleting water resources in certain areas, particularly those that contain water sources shared by bordering nations.

They also determined that the two dominant factors leading to 'hydro-political issues' are climate change and increasing population density.

While water scarcity isn't the only trigger for warfare, it's a major contributor.

'Competition over limited water resources is one of the main concerns for the coming decades,' the scientists explained.

'Although water issues alone have not been the sole trigger for warfare in the past, tensions over freshwater management and use represent one of the main concerns in political relations between riparian states and may exacerbate existing tensions, increase regional instability and social unrest.'


With the forecast likelihood of water chaos as high across our breadbasket in mid-America as it is across parts of Africa, India and China, and much higher than most of the rest of the world, we keep coming back to Deagel's forecast of mass depopulation for the United States by 2025, a forecast that remains to this day at 100 million by that year. 

As we've asked numerous times on ANP, how might America's population drop from 327 million in 2017 to only 100 million in less than 8 years from now? No other nation in Deagel's forecast shows such a huge 2025 drop though as we've pointed out previously on ANP, other nations showing huge depopulation being forecast include many 'Western' nations including France, the UK, Germany, Canada and Israel.  

And while we completely understand why some still label Deagel's forecast numbers as nothing more than a 'conspiracy theory', we'd also previously reported the sources for their forecast numbers ARE the 'deep state' and 'world government', including the US Department of State, the CIA, the World Bank and the European Union among many others.

Deagel's primary function is keeping track of the holdings and orders of military equipment, weaponry, and vehicles including air, sea and land with the exact numbers of things such as attack submarines, ballistic submarines, electronic attack aircrafts, gunship aircrafts, amphibious assault vehicles and the list goes on as seen in the screenshot below. So why is someone who has such exact numbers on US military equipment, and who uses the 'deep state' and 'global government', also forecasting mass depopulation coming to America as seen in the 2nd screenshot below? 



While Deagel suggests that their forecast for a huge part of the US population that is here now will be gone by 2025 is based upon "a confluence of crisis with a devastating result" ahead for America, their explanation (which can be found at the bottom of this page in light purple) also warns America's fall "will be far worse than the fall of the Soviet Union". 

So whether being poisoned by monsatan's poisons in our breakfast foods or 'water wars' coming to America, we hope that all ANP readers are prepared for the days, weeks and months ahead, especially with America having now entered a violent period of time with Saturday's synagogue shooting, bombs or fake bombs being sent through the mail, leftist politicians calling for incivility and madness breaking out across America. 

And we ask that ANP readers please pray for unity and healing for America in the days and weeks ahead while hoping that President Trump finally lifts the veil on long hidden truths, truths that Americans really need to learn so that millions can have a return to sanity while lifting the darkness that has long covered the globalists agenda. An agenda that saw the selling out of America to the highest bidder while globalist corporations such as monsanto ran roughshod all over our food supply, our farmers and our lives.

In the 2nd and final video below our videographer asks if the upcoming water shortages, water wars and water chaos have been engineered by the globalists in their continued mad pursuit to take down humanity. 

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