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December 15, 2016

NASA Scientist Drops ELE Bombshell As It's Announced 'Asteroid Of Uncertain Orbit' To Skim Past Earth In Days And Government Prepares For 'Cosmic Catastrophe'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The new story from Fox News Science reports that according to award-winning NASA scientist Joseph Nuth, planet Earth is due for an 'extinction-level' event such as a comet or asteroid strike. The scientist told attendees at the annual American Geophysical Union that policymakers should begin preparing for such a cataclysm, even though the odds of it happening are 'extremely long'. Warning that the biggest problem we face is that there's not much we can about it, Nuth's warning comes as another newly-discovered near-Earth asteroid that had previously gone undetected prepares to 'skim by' Earth within the next few days.

Asteroid 2016 XK 18 was only discovered earlier in December and as this new Express story reports, it could destroy a city the size of London if it strikes our planet. While NASA believes 2016 XK 18 will pass safely by the Earth at a distance of more than 5X away from the Earth as the moon, the asteroid has also been given an '8' code on orbit certainty, the second worst on a 0 to 9 scale. Astronomers are not so sure about its exact path and whether or not it will come closer to Earth than they now expect.

As Stephen Hawking also recently stated as reported in this story from The Express, it's 'When - not if!' as he warns of the devastating threat posed to Earth by hulking asteroids which he says will one day destroy us all.


Photo Credit: Prasenjeet Yadav in Skyislands, India

Nuth's warning comes to us at a time when the heavens have been very busy, delivering one meteor after another for the world to see as recently seen in Costa Del Sol in southern Spain while another rained down from the heavens upon Western Siberia in Russia on Tuesday. The Guardian also recently reported a week-old freshly fallen meteorite fragment was tracked back to a farm north-east of Perth, Australia.

It's clear by statements made by the leader of the university team that found the fragment that we still know very little about meteorites buzzing around in the heavens every day that once caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. And as we hear in the videos below straight from those paying attention, it will happen again one day, and maybe sooner than later.

It was found less than a week after it landed, thanks to swift reports by members of the public to the network’s Fireballs in the Sky citizen science app.

Prof Phil Bland said of the 50,000 meteorites that have been discovered, scientists have only worked out the origins of between 20 to 30.

“Meteorites tell us pretty much everything we want to know about the solar system ... but unless we know where they came from, there’s a really big piece of that puzzle left,” he said.


With our skies so busy soon after it was announced by astronomers that the mysterious 'planet nine' is likely responsible for not only periodic extinctions upon the Earth but as having the gravitational effects strong enough to tilt our sun and solar system, every day we get more proof 'planet nine' is likely the same planet warned of by ancient civilizations. Long before 'modern day' civilization arrived, people on Earth knew of the 'planet of the crossing'.

Will we finally have it proven to us once again? As astronomer Mike Brown recently stated, 'planet nine' can't hide much longer. Brown discovered the existence of planet nine and recently claimed it's only a matter of time until we have concrete proof of the planet that has long been called 'conspiracy theory' by those who know not how to explain that everything we know about the solar system will soon be dumped upon its head.

Back on December 2nd we asked in a story on ANP if we were witnessing the biggest cover-up of all time while informing you of 1983 stories in both the NY Times and the Washington Post reporting that a 'mystery heavenly body' had been discovered in the heavens. As we reported then, suddenly and without warning, that story was seemingly 'blacklisted' by the mainstream media for the next 33 years. 


Is 'planet Nine' the same 'mystery body' reported by the Washinton Post back in 1983 and if so, what does that mean for the future of humanity on planet Earth? In the first video below, we hear from a NASA scientist that our planet is totally unprepared for an asteroid strike while in the 2nd video, astronomer Mike Brown tells us that while we can't SEE 'planet nine', we can certainly FEEL it. In the 3rd video, we're given all of the evidence we need that something MASSIVE is out in our solar system that has tilted the solar system and the sun.  

In the fourth and final video below, we're given more and more evidence that governments here in America and across the world are preparing for 'cosmic catastrophe' as the heavens come alive. In that final video, our videographer discusses:

1. The U.S. space shuttle launched it last mission in mid 2011, at the same time that NASA had completely abandoned its government funded manned spacecraft program.

2. That same year the swalbard global seed vault was sealed, they then announced that they would allow the world to restart agriculture immediately following a global catastrophe.

3. The anticipated collapse of the global financial system as governments would not be expected to pay back their debts , thus considered an economic reset for reasons not entirely known.

4. Government organizations and the military's ramped up efforts to build underground survival shelters and facilities across the globe . Are you aware that the demand for fortified shelters has skyrocketed just in the last 3 to 5 yeas. Why the rush? The construction of D.U.M.B facilities has been going on for many years now, and continues even today.

5. China has decided in just the past few years to quickly build subway complexes below most of their major cities which is very odd in terms of timing. The government also constructed a survival bunker capable of holding 200,000 chosen people.

6. Russia announced the construction of 5000 new nuclear bomb shelters that were required to be completed by the end of this year 2016. There subway system also had to be relocated deeper than needed for use as emergency shelters.

7. FEMA is building camps and acquiring body bags, as well as stockpiling tons of dried food. In 2013 they publicly announced that citizens should acquire a long term survival kit in case of a global emergency, at the same time that the DHS is buying countless rounds of ammo.

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