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August 31, 2019

With Technologies Available For Conducting Secret Warfare Using The Weather, Americans Should Prepare With Monster Hurricane Dorian Approaching And A Forecast For A Brutal Winter Ahead

- 100 Years Of Weather Modification Patents Proves Its No 'Conspiracy Theory'  

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With monster Hurricane Dorian bearing down upon Florida and the US East coast and more than 7.5 million Floridians possibly in its pathway being warned they could lose power as what could be a potentially huge storm poised to strike over the next several days, we first wanted to let all of our Florida and Southeast Coast readers know that our hearts and prayers are with you all with Susan Duclos' entire family also in Florida while taking a look within this story at 'hurricane preparing' and 'winter weather' preparing as well as looking at some 'weather modification patents' that prove 'weather modification' is no 'conspiracy theory'. 

We weren't the least bit surprised that with Dorian still several days out, the food was flying off of the shelves at many stores in Florida, which also happens in many places all across America, especially up and down the 'East Coast megalopolis' whenever a massive snowstorm strikes, leaving store shelves emptied all over the big east coast cities and suburbs regularly. 

So with the 2020 Farmer's Almanac having just released their winter forecast calling for a brutal winter across much of America with 'colder-than-normal' temperatures, above-average precipitation expected and lots of 'F-words' thrown into the mix: "freezing, frigid and frosty", they report this winter will bring America a 'Polar Coaster' though nowhere in their Winter forecast do they mention our weather being 'modified'. 

So while the next few sections of this story will look at hurricane and winter prepping, as we'll explore in the final section of this story, secret technologies have long been available to the global elite and even state governments which allow them to manipulate the weather to their advantage. As we see in this extensive list of weather modification patents dating back to 1920 at the Geoengineering Watch website of Dane Wigington as also heard in the final video at the bottom of this story, this is no 'conspiracy theory'. 

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While it is looking now like the state of Florida may escape the full wrath of Hurricane Dorian's arrival in America as it appears that it may just skirt the coast and move northwards towards Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland, as anybody who has been through a hurricane knows, being prepared for what is being unleashed by the weather can make the difference between life and death with huge potential power outages ahead, 'panic shopping' already emptying out store shelves of food and supplies and in general, the 'masses' being completely unprepared for such 'outside-the-box' events as a hurricane. 

Susan Duclos had lived in Florida for many years and had lived through 2 major hurricanes down there so I've asked her what she recommends in case a major hurricane striking and her prepping list consists of.:  

Sterno 70308 Outdoor Folding Camp Stove

Chafing Gel Dish Fuel 12 Cans (3.78 Oz) with Dishing Spoons Included - Long 2 Hours Burning Time for Heating Food or Meals | by Sterno

Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern, LED Lantern, Suitable for Survival Kits for Hurricane, Emergency Light, Storm, Outages, Outdoor Portable Lanterns, Black, Collapsible, (Batteries Included) by Vont

GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight S1000 [2 PACK] - High Lumen, Zoomable, 5 Modes, Water Resistant, Handheld Light - Best Camping, Outdoor, Emergency, Everyday Flashlights

GreenLight Diamond Strike on Box Matches, 32 Count (Pack of 10) by Diamond

WaterStorageCube BPA Free Collapsible Water Container with Spigot, Camping Water Storage Carrier Jug for Outdoors Hiking Backpack & Survival Kit, Foldable Portable FDA Water Canteen 1.3/2.6/5.3 Gallon

EVERLIT 250 Pieces Survival First Aid Kit IFAK Molle System Compatible Outdoor Gear Emergency Kits Trauma Bag for Camping Boat Hunting Hiking Home Car Earthquake and Adventures

IPG - Bunker Hurricane Tape, 2.83" x 60 yd, White (Single Roll)

Surecan CRSUR5G1 Gasoline CAN, 5.0 Gallon, Red

Premium Family Emergency Survival Bag/Kit – Be Equipped with 72 Hours of Disaster Preparedness Supplies for 4 People

And we cannot forget having a generator just in case power outages last for longer than a short while. 

DuroStar Hybrid Dual Fuel DS10000EH 10,000-Watt Portable Generator

Champion 3800-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator with Electric Start

Duromax XP4850EH 3850 Running Watts/4850 Starting Watts Dual Fuel Electric Start Portable Generator

DuroStar DS4000S, 3300 Running Watts/4000 Starting Watts, Gas Powered Portable Generator

Champion Power Equipment 48034 25 ft. 30A 125V Generator Power 3750 Watts (L5-30P to Three 5-15R) Extension Cord, yellow

And as Susan reported in this August 22nd story titled "More Signs The Clock Is Ticking And Americans Only Have A Limited Window To Get Ready: Once The Food Crisis Hits, It Will Already Be Too Late To Prepare For The Erupting Chaos", having a good supply of long-term emergency survival food on hand can never hurt. Susan has lots of long-term survival food options available in that story


This September of 2014 story over at An American Homestead titled "Prepping For An Off Grid Winter" gives us plenty of excellent suggestions on 'Winter Preparing', suggesting that we do so from that very worst case angle of 'what if there was NO electricity to heat the house' so we'll look at this section of this story from that dreaded possibility. 

How many people reading this would be prepared to make it through the winter should the electrical grid go down, taking most home heating system's along with it? As the author of this American Homestead story points out, she and her husband have now lived completely off grid for two winters so what she shares with us is tried and proven and immediately, she emphasizes we'll need to keep the house warm and if one doesn't have a fireplace to do so, a good wood stove might be a great investment. From their story.: 

This picture hangs on the wall in my kitchen (ANP: seen above). Doesn’t it look quaint and charming? The reality is that winter can be a difficult time. We had our first taste of cool weather this last weekend. I’m reminded that fall is just around the corner and it’s time to think about getting our homestead ready for winter. I’m putting together our “prepping for winter” to do list and I thought I would share it with you. The Farmers’ Almanac is calling for another really COLD one and we want to be ready!

I have now experienced two winters living off grid. It can be a challenging time! But each year, I feel like I am a little more prepared. When I lived in an electric house in St. Louis, I spent very little time outside during the winter. If my family went anywhere, I always warmed up the car before we were ready to go. The house was warm, the car was warm, and usually so was our destination. We had some warmer layers for playing out in the snow, but it wasn’t a daily activity. Living off grid actually requires some preparation, and not just in relation to clothing. So, here’s our to do list in no particular order.


You can never have enough wood. We heat our entire home with our wood stove. My husband and dad have already started to pile up wood for the winter. When I see the piles of wood, it makes me so happy! I know I will be warm. They have chosen to purchase “slab” wood from a nearby mill. The cost is $20 for 1 ton (2000 pounds) and they plan to buy seven tons to get us through the winter.

Slab wood is generated from the round edges of wood that is a “waste” product after cutting logs into boards. It is a good choice for firewood for us because it is cheap and the mill is located close-by. It burns really hot and is good when you are available to feed your fire regularly because some of the pieces can be a bit small. Our overnight wood of choice is big logs that can burn all night. We will find and cut these from fallen trees on our property.

Wood Stove.

The chimney needs to be cleaned. I’m thankful that is my husband’s job! We rely on our wood stove for more than just heat in the winter. It was not made as a cook stove, but I cook with it anyway. I’m able to use the inside for cooking and baking in a cast iron dutch oven. I use the surface on the top for slow cooking with a trivet under a dutch oven. Think of it like an off grid crockpot.

With that last paragraph helping detail the outstanding benefits of wood stoves, in that you can generally cook food upon them as well, imagine how handy something like that would be when the regular gas or electrical stove no longer works and the microwave oven is finally, and thankfully, 'caput' in a long term or permanent 'grid down scenario'. Much more from the American Homestead story here


Below are several different options available for wood stoves and as we see in the picture above showing the cord-and-a-half of wood that we just had delivered to ANP 2 days ago, (then stacked ourselves - the old muscles are FEELING it!), thanks to all of the amazing donations from you, ANP readers, we're getting ourselves prepared for this coming Fall and Winter. We use fires nearly daily to heat our home/office here because the cost of heating with propane ran us well over $2,000 for several winter's running.

Pleasant Hearth VFS2-PH30DT 30000 BTU Vent-Free Gas Stove, 32"

US Stove 1269E Small EPA Certified Cast Iron Logwood Stove, 54,000 BTUs

Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Stove 

US Stove BSK1000 Cast Iron Barrel Stove Kit

For those who want to cook on a wood stove, having a good dutch oven comes in handy!

Even having a fireplace or a wood stove in one's home, sometimes we'll find ourselves in an emergency situation, such as in a broken down car, where keeping warm could be a matter of life or death so as the American Homestead story also points out, having warm clothing, extra batteries, flashlights or lanterns, food and water, proper bedding and ways to do laundry are absolutely necessary prepping items. 

Sustain Supply Co. 9-08400Premium Emergency Survival Bag/Kit – Be Equipped with 72 Hours of Disaster Preparedness Supplies for 2 People

MIRMARU Men's 5 Pairs Multi Performance Outdoor Sports Hiking Trekking Crew Socks

JOYCA & Co. 3-5 Pairs Womens Multicolor Fashion Warm Wool Cotton Thick Winter Crew Socks (ANP: Susan absolutely loves these socks!) 

Primacare HB-10 Emergency Foil Mylar Thermal Blanket (Pack of 10), 52" Length x 84" Width

Kangaroo Emergency Thermal Blankets (Pack of 10)

HeatMax Hot Hands 2 Handwarmer (40 Pairs)

Coleman Two-Mantle Propane Lantern with Case

The Winter Survival Handbook: 157 Winter Tips and Tricks (1) (Outdoor Life)

SE EB122OR Survivor Series Emergency Sleeping Bag Kit

Renogy 2Pcs 100W 12V Solar Panel 200W High Efficiency Module Off Grid PV Power for Battery Charging, Boat, Caravan, RV and Any Other Off Grid Applications


So with absolutely brutal weather now bearing down upon Florida and parts of the Southeast coast of the US and the Farmer's Almanac calling for an absolutely frigid winter ahead, the first two videos below from City Prepper and the Canadian Prepper take a look at preparing for both of those scenarios with the Canadian Prepper video called "10 Steps To Survive A Winter Power Outages" while the 1st video from City Prepper is titled "How To Prepare For A Hurricane, Before, During And After". 

In the 3rd and final video below, our videographer goes over all of the different 'weather modification patents' that are available for anyone to look up online which prove that 'weather modification programs' have long been used by government's and different state agencies to 'manipulate the weather' despite the msm calling 'weather modification programs' a 'conspiracy theory'. And while we're unable to prove that Hurricane Dorian is being 'manipulated', with Canada's former Prime Minister hoping that Dorian provides a direct hit on President Trump's Mar-A-Lago, we wouldn't put anything past the globalists! 

An absolute must-read on 'weather modification' is Steve Quayle's book "Weather Wars & Un-Natural Disasters" within which he warned: "Technology will make available, to the leaders of the major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of security forces need be appraised… Techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm." And as always, we open up our comment section to you for any and all advice, links, videos etc. that you might like to share on hurricane or winter weather prepping. Your advice could save someone's life. 

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