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February 26, 2017

Mysterious Phenomenon 'Radiation Clouds' May Be Bringing 'Radioactive Rain' To America - 'Radiation Readings Off The Charts' As 'Constant Phoenix' Is Deployed To Europe

- 'And No One Knows Where The Radiation Comes From'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The February 3rd story from New Scientist reports upon a newly discovered mysterious phenomenon that may pose a risk to air travelers: 'radiation clouds'. 'Danger zones' in the air where radiation levels surge to the point where they could pose an unrecognized health hazard, the NASA-funded Automated Radiation Measurements for Aerospace Safety (ARMAS) program which discovered these puzzling anomalies say they can't be blamed upon the 'usual suspects', cosmic rays or solar winds.

Warning within their story that airliners may have to avoid these 'radiation clouds' in the future, we recently received an email from Steve Quayle in which he shared with us his own experience of flying through one of these 'radiation clouds' showing 25X the normal 'background radiation levels' at 35,000 feet as seen in the photo below. We hear from Steve in the 1st video below in his latest QCast in which he tells us about that experience and what we can do to prepare and protect ourselves from dangerous radiation. He also mentions "Nuclear War Survival Skills" by Cresson H. Kearney which you can find in PDF form here.

With even New Scientist admitting the existence of 'radiation clouds', we find it interesting that only days ago, Victurus Libertas reported that California and other parts of America might be getting hit by radioactive rain.


The new story from ENENews reports that according to officials in Europe, the mysterious radiation cloud we reported about on ANP on February 23rd continues to spread with this additional warning: "This could indicate a leak from a nuclear plant". You can hear all about this spreading radiation cloud in the 2nd video below in which our videographer warns it continues to grow unchecked.

Back in 2011, the day after the massive earthquake hit Fukushima, Japan, the US Navy launched Operation Tomodachi, a humanitarian aid mission to Japan that turned deadly after the ships involved sailed through a deadly 'radiation plume' for several hours. At least 318 sailors aboard the USS Ronald Reagan and other ships have since joined a billion-dollar class action lawsuit against the Tokyo Electric Power Company, TEPCO, for jnjuries suffered due to their radiation exposure. Sadly, some of the sailors children born after Operation Tomodachi are also suffering from the effects of radiation exposure.

As Stars and Stripes reported back in March of 2016, 16 US ships that participated in those relief efforts after the nuclear disaster in Japan STILL remained contaminated 5+ years later with low levels of radiation according to a top US Navy official - that out of the 25 ships that took part in the 2011 operation.


On February 23rd ANP reported upon the very mysterious spike in radiation that appeared to originate near the Arctic Circle and had alarmed experts after it was first detected in northern Norway this past December and then had spread to several country's in Europe. The Drive asked in a story if there had been a nuclear incident in the Arctic after increased levels of radioactive iodine isotopes had been detected across Europe. And with 'Constant Phoenix' (the US Air Force's 'sniffer' plane) now deployed, the mystery has deepened even further.

As Greece's Tornos News reports, “Iodine-131 has recently been detected in tiny amounts in the ground-level atmosphere  during week 2 of January 2017 in northern Norway. Iodine-131 was also detected in Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, France and Spain, until the end of January”.

What might be causing the increased levels of radiation detected across Europe? According to this new story from Survival Dan, he reports fears are growing of a North Korea nuclear strike after 42 missile tests and several nuclear bomb tests over the past several years. Warnings have also been given that Russia may have conducted a nuclear test, which they deny, as well as the theory that nuclear plants may be leaking. A dirty bomb is also a possibility though much less likely.


While the answer to what is causing this mysterious radiation across Europe is still unknown at this time, the health effects of radiation are well known and can be deadly in a very short period of time if a person is exposed to 'too much' of it. While a very large amount of radiation exposure (acute exposure), can cause sickness or even death within hours or days, such acute exposures are extremely rare according to the EPA.

In the first video, Steve Quayle also takes a look at several of the different possibilities about what might be causing this mysterious radiation spike being measured across Europe as well as what may be the causes of the mysterious radiation clouds being detected now all across the Northern Hemisphere. Quayle begins his discussion of the radiation clouds at the 5 minute mark after sharing with us news of an exciting conference coming up in September of 2017 in Branson, Missouri that he will be participating in.

Below videos we take a look at some of the health recommendations for people who are exposed to radiation. In the interesting 3rd video, one brave YouTube videographer takes a visit to 'ghost town' Fukushima, Japan, and gets as close to the Fukushima power plant as he can get. Showing us a Fukushima nearly 6 years after 'the event', he proves to us that radiation was still practically everywhere in Fukushima back in November of 2016.
We also take a look here at an email that was recently sent to Quayle from a listener of his from Norway who shared with him news of absolutely bizarre weather in Norway, much like we're having here where the weather went from nearly 72 degrees on Friday to 10 degrees with snow on Saturday, this after a week of temperatures nearly 30 degrees above normal.

Hi! I've been listening to your shows and reading your books for years. Listening to you going through events going on around the world i cant help to think about where i live and whats going on here. We are experiencing a winter with +celsius degrees. No snow, floods, rain showers. Usally its meters of snow and -5 -10 celsius..

Of course this is not the case in whole of norway but the overall temperature has risen way beyond. Also, a wave of radiation has been spreading throughout Europe since the mid of january starting in the northern Norway in Finnmark. Main stream media has been ignoring it. And no one knows where the radiation comes from.

If you or your family is exposed to radiation, what can you do? There are certain treatments which can be used for radiation exposure, some mainstream medical and others completely 'alternative'. While there is no cure for radiation sickness, the symptoms that are associated with radiation poisoning are treated on a case by case basis since the degree of sickness and the symptoms vary from person to person.

Surviving without doctors - nuclear war survival skills here.

While the effects of radiation poisoning can't be reversed, the damage which it does can be contained if treatment begins in a timely manner. Nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and weakness can be treated with specific medications designed to reduce these complaints. Blood transfusions may be needed to treat anemia and antibiotics to reduce the threat of infections. A bone marrow transplant may be required if one has experienced a massive doses of radiation. Death is usually immediate, but some people have survived with successful transplant surgery. The drug filgrastim is used in patients after chemotherapy to stimulate white blood cells and may be helpful in repairing damage to bone marrow.

Camping Survival has an interesting key chain gadget with a radiation monitor and alarm for those who do not have a radiation monitor like Steve Quayle has. According to this story over at Natural News, natural treatments for radiation exposure include topical treatments, cleanses and homeopathy. We'd love to read any other suggestions readers might have in the comment section below.

Topical Treatments

Raw, organic honey possesses antibacterial properties and can reduce the severity of skin burns and lesions as well as lesson inflammation and ulcerations of the mucous membranes of the digestive tract.

Calendula extract is a healing, soothing liquid that can be mixed with water and applied to relieve burns, sores, itching, peeling and other skin ailments resulting from exposure to radiation.

Echinacea extract is rich in anti-inflammatory agents and acts as an antibiotic when applied to infected areas of the skin. It can be used in any skin ailment, especially those that become infected and septic.


Baking soda baths provide an excellent cleanse for removing radiation from body cells. Baking soda is highly alkaline and helps restore the body's pH, reducing the incidence of acidosis -- a state that fosters weakness and disease. Drinking baking soda mixed with water may help reduce inflammation and heal mouth sores resulting from exposure to radiation.


Clinical experience has shown the efficacy of several homeopathic remedies for the treatment of radiation disease symptoms.

Cadmium sulphuratum may relieve itching, gastrointestinal symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea aggravated by the slightest movement, and severe flu-like aches and pains in the muscles. The person needing this remedy may feel chilled even in a warm room.

Phosphorus is often the first remedy needed after exposure to radiation. It can help reduce the pain and intensity of burns to the skin as well as lessen vomiting and other stomach upsets. A dose of Phosphorus may help center someone after being exposed, enable them to cope. People needing Phosphorus are often very thirsty for ice-cold water, which is vomited when becoming warm in the stomach.

Radium Bromatum may help people with severe aching, arthritic pains that are made better from movement. It's also been found effective in the treatment of skin sores, ulcers and acne-like pustules as well as sores that are slow to heal.

Many other homeopathic remedies can offer relief for symptoms of radiation disease; however, no one should self-treat in the event of exposure. Seek the advice of a competent homeopathic practitioner. Remedies can be purchased from online homeopathic pharmacies and stored in the event of emergencies.


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