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February 23, 2019

Is This The Biggest Cover-Up Of All, Stretching All The Way To The Planet Mars And Beyond? Remember! Some Of NASA's Original Scientists Were Nazi War Criminals

- And What Is Still Being Hidden From The American People? 

By William B Stoecker - All News Pipeline

Most Americans have a positive view of NASA…the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. During the decades when most US government agencies failed utterly to achieve their stated goals, like winning wars, curing cancer, eliminating poverty, etc., NASA, with its fearless astronauts, put men in orbit and then on the Moon, and sent unmanned probes to all the planets in our Solar System, and even to Pluto and to various asteroids and comets. The various orbiter and rover pictures of Mars alone still excite many of us. But, as is always the case with government agencies, there were problems, so many and so serious that many skeptics began accusing the agency of lies and cover-ups and suggested that its acronym letters really stand for “Never a Straight Answer.”

Pictures and videos from orbiting and even Lunar spacecraft clearly show unidentified objects in space, including one that has flown along with our spacecraft as our astronauts approached the Moon, and others seen maneuvering just above the Lunar surface; our astronauts call these “Moon pigeons.” NASA has dismissed these as “space debris,” which is patently absurd, as there is little manmade debris near the Moon. Orbiter pictures show geometric structures on the Moon and Mars that look artificial, including the pyramidal structures and “face” in Mars’ Cydonia region, and an area called the “Inca City.

On the Moon there are two miles-high towers, not mountains but towers, and no known or suspected natural processes can explain their formation, or the three incredible tall, slim towers on Mars, perfectly aligned, or the “Martian Stonehenge,” or the monolith on Mars’ moon Phobos. And when the Soviet probe Phobos One approached that moon, it photographed a miles-long shadow on the Martian surface, a shadow of a cigar-shaped object…just before the probe inexplicably went dead.


Also on Mars are what appear to be huge, translucent tubes, and Martian “trees,” and, pictured by the rovers, things that look like fossils; one, incredibly, looks like an Earthly marine organism called a crinoid. Yet NASA steadfastly denies or “explains” everything. The trees, we are told, are merely sand dunes, and the tubes are not really tubes at all, but merely eroded gullies.

Some years ago I researched and wrote about a pattern of curious facts that, taken as a whole, seem to indicate that NASA and JPL and other space agencies have all been lying to us about the density of the Martian atmosphere. Supposedly at the mean surface level it is as thin as Earth’s air twenty miles above our planet’s surface…less than one percent of our sea level pressure. If so, humans, to survive on the Martian surface would need, not just warm clothes and an oxygen mask, but full pressurized space suits. Seen from 20 miles up, our own sky looks black…yet the Martian sky always appears to have a very light-color, sometimes pinkish or gray, and other times blue, looking more like our own sky at sea level.

NASA claimed that this was due to dust suspended in the thin air on Mars…but how could such thin air suspend that much dust, even in the low gravity? And how could red or brown Martian dust produce a light blue color, seen in many NASA/JPL images? How could an atmosphere little more than a vacuum produce dust devils and planet-wide dust storms? And there are clouds in the Martian sky, far more substantial than the rare and faint wisps seen in our own atmosphere 20 miles up. In fact, in some official photos the Martian sky is quite heavily overcast.

NASA has never adequately explained why we stopped sending men to the Moon when several more missions were planned and we already had purchased the immense Saturn Five rockets for that purpose. They said it was due to a lack of public interest, but there was a good deal of interest, and since when has the government cared what the peasants think anyway? Were we warned off the Moon? Is whoever built the towers and other structures also controlling the UFOs and are they unwilling to tolerate manned spacecraft from Earth?


While I doubt that the manned missions were fake, there are problems with some of the pictures allegedly taken by the astronauts on the Moon. In several, shadows run in two or more widely divergent directions, consistent with pictures taken on an indoor set with two or more lights. In one, an astronaut is standing on a patch of brightly lit Lunar soil, but as you look away from him in all directions, the light fades and the surface looks darker and darker, which is impossible on the airless Lunar surface, lit by the Sun. Of course, there could be a relatively innocent explanation for this. If some of the actual Lunar pictures didn’t turn out well, NASA may have succumbed to temptation and recreated them in a studio on Earth.

There have been persistent reports by former NASA employees that pictures showing anomalies have been airbrushed out, and many have noticed that when anything anomalous appears or is mentioned by astronauts on the ISS, live feed is suddenly cut.

Toward the very end of his life, Ben Rich, head of Lockheed’s Skunk Works design bureau, claimed more than once that the US government has advanced technologies that could be used even for interstellar flight. Of course, this would almost certainly have to include advanced energy technologies that could benefit all of us here on Earth…but not if they are being kept secret by the Deep State. We do know that the USAF had several manned space systems that were all rather mysteriously cancelled…or were they?

And there was the Anglia TV show in the UK in 1977, “Alternative Three,” about a secret joint US/Soviet space program and the mysterious disappearance of scientists and engineers because they had actually been recruited to work on secret bases on our Moon and on Mars. In 2001 British hacker Gary McKinnon claimed that he had accessed Pentagon files showing that there really was a program like that, with advanced secret technologies, and “extraterrestrial officers” sent off planet to work on the mission. I must add that there is not one shred of solid evidence for any of these claims.

Then there is the curious case of electrogravitics, a technology developed by American researcher Thomas Townsend Brown…incredibly beginning in the nineteen twenties, almost a century ago. He found that ordinary capacitors with positively and negatively charged plates produce a thrust toward the positive plate. This has been verified many times since by other researchers. Brown believed that he was demonstrating a form of gravity control, but skeptics today claim that the force, while real, is nothing but a reaction to the “ion wind,” a movement of air from the positive past the negative plate, producing an equal reaction, a thrust toward the positive plate. If so, the device would be but a weak and inefficient propulsion system that could not be used in the vacuum of space.

Some years ago I met one of the many experimenters tinkering with electrogravitics, helped him assemble the device, and watched as the “weak” thrust levitated it straight up. Holding my hand as close as I dared to avoid a severe shock, I detected, not a wind, but a faint ion breeze which would seem insufficient for the lift demonstrated. What is needed is an experiment in a public forum like a UFO or alternative energy conference, witnessed and the equipment inspected by both the “true believers” and the “skeptics,” demonstrating that such a device can (or cannot) levitate in a large vacuum jar…but I have never found any record that this has ever been done. So we are left in the dark with no way to know for sure. But if it really is a form of gravity control, it would almost certainly also be an over-unity device, capable of producing “free” energy. If such technologies were really available over ninety years ago, the implications are staggering.


Richard Hoagland and Michael Bara, in their book Dark Mission, remind us that many of the original top NASA scientists were Germans brought to the US under Operation Paperclip…the acronym “NASA” even suggests “Nazi.” Some of these people were, in fact, war criminals. In addition to the Nazi faction many of the astronauts and top administrators were high level Freemasons, members of a pseudo-pagan cult claiming ancient origins, a cult using many of the same symbols, numbers, and terms as the pagan cults which morphed into the Thule Society…which founded the Nazi Party. During the Apollo 11 mission, our first manned Lunar landing, astronaut “Buzz” Aldrin even conducted a pagan Masonic ritual on the Moon. And then there is the curious case of JPL, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Is it part of Cal Tech? Or is it a private company? Or is it a government agency? Its weird status practically invites abuses of power and tax money.

Some joke that “JPL” really stands for Jack Parsons’ Laboratory, for self-taught rocket designer Marvel Whiteside Parsons, called “Jack” Parsons, was its principal founder. And Parsons was heavily involved with the occult, particularly sex magic, and both he and L. Ron Hubbard (yes, that L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the truly creepy Scientology cult) were American members of Aleister Crowley’s cult OTO…Order of the Temple of the Orient. These are terms also used by Masons and by the pre-Nazi cults, and Crowley (with some justification) billed himself as the “Wickedest Man in the World.” Curiouser and curiouser.

But I have noticed another strange thing about NASA and the US manned space program. We have known for years that the human body deteriorates drastically in the microgravity environment in space, with muscle and bone loss, heart and vision problems, and severe circulation problems developing despite intense exercise programs. Yet we have never built the huge rotating doughnut space stations suggested back in the fifties by Wernher von Braun, which would have produced spin-induced gravitation, which almost certainly would have solved the problem. NASA speaks confidently of doing a manned mission to Mars, requiring that the astronauts travel for many months in microgravity while their health deteriorates, and then spend many more months on Mars, where the gravity is just over one third of Earth’s, and then spend many more months returning to Earth. Whom do they think they are fooling?

Unless the astronauts recovered completely on Mars, not a one would survive. But would they recover on Mars? Is there some low level of gravity that would allow people to survive and perhaps even thrive? Would they do well in one half Earth gravity on a rotating space station or immense space colony? Or one third, on Mars? Or just over one sixth, on our Moon? Could children develop in the womb on Lunar colonies, or as infants and toddlers? We don’t know, for NASA has never made any effort to test the effects of spin gravity. It would not have been that difficult to make two tethered modules, at least one for the astronauts, and the other, perhaps, for supplies, and set them in low Earth orbit rotating around a common center of gravity at a comfortable distance from one another. Astronauts’ health could be monitored at various gravity levels.

Also, space and Lunar and Martian colonies can only be practical if the settlers grow their own food and produce their own oxygen by recycling their wastes and growing plants. We need to test the concept by constructing closed biosphere habitats on Earth and then in space…and this, too, would be much simpler if the habitat used spin gravitation. The expensive and flashy Biosphere 2 experiment on Earth developed many problems, but that is how we learn, and then there was MELISSA and Bios One through Three, and a few half-hearted efforts at growing a few plants in space. But that is hardly even a good beginning…we need to test real agriculture in a space station with spin gravitation.

But NASA has never bothered to do this. Why? Are they even more incompetent and irrational than we imagine? Or do they already know the answers to these questions, having used advance secret technologies for years operating Lunar and Martian bases? And will we ever get a straight answer?

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