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December 29, 2021

Evidence They Knew How Deadly 'The Inoculation' Would Be Long Ago - US Senator 'Accidentally' Says 'MILLIONS Of People Died From The Vaccine', While Demonizing Those Who Refuse It!

- Like Foreign Countries, The Most Inoculated States Are Now Witnessing Exploding Case Numbers 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With Joe Biden tucking his tail between his legs and scurrying off to his Delaware Beach House after telling US governors that 'there is no federal solution on COVIDand 'it should be solved at the state level', doing a total about face on his own October of 2020 statement that 'he had a plan to get COVID under control', we're about to witness why 'self-sufficiency' will be so important in 2022 America.

As the Daily Mail reports in this new story, already 7 US states have seen COVID cases at least triple since 'Omicron' the 'Moronic' came rolling in, with some of the most-vaccinated states, including New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Ohio, Delaware, Rhode Island and Maryland, allegedly seeing huge spikes in cases, though no one in the MSM is talking about how heavily vaxxed those states are.

More evidence of what we've seen across the world in the most heavily vaccinated countries as Forbes had reported in this May of 2021 story titled "Covid Surges In 4 Of 5 Most Vaccinated Countries—Here’s Why The U.S. Should Worry", the mainstream media and US politicians instead continue to ignore and lie about what's been unfolding, though widespread 'vax failure' is now impossible for the masses to ignore, with even Senator Ron Johnson going on Fox News recently and asking of the vax and the rising COVID cases among 'the so-called 'fully' vaxxed': "What's the point?" 

So with government's across the country now racing to ease the staffing shortages at hospitals that they themselves created by terminating those medical employees who refuse to take the 'vax' that isn't working to stop COVID from spreading, we're witnessing a diabolical and deadly cycle of errors on the part of those tasked to put an end to this madness, with numerous scientists now warning that 'too many shots' will harm the bodies ability to fight back against 'the virus'. You don't say!

So while the MSM and 'medical establishment' have instead claimed that the mRNA injections aren't meant to 'stop COVID' but to 'stop people from dying from COVID', they should tell that to all of those people who've died from 'the vax' itself, but we all know that will never happen openly. 

So maybe our best bet to find out just how deadly the vax itself is will come to us via 'the Freudian slip'. While we'd reported on December 23rd of Joe Biden's 'Freudian slip' in his announcement to the American people of what would be his 'latest plan' to deal with COVID before abruptly throwing in the towel, the 'Freudian slip' uttered by Illinois Senator Dick Durbin in the video directly below, which can also be seen on his Facebook page, is published directly below.

"Here's the reality.

We have millions who've died across the world from this vaccine.

We may never have an accurate count." Illinois Senator Dick Durbin

With Durbin then imploring the unvaxxed to go out and 'get the shot', why did Durbin screw up his wording so pathetically, or are they just more proof that the American people are being lied to? In the first video at the bottom of this story we see a compilation of 'Freudian slips' from the globalists about COVID itself, the vaxxes and this entire sc@mdemic that we've been witnessing for the past 2 years.     

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And while we credit Forbes for warning back in May of 2021 in this story that the US should have been especially concerned by the COVID surges in the world's most vaccinated countries, they, like most of the mainstream/establishment media, continue to push the 'vax is the answer' theory that's been blown to smithereens. 

With one huge probable reason for that being the massive advertising dollars that are being handed out by the 'big pharma mafia' to those who are pushing their 'vaxxes', we should remember that 'big pharma' is totally protected from liability for causing vax injuries and deaths, with even CNBC warning back in December of 2020 "You can’t sue Pfizer or Moderna if you have severe Covid vaccine side effects. The government likely won’t compensate you for damages either".

So with the American people the ones who are left to deal with the nasty after-effects of 'the jab', and proof coming to us from the HHS's VAERS website that many more 'vax-caused' injuries and deaths are being reported than the msm will ever tell us, we'd hope that the next image below, when compared to the image at the top of this story, would tell the masses the story that the msm never will. 

The vax isn't working to stop COVID from spreading and in fact, like we witnessed in most of the most vaxxed countries across the world, it appears the vax is making things much worse. Why won't the MSM report the truth on this still unfolding fiasco? Well, besides losing huge big pharma advertising dollars, if Americans knew the truth, they'd be a whole lot less likely to just 'accept' exploding tyranny

And with NBC New York just reporting that 75 different cruise ships are now being monitored by the CDC for COVID outbreaks despite the fact that Travel and Leisure had reported back on August 25th that almost every cruise ship line would be requiring their crews and passengers to be 'vaxxed' giving us the latest proof of widespread and now absurd 'vax failure', we'll echo Senator Ron Johnson's analysis about 'the vax': 'What's the point?' 

Yet with cities across the country now stepping up their 'penalizing' of the 'unvaxxed', even though as we all know now, the vax IS NOT stopping people from getting, spreading or dying from COVID, the ludicrousness of it all can be seen in their continuously imploring that we all 'get vaxxed' while over and over and over again we're now witnessing stories such as the one excerpted below from NBC

The CDC has 75 different cruise ships under some form of investigation, observation or monitoring due to COVID outbreaks onboard, the agency said. 

The data update, posted late Monday night, underscores the difficulty in controlling the virus in the face of the highly contagious omicron variant, particularly given its increased ability to infect vaccinated people. 

There are 36 ships under active investigation, 32 where the CDC investigated already and the ship remains under observation, and 7 where the CDC is monitoring but the ship is under the threshold for investigation. 

In just the last few days, some passengers on a luxury cruise to the Caribbean had to disembark and isolate in New York City after positive tests, another ship was denied docking in Mexico after dozens of crew members tested positive, and a third ship docked in New Orleans with multiple infected passengers after a cruise.

A perfect example of the old adage "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results", this Travel and Leisure story had reported that mandatory vaxxes on cruise lines would help 'give guests peace of mind'. We can all now surmise how that 'peace of mind' has worked out for them. From that August 2021 Travel and Leisure story.:  

As cruises are starting to hit the high seas after a difficult year filled with cancellations and question marks, many are requiring proof of vaccination against COVID-19, mask-wearing, and testing in order to board. 

Several cruise lines, like Norwegian Cruise Line and Virgin Voyages, are requiring all guests to be fully vaccinated before boarding — no exceptions — taking advantage of the vaccine rollout to give guests peace of mind. Others, like Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises, have made the jab optional for certain cruises but implemented strict masking and test policies. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that both passengers and crew be vaccinated before boarding a ship, and relaxed safety protocols for vaccinated passengers, allowing them to potentially ditch their masks and explore ports on their own.

So with Joe Biden, the CDC, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the mainstream media and most US politicians wrong about COVID every step of the way, with Biden even once claiming 'the vaccinated can't get COVID' being the epitome of the lies that his employers, we the American people, are being told, should we trust people like Senator Dick Durbin when he implores Americans go out and 'take the vax' when he uttered such a disastrous 'Freudian slip' about 'the vax' not too long ago? 

As we hear in the next video below, Durbin isn't the only globalist who has been caught in such a 'Freudian slip' about 'the vax' and this entire sc@mdemic, with the final video below also catching more globalists in 'Freudian slips' about their rapidly encroaching 'new world order' global govt tyranny. Still think the 'new world order' is just a crazy 'conspiracy theory'? Then why are so many of the globalists chess board pieces, pawns and kings and queens, now mentioning it outright via their seemingly endless 'Freudian slips' as seen in this video? 

As the movie 'V for Vendetta' argued, there's no such thing as 'coincidences', only the "illusion of coincidence". We'd surmise in closing that all of these 'Freudian slips' are just giving us an inside view of the world that the globalists had hoped we'd never see, until it was 'too late' for us to do anything about it.  

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